Billionaire‘s Adopted Daughter (On Hold)

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This is the story of a girl who's adoption was a myth itself. Anyone who knew about it was killed. Her name is Geniveive Forest. Her past is what haunts her. Her persona is her only shelter and her trust is her only hope. But, after all the harsh truths, her trust shattered into a million pieces, who were collected one by one by the one person she least expected. And he is Kaden Rucco. Her worst nightmare. The nexus of trouble. Will she trust him one last time? Or will he as well throw away those collected pieces? It's all just a game of trust. But who to trust? "It's funny how one person can make you never trust anybody"

Thriller / Humor
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Chapter : 1 "PUNK?!"

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping in their melodic voices and................. "WAKEY WAKEY!!!!!" someone screamed from the front door. I ignored the loud speaker and drifted off into another deep slumber.... "GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE DREAMLAND!!!!!" İ fell off the cosy bed and look up to see.. no other than my annoying yet loving Father. "Seriously Dad?" I groaned rubbing my aching buttocks. I hesitantly got off the floor with the help of my Dad’s huge hands. Still groaning I dragged myself to the bathroom for my morning rituals which were none other than brushing my teeth with charcoal powder and splashing cold water at my face early in the morning. Then ofcourse I went down to greet my lovely mother Sofia. Running down the stairs I grabbed Buzz my cokateil and in the dining room I went. "Oh! Genivieve darling." Mother said with welcoming arms. I instantly hugged her and we began our breakfast.

I was chugging down water when Dad said, "Michael will come today along with Mary. Be ready by 4 noon and make sure to do all the necessary chores." My eyes popped out of my sockets and I choked on water. Tears whelmed in my eyes as I was constantly hitting my chest. "Oh dear Lord! Here take this!" Mother said astonished at my reaction. After what seemed like an hour I made eye contact with Dad and sent him a death glare. He just shrugged it off knowing the fact that I HATE them!! Uuuugghhhhh!!!!!

"Michael and Mary those money seeking idiots!!!!" İ kept repeating to myself. These are two of my utterly disgusting and annoying cousins. Every time they come, my parents bathe them with money. Not that I’m gloriously rich but we are the most known family in our village, thus my parents earn more than any other villager. "Well looks like I'll have to pull a prank to vanish them away in the depths of HELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!" İ yelled at the top of my lungs.

I was half way through the feilds when Mom called me back to the house. I came back after collecting 2 ducklings. Wow. I went all the way back to my house to get these fluff balls. I went back to do my chores. After taming the horses, I went to collect chicken eggs and fed the cows with fresh and luscious green grass. I sound like an animal, don't I? After about 2 hours of work I went to change to meet my Dad at his office. Dad wasn’t only a farmer instead he was an educator so I went to his academy with a basket that carried his lunch. His office was in the town so it was a 20 minutes drive from the bus.

I got off the bus just in time and took a peek inside the basket at his lunch. I was busy peeking into each and every stuff that I bumped into a .......... Wall? İ dont remember a wall in the middle of the pathway. I looked up to meet a pair of blue orbs looking straight at me in anger? I gulped and swiftly stepped aside to give the young man some space. "CAN'T YOU SEE WHERE YOU ARE GOING PUNK??!" He growls. So rude! Before I could reply him back he pushed me aside, intentionally bumping his muscular shoulder in me and walked away. Rude idiots! İ stomped my foot on the ground and went off to Dad's office. I entered the hall and heard voices?!


İt's my first novel so please don't hate it or me. I hope you like it. Thank you.

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