Don’t Look Back

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My plan is set and if I don’t do this right,

I’m going to die tonight.

I close my window and wipe the wrinkles off my shirt and the sweat off my hands. I take a deep breath before grabbing my basket full of bloody clothes and taking them to the washer. I pour the basket into the washer and stare at them as I contemplate my plan.

I shake my head. I can’t overthink now. I close the washer and look at the timer setting.

If his guest get here at three, it’ll take about ten minutes before he decides to actually get me from the room. That’s when I’ll do it. I turn to the clock.


I set the wash to the longest possible wash I could get which would be about an hour and a half and press start.

I turn and make my way to my room turning the corner only to be stopped by the monster living in human flesh.

“Oh. Hi honey. I started the laundry like you asked.” I quietly squeaked out. I watched as he looked me up and down and licked his lips. He didn’t even try to hide the erection that showed through his pants. I tried to move pass him, but he just blocked my every move before grabbing me by the throat. I whimper at his tight grip.

“God you look like a whore with all that makeup on. I wonder if you have a mouth like one too.” He shoves me to my knees before undoing his pants and freeing his manhood in front of my face.

“Open.” He commanded as I teared up in front of him silently begging him not to make me do this. I could see that my noncompliance was making him angry. He grabbed the hair at the top of my head before forcing my head back and using his other hand to open my mouth and shoving his erection as far as he could down my throat.

“Fuck.” He says throwing his head back while he forcefully and aggressively thrust my mouth. Tears stream down my face as I try with all strength I have to push him away. He pulls out and pushes me to a wall grabbing my hands and placing them above my head.

He shoves back into my mouth and proceeds to thrust until ejaculating down my throat.

“Oh fuck. You’re such a slut swallowing my cum like that.”

He lets my hands go and withdraws zipping his pants back up as I sit on the floor crying.

“Clean yourself up and ice your face. If you’re a good girl today I’ll give you more when our guest leave later on today.”

After speaking he walks away into the living room. I stand and make my way back into my room where the now thawed frozen vegetables lay. I make my way to the bathroom and wipe my tear stained face and touch up my face so I won’t have to get my makeup. I take a deep breath and drink some water from the tap. My jaw is still sore and swollen, but there’s not much I can do now.

I’m leaning on the washer as I watch the time go by on our wall clock anticipating this plan.


I take a deep breath and wait for my usual command. Hoping and praying for once that I get this command.

“Tia.” He walks up and grabs my chin with his hand squeezing making me wince.

“You behave you hear me? Now go into your room until I come get you.” I nod and rush into my room.


I can’t stop pacing. So I start getting everything set up. I go into the bathroom and turn on the light and lock the doorknob from the inside and close it from the outside. He will think I’m in there when he comes to get me so it gives me more time to run before he realizes I’m gone.


I open my room window and hear the doorbell ring.


The washer goes off and I jump into the bushes and shut the window behind me.

This is it. This is my chance I’ve gotta run now.

I grab my bag throwing the strap over my shoulder and sneaking around the back of the house and taking off into the woods towards the city bus stop.

If I’m correct I’ll get there before the last bus leaves and get out of town and into the furthest hotel. If I go into the first one he’lol come looking for me there. I’ll think about that later for now the plan is just to get as far away from the house as possible.


Keep running Tia. Keep running.

Don’t stop.

Don’t look back.

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