Don’t Look Back

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I woke the next morning confused and on edge. This is my first time waking up peacefully. No cold water, no punches. No John. I slept through the entire night. I feel fresh and I don’t know how to explain how that feels.

I slept on a bed with a pillow and comforters and it felt like clouds. I smiled then a knock on the door startled me making me place my hand over my heart.

“Tia? It’s me Amos.” He says gently without opening the door. I breathe out and frown realizing I was holding my breath.

“Come in.”

He walked in and surprising was still in his night attire. Sweatpants that you could tell were just the slightest bit too big for him a black tshirt and still messy hair. He looked like he belonged in a Calvin Klein magazine.

“I’m getting ready to start breakfast for Soph and Mel. You wanna help?” He asked before his yawn took over. Which made me yawn and then made him stifle a yawn that made us both laugh.

“I’d like that.” I say standing up and making my way behind him to the kitchen.

We start pulling out all the necessary culinary tools and ingredients as today’s breakfast was French toast, eggs and bacon.

Now that it wasn’t dark and I’m not in a fazed mindset. I’m noticing Amos’ features. His skin was olive toned. He had jet black hair with random brown pieces that didn’t hang too low in front of his face. He was built, but he wasn’t super muscular. He turned to me after getting milk from the fridge and I looked into his eyes and they were two different colors, but they were beautiful. I didn’t want to look too long and make him uncomfortable so I looked away and down at the stove.

He was much taller than my 5’0 self. Maybe 6’3 if I take an educated guess. I grab the bowl that was in front of him that I pulled out to whisk eggs in and double take finally noticing the tattoo that ran from his hand to his elbow. If he had more I want to discover them. I look up at his face and catch him staring at me and quickly look away and start cracking eggs.

“It’s a birth defect by the way.” He says with a small chuckle at the end of his statement.

I look back at him confused. “A what?”

He smiles as he is prepping everything for French toast. “It’s a birth defect. My eyes. I saw you look at them and it’s okay. Thank you for not asking.”

I nod my head and continue to crack the eggs. I go to whisk them and stop to ask because I was curious, but didn’t want to be disrespectful.

“What is it called? If you don’t mind me asking.”

He puts the bread on the hot skillet and let’s it sit before flipping it.

heterochromia iridis. Which causes one of my eyes to be completely blue and another hazel with some blue in a small spot. It’s not very common, but it’s not so much rare. Some people are born with it and some it can occure and can last forever. I’ve never minded mine.

“Got bullied as a kid, but as I got older the girls wanted everything to do with me so why should I be mad about it?” He laughed at himself which made me huff at his confidence.

I whisk the eggs and turn on the stove where my skillet it to cook the eggs.

We talked the rest of the time while making breakfast and I learned he was 27 and didn’t even look it. Four whole years older than I. He had several ear piercings and came from a broken and abusive household. That explains his protectiveness over his aunt.

He’s a sweet guy. His ego can be a bit too big for the room, but it isn’t overwhelming.

We finished cooking breakfast and brought everything to the dining table for Sophia and Mel to get into.

“So do you work? Sorry, dumb question. Obviously someone has to be keeping up with this house. It’s freaking beautiful.” I say.

He thinks his answer over before opening his mouth. “Business.”

That’s it. That’s all I got.

“Any business in particular orrr?” I say trying to keep the conversation alive.

“Nope. Best not to worry about it. It’s not a big business more like uhh... A family business.” He says.

Well then. I nod my head deciding not to pry any further just as Sophia and Mel make their way to the kitchen.

“Good morning ladies. Your highness.” I say bowing as I see Sophia in her princess pajamas. It made her giggle which put a smile right on my face.

Everyone sat at the table shoving our faces with French toast. It was quiet until Mel spoke up.

“Tia, I would like to apologize for my behavior last night. I did not mean to trigger you or frighten you.” She says sadly.

I swallow my food and wipe my mouth with my napkin. “You are absolutely fine. I understand tensions were high and I intruded on plans with my unexpected appearance. I understand you standing up for me

“But with my understanding this is Amos’ home and if I am not welcomed here to stay for anymore than today i will leave. I can stay in a hotel or something it doesn’t bother me.”

It was quiet and I could see Amos shift a bit uncomfortably. He cleared his throat and drank his orange juice.

“You can stay. It doesn’t bother me, but there are rules you must follow. So with that being said. I have only one condition.”

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