Don’t Look Back

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I’m still stuck. “I don’t have a brother Amos. An older one at that. I’m an only child or at least I thought I was.” I look at the lineup closely trying to find anything and I’m getting nothing.

It’s always just been me. From beginning to end.

“So there were no other men in your life, other than your dad? No one ever came around to see you guys as a kid?” I’m still focused on the lineup or men thinking. Trying to remember.

Most of my childhood was beat from my brain when I got older so I have a hard time recalling memories.

“One guy used to come around and call my dad pops, but he wasn’t the only one who called him that. So scratch that. Uhm.” I’m thinking so hard.

“Anyone more frequent than others? Cause any arguments with your dad anything about you maybe?”

I look and stare at all these photos and focusing. None of these men looked like him. Or had his name. Maybe it was a nickname, but that can’t be my older brother. I always though he was a friend of dads that had disagreements with him every other day.

“None of these men are him. I’m positive of that.” He looks surprised. Scooping up the papers he starts asking me more questions.

“So you do have one? Do you remember his name?”he starts sorting through papers picking out any random one.

“Not sure if he’s my brother or not. He used to come over lots and argue with my dad. He would never raise his voice in front of me and always told me that one day he’d come get me and we’d live in Disney world. His nickname I’m assuming was Zeke. Maybe short for Ezekiel.”

That’s all I could remember about this man. Some random man throughout my childhood that disappeared around the age of 9 and I never saw him again.

“Amos?” I say his name as he rummages through papers and going back and forth to his laptop. “Hey, Amos look at me.” I try again for his attention.

I quickly grab his laptop and shut it finally getting a glare. More than nothing.

“Hey. Let’s take a break from the drama okay. Everything that just happened the other day have you even checked on your aunt or Soph?” He looks at all of his papers and I watch his face soften.

“But I’m so close I just feel it Tia. When I get these answers we can have a family outing or something, but I have to finish this.” He stares at me and I almost give in. He needs a break or he is going to kill over behind his desk.

“No. Family outing now. You need a break and Soph needs you. She’s only a child Amos. I know she doesn’t understand what’s going on, but she damn sure understands that you haven’t been around. Quality time with family and you might get your laptop back.”

With the last statement I stand and make my way out of his office.

Where would I hide a laptop if I didn’t want a mafia man to find it?

Wow, a question no one should ever ask themselves.

With no actual answer I just hide it under my mattress.

“SOPHIA!” I call to the little girl who is somewhere around the house probably playing with a doll or robot.

I hear the sound of little feet coming down the hall. Then they stop.

“Tia? Where are you?” Oh bless her heart.

“In here Sophia.” The little steps continue before stopping in my doorway. “Do you wanna go to the park today with me, bubba and Aunty Mel?”

“YEAH! I gotta put on my outside dress because Aunty doesn’t let me wear my princess dress because she said princesses don’t have dirty dresses.” She finishes her explanation about her dress and runs off to her room.

Okay then.

I make my way back to Amos and see him still looking at papers and stops as he sees me at the door.

“Did you come to return my laptop sweetheart?” I roll my eyes at his stupid pet name.

“No. We are all going to the park so get up and get ready. No papers. No work talk nothing. Just quality time with family in the nice weather at the park. And don’t call me sweetheart.” I say walking up to his desk.

“You like it.” He says standing and coming around his desk and standing in front of me. “Seriously though. Where is my laptop?”

I cross my arms and stand my ground. “You don’t go to park. You don’t get laptop. Got it?” I break it down like he’s a toddler and he smiles at me.

“I don’t get laptop. I can’t keep you safe. Got it?” He uncrosses my arms and holds my wrist. “I’m doing this for you. Why can’t I work?”

“Nope. No. Absolutely not. Don’t look at me like that. You’re not sweet talking me into getting your laptop. I already promised Sophia so we have to go.”

“Sweet talking? If you think it’s sweet talking then you must like it. Is it working? You can tell me if it’s working. What can I do to get my laptop back?” He leans closer to me.

I place my hands on his cheeks and look him in the eyes. “Go to the park.” I take my hands away and start walking to the door. “Let’s go. We’re losing daylight.”

“Fine, but I want my laptop as soon as we get back.” I hear him say from behind me.

I win and victory feels great.

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