Don’t Look Back

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Amos is pacing his office while I sit with Sophia on the sofa beside his desk while waiting for Mel to get to the office. She burst in looking around worried.

“What’s going on sweetie? Tia honey why are you here?” She ask as Sophia runs up to her.

“We’ve been breached. It’s been what? Almost two months and somehow he finds my home and has probably followed us to the office.” He’s pacing, rubbing his lips and squinting at the ground and walls.

He stops in the middle of the room before looking at me. “He’s know the whole time. That’s got to be it. My home has no type of satellite we are on our own private line.” He says frustrated.

He seems to be racking his brain as it’s quiet. I’m thinking back to any possible way that this could be my fault.

I pay in cash never card. I don’t have my own personal phone or computer. Everything I use belongs to Amos.

Jesus Thalia think. What have we done out of normal routine?

“MY DAD!” I stand and say out loud as the phone rings on the desk making everyone stand still.

Amos makes his way behind his desk and sits in his chair and put the phone on speaker. “Mr. Coleman, how are you?” I hear the voice clear as day through the phone. I fall back onto the couch to try to slow my breathing.

“Wonderful. How are you today?” He keeps it straight forward unshaken. He picks up a pen and twirls it in his fingers.

“Where is my wife? This is kidnap you know that right? I can charge you, but if you return her I won’t.” He says into the phone making me gag.

“Sir this is the CEO office of Coleman inc. We only make firewood not kidnap girls. I think you have the wrong number.” He hangs up and continues to twirl the pen and stare at the phone. What is he doing?

The phone goes off once again.

Amos picks up once again straight face. “Coleman Inc. you’ve reached the CEO office. How can I assist you?” He says while sitting back in his chair. He unbuttons his suit jacket and goes back to twirling the pen.

“I hope you accidentally pressed the end button and not purposely hanging up. This is a serious matter. I’ve got your first floor under my control and one WRONG MOVE AND I’LL-“ It goes quiet.

He hung up again. Is he crazy. “Amos you’re going to make him angry please stop it.” I say pleading with my eyes holding back tears.

The phone rings again.

Amos stands and removes his suit jacket and places it on the back of hi chair taking his time answering the phone. He unbuttons the cuffs and rolls his sleeves up and sits back down making himself comfortable.

“Are you going to answer that a little faster? He’s got your people down there Amos-“ he hold up his hand to quiet me.

I scoff and cross my arms.

“Coleman inc. You’ve reached the CEO office. How may I assist you?” He picks the pen back up.

“Tell him your name. Tell him he has to save you. Do it you stupid bitch or I blow your brains out.” John has someone down on the first floor. I look at Amos and he is as calm as ever. How can he not be worried?

“Amos?” I hear a woman cry on the other end. He’s on a rampage.

“Natalie. What does he want?” He ask while looking at a map on his computer. Something is moving fast our way.

“He says he wants his wife. I don’t know what to do sir.” She cries.

“She’s my wife now, but if he wants to talk this out I have refilled your top drawer with sticky notes. I remover you said you ran out and you’ve always been one of my better employees why not help you out. In your top drawer you’ll see your orange sticky notes write down the floor I’m on and what door.” I look at him like he’s crazy.

“I’m in the drawer I found the sticky notes you just want me to write it down are you sure?” She has a strange tone.

“Yep send him straight to hell.” He says this then I hear a gunshot ring through the building and in the phone and a grunt. I scream and cover my mouth terrified. I hear sirens.

“Amos what the hell? Are you crazy what is happening? He could have killed her we need to go check on her.” I yell at him angry at his actions.

“She’s fine and we need to stay here. The police are on th first floor putting him on a gurney and taking statements already probably.” He says.

“Him? You mean her. He had the gun. You don’t care about any-“

“SHE is fine Tia. I instructed her to shoot him. My employees are all smart and I don’t keep them at their desk without anything to protect themselves. This is a mafia business and I must be prepared at all times.” He reassures me.

I sit in the couch and breath out. What do I do? We can’t stay at his place anymore and it’s my fault.

“We have to talk to my dad. He’s got to be the odd denominator in this. No one knew where I was except him and maybe his goons.” I look at Amos pleading with my eyes.

I have to figure out how the hell he found me and why he’s so obsessed with me. This isn’t just a man trying to get his wife back. This man is trying to lock me up and it’s not for my own good.

He went through these extreme measures to try and get me. Someone has something on him and we need to dig deeper on this. Those stupid dinner nights with ‘boss’ and all of these things are starting to finally makes sense. I can’t seem to put it all together.

I’m missing a piece and I think I need to figure it out and fast.

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