Don’t Look Back

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The car ride was silent as we made our way back to The house. I decided to speak about what was on my mind.

“We need to go talk to my dad. He has to know something or someone. Even if-“

I’m cut off by Amos sighing and squeezing the bridge of his nose. “Tia listen to me. We can’t do anything until we settle down somewhere and then we can go see your father. For all I know he could be a traitor.”

I turn to him mouth wide open ready to argue.

“Tia, not in the car. We will talk in my office when we get back to the house.” He says firmly making my anger grow. Just you wait you cunt. I’m gonna tear you a new one.

We get back to the house and the minute the car is in park inside the garage I jump out the car and run to open the door. I march inside and make my way straight to his office and sit on his desk. This is one thing he hates and I will break all rules today. He enters the office and stops in his tracks before shutting and locking the door.

“Get off my desk Tia.” He says once and only once as he makes his way over to stand in front of me.

“Not until we finish this talk asshole. I have some shit to say and you need to listen.” He walks over to me and stands between my legs. He places his hands on my thighs and lifts me making me grab onto him to keep from falling.

“AMOS WHAT THE HELL?!” He turns and sets me on the floor making me let go of him. He places his hands on cheeks and lifts my face to look at him.

“Sit on my desk again and I’ll bend you over it. Got it?” He released my face and turned to walk to his desk.

Did he...Just threaten me?

“First of all, don’t threaten me. I’m not a child and I don’t need punishments from a man who has to look down on me to feel big and compensate for his tiny dick.” The words come flying out of my mouth before I realize what I’ve said.

It’s too late to turn back now I’m on a roll might as well keep it going. He raises an eyebrow at me and smirks.

“Secondly, it’s my turn to talk and make some demands this time. You’ve done enough talking and not enough listening. I’m so sick of men who feel like they need so much power over me.

Back on topic. My father was the last person we spoke to about my whereabouts correct? So with you guys coming to the conclusion about me having protection. One of you have a mole. We need to tell my dad.” I say standing in front of the desk staring him down.

He untucks his shirt and sits in the chair behind his desk. Leaning back he takes a deep breath.

“Okay we tell your dad. And then what?” He ask.

I hadn’t thought about that. We sit quietly staring at each other.

“We tell your dad and his men and my men we have a mole and then what Tia? Put everyone else at risk because they want to make sure no one finds them? Or everything go quiet and we lose the tiniest lead we have right now?

And god forbid daddy is the fucking mole right-“

“YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” I scream to make him quiet. “You don’t know him Amos. That’s my father. I know him better than anyone.”

“Just like you knew about his ‘business’ or his second life or how he knew what kind of deal he was making with your trash husband and his goons and still walked you down the fucking isle?!” He stands with his hands on his on the desk after raising his voice.

The room was too quiet. Amos dropped his head and sighed realizing how low he had hit me.

I take steps back and hold up my hands before he could open his mouth to apologize. I take a deep breath before speaking.

“I’m going to help start dinner. If you need me for the rest of the night, don’t.” I turn and make my way out of the office and slamming the door shut. Tears building behind my eyes.

He was right. Of course I knew that. I still didn’t need it yelled in my face. I take deep breaths and wipe my tears away.

“Hey Mel do you need any help in the kitchen?” I ask making my way there. I walk in and Soph is sitting on the kitchen table swinging her feet. Let’s get through the rest of night.

Me and Mel finished up our cooking and started laying out plates after placing food on them. I think steak was a good choice for tonight. It’ll keep me from having seconds and I don’t have to hang around long.

“Smells good in here ladies. I’m starving.” Amos walks in and grabs a plate from the counter kissing his aunt on the cheek and thank her and nodding at me.

I finish cleaning up our dishes from cooking and grab my own plate. “If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to eat in my room tonight. I need some time after today’s events.”

I made my way to my groom and shut the door. I sit in my bed and take a few bites from the mashed potatoes before getting lost in thought and playing with my food. A knock brings me back to reality.

“Tia. We need to talk.” I sigh as I hear the knob turn and the door open and shut.

“Didn’t I tell you that if you needed me then don’t? I was serious. We don’t NEED to talk.” I say sliding my asparagus to the side with my fork.

“Please I just want to apologize. Let me.” He says so low and sad that I almost gave in.

“You can apologize tomorrow, but since you’re here. Take this. I’m no longer hungry and I want to shower and go to bed.” I held out my plate without looking at him and he takes it from my hands. He leaves the room and I lay back onto my bed.

I’m just so ready for this night to end.

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