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Sarah McKenzie will be turning 18 in the next three months and she just got asked on a date by Jacob Madison only to wake up to the news of him found dead in the woods the next day. "Help...please someone help me" she cried. " one is coming for you Sarah...its just you and me in the woods, and its gonna be fun before you make your way to the gates of hell with your impurity"

Thriller / Romance
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The clouds were gloomy, the sky was dark. It was as if the heavens were angry on mankind and had to unleash terror on them. There was thunder and lighting and finally the downpour came forth. In the woods, she ran for her dear life, running away from the psycho who was out to get her.

The ground was sticky as it rained, the rain mixed with the soil impeded her movements. She ran deeper into the woods towards the very person whom she thought she was running from. As she ran she tried calling for help on her cellphone. She brought her phone out of her pocket, the rain poured down heavily making her to strain her eyes and wipe vigorously on the screen to keep the water out but there was no reception. She tried calling out for help but only the trees and mother nature could hear her, no one could come to her aid.

The shadow was watching her. It saw her cried out for help but let her shout all she wanted and drain her vocal chords because he knew that they would be no one coming. She was deep in the woods and she was the prey. It liked to have fun in the chase, watching as its victims run and scream for help. It arouses its primal instinct and keeps its blood running, but as much as it loves that it needed to end this quickly and get back to the real world. So it went for the kill, stalking and making its footsteps blend with the sounds of the rain drops as it hits the ground.

The shadow came out behind her and swiftly as possible strikes the knife into her chest aiming for her heart and it kept on striking enjoying the way the blood splashed on its face, feeling the taste of the blood in its mouth. The fear shown on her face as she died was its price.

"See you at the gates of hell" it said as it turned and walked away with the rain washing away any sign that someone has been there.

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