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Nikita CRAFT is a Great photographer she have all she wants to live a normal life. She work with many big newspapers. Untils The Day her father get killed and her life totaly change.

Thriller / Adventure
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The Prologue.

The Prologue. She was a freelance Professional Photographer and one of the best. She was only 34 and already quite rich. She lived in Stockholm on a large flat in the old town in Sweden. Everything went well in both career and private life until that awful day 1 year ago. Could she live on or what would she do. Her name was Nikita Craft. Yes it was not a swedish name. She came from England but had Come to sweden for to photograph for a newspaper. She then fell in love with sweden and mowed there, she had been lucky in her career. She had already worked for the biggest newspapers and newsmedia. She lived as in a beatiful dream. So she was planning to take a vacation for The summer of 2013 and go to England. To meet family and friends. Her Mother and Father had she telephone contact with every Day. She had no siblings. Spoiled and incredibly confident both as a human and a photographer. Until that awful day 1 year ago.

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