Don’t Look Back

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The drive to the park was filled with children karaoke and laughing. Once we arrived we unbuckled the very excited Sophia who was ready to run to China.

“Amos can you take Soph? I wanna talk to Mel for a bit.” He tosses me the car keys before nodding.

“RAWRRRRR!!! THE SEA MONSTER IS COMING TO GET THE PRINCESS!!” He says loudly causing Sophia to laugh and scream running away with Amos on her heels.

Me and Mel stood behind leaning on the car. “How are you feeling Mel? After yesterday.” I ask and turn to look at her.

“It’s a lot to take in. Although he is my nephew, I look at him as if I pushed him out myself. I’ve been around him for so long now and I know how the system works, I know what he does and yet I still can’t stop worrying.”

“He’s a big boy, a grown man, of course I know he can take care of himself, but he’s been through so much. I’ve tried talking him out of this stupid business his friends got him into. Telling him it’s dangerous, anything can happen and what not. It’s like he wants to give me a heart attack. I just learned to live with it.”

“But yesterday was the closest I’ve seen someone get to him. I am not blaming you here, but things have to start coming together soon or I’m going to lose my family. When it comes to this stuff you constantly look over your shoulder and you start to observe things differently. Things start sticking out. Just be mindful of your surroundings now for yours and our sake.”

I stood feeling my shoulders become heavy. I get me coming in from no where was a lot and they trusted me. I brought danger to them and didn’t even care to notice or think about it. I was just so stuck on getting away.

“I didn’t know you were feeling this way. I apologize for being this danger to you and your family. It was never my intention. I didn’t even know about any of this until I met you guys. I’m still trying to figure things out. I know I have to start pulling some weight somehow. Just let me know whenever you need anything.”

We go silent after ending the subject and just watch as Amos swings Sophia in circles. He’s so great with her. Especially for someone with no kids and basically grew up an only child until about 7 years ago.

“If you’re wondering, he does want kids. Two to be exact.” She looks at me and smiles and winks.

“What? I wasn’t, I didn’t wonder at all. I was just-“

She laughs at my stuttering. Oh goodness.

“Calm down you’re as red as a coke can. Might want to change the subject they’re coming back.” She smirks.

I turn and see Amos carrying Soph on his shoulder back to the car. “Me and Soph have decided ice cream for dinner is the move. What do we say? You okay Tia? Have you been in the sun too long? You’re turning red let’s get in the car.”

I open my mouth and just hand him the keys to unlock the door.

“Yeah the sun. That’s it.” Mel laughs as she takes Sophia and straps her into her car seat.

This ride back is about to be so horrible.

We made two stops before getting back to the house. The store to pick out whatever ice cream princess Sophia ordered and get gas. So I guess it wasn’t so bad.

“Alright cones are in the cabinet I’m gonna go shower and be right back to join you guys.” Amos says as he makes his way to his bedroom.

“Alright Sophia ice cream and cartoons then it’s off to bath time.” Mel says as we make our way to the kitchen to start making ice cream cones. After getting Sophia settled and watching whatever she chose to watch me and Mel watched her from the kitchen table.

“I should thank you for getting him out of his office and even bigger the house itself and it wasn’t for business. You got him to play with Sophia again. He was just a normal guy today and I loved seeing it.” She say to me as she continues to watch Sophia stare at the tv.

“It was nothing. I figured everyone needed some relax time after yesterday, especially him. He stays up entirely too late and his body is gonna start showing it if he doesn’t get some sleep and rest sometimes.” I say back to her.

“Well I’m gonna get her into the bath and into bed. Sleep well sweetie and dream me up a big family.” She winks and walks away.

“Oh my goodness. I’m gonna go shower.” I shoot out of my seat and go back to my room and shut the door. I grab my night clothes and a towel and go to start my shower.

“Please have hot water left.” I pray to the gods of showers as I turn the knob. It starts warming up and I take no time getting undressed so I don’t lose any warm water. It feels good to wash the sweat from standing in the sun off. I feel less sticky and nasty.

I get out after washing up and dry myself off. I wipe the mirror and look at my reflection. No bruises or bags or sunken in cheeks. I smile at myself feeling good in my own skin again. I put on my night clothes which consisted of shorts and a t-shirt. I shake my hair out and breathe out.

I open my bathroom door and jump out of my skin seeing Amos sitting on my bed in just sweatpants.

“OH SWEET PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! A knock a warning or something. You bastard.” I put my hand over my chest.

“You promised me a laptop for a day out in the sun and you must hold up you end madam.” I walk over to him as he stands and chuckle.

“I promised nothing sir. You assumed it would be promised, but the laptop is forever in my clutches.” I say as I tap my fingers together and smile. He stares down at me and smiles making me feel all girly. I haven’t felt this way in a really long time.

“I have a quick question Amos.” I stare down at my hands for a second before I look back at him.

“What can I do for you?” He ask standing with his hands clasped together.

“Can I kiss you? Wait. Hold on. I said that out loud wait. Is that inappropriate?” I start blabbing off at how bold I just got. “I’m sorry. I just asked that without knowing your boundaries. That was so straight forward I am so sorry.”

He takes my head in his hands and gently kisses me. I put my hands on his waist and kiss him back. We pull apart and stare at each other for a few seconds.

“Oh wow.”
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