Don’t Look Back

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They can’t be worse than staying with John and if it keeps me from him I’ll do anything.

I swallow and nod as he stares.

“You work for me, from here in exchange for protection. Simple work and simple rules. Nothing major. Think of it as an assistant job. Good enough?”

I think it over and it’s not that bad. I can handle that.

“Yeah I can do that. It’s perfect.” I say smiling.

“Now to protect you, I need some things. I need all the information you have on your abuser. That way he doesn’t find anyway to you. If he does so happen to find you. I will take care of it.”

I nod my head. This isn’t so hard.

“Good. You start tomorrow. For now I need everything on your antagonist and my aunt will take you to the police station to make sure there is no search for you later on.”

He was quick and to the point. No beating around the bush. I guess it should be that way considering I am an adult. I don’t need sugar coating.

We finished our food and Amos and Sophia, mostly Amos, cleaned while I went to shower and get dressed for the day.

Me and Mel had some errands to run and I felt like this would be all day.

Me and Mel took the bus to the police station for our first stop to make sure I wasn’t reported missing. My first step through the door I saw him.

Everything became heavy.

My chest felt like it was caving in and I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t stop shaking and praying he hadn’t noticed me yet.

Am I gonna pass out? Oh god not here.

I was pushed in the opposite direction and through a door which I realize was the bathroom. I see Mel looking worried as ever as she stares me down.

“Tia sweetie I need you to look and listen to me. Just stay in here okay. I’ll go deal with all of this and come get you when he leaves.” I nod and try to take deep breaths to keep from hyperventilating.

She leaves me in the bathroom to calm down, but anxiety is a traitor. I couldn’t help but be worried while I wait.

It feels like an eternity before Mel returns and tells me the coast is clear. I follow her out the bathroom and into the station to talk to an officer.

“This is her officer.”

The officer looks me over and lifts a brow.

“Funny part about this is that she was literally just reported missing by the man who just left out of here.”

My jaw hit the floor. It hasn’t been 24 hours and I would know. I know exactly what time I ran.

“What do you mean missing? She isn’t missing. Why would he report her missing?” Mel’a acting was on point and I needed to get it together so I wouldn’t give her away.

“Apparently she went on a morning jog as usual around 11 or so and never came back. He believes she was kidnapped.” He sets down his pen and folds his hands and stares at us.

I roll my eyes and groan. “Dramatic as always I see. I never went for a jog. Do I look like I excercise? Other than English food is my native language. Secondly, I wasn’t kidnapped I left him. I wanted a divorce and he thinks reporting me missing is going to get me back? Delusional prick.” I cross my arms.

I wait for the officers response. He looks at me and sighs.

“Well seeing as you clearly aren’t missing I can take you off the list. I will have to inform him, but I won’t let him know when or who you were with. With this kind of situation you can file for a restraining order. If you’d like.”

I nod my head and sign all the needed paperwork and head out the door.

“We shouldn’t roam around today. I should get you back to the house since he’s out and about. Can’t have you running into him.”

I nod and we make our way to the bus stop, but not before I convinced Mel to stop at a drug store to buy hair dye.

We made it back to the house and let Amos know everything that happened.

“Damn. He’s moving fast huh? And you filed for a restraining order?” He asked me as he continued to write on a piece of paper next to two other piles of papers.

“Yes. I also ask Mel if she could lend me money to get hair dye so that I could cut and dye my hair so that I could be just the smallest bit unrecognizable at least from the back.”

He scribbles on another piece before looking up at me. He stares for a second before sighing. He stands up and signals for me to follow him with his head.

We make our way down the hall to a double door room that opened into an office. It’s was nice and spacious. Not too big, but not too small.

He sits at the desk and opens his laptop and I make my way to sit in th seat in front of his desk.

“Last name please.” He says as he starts typing away.

“Lawrence is my marriage name. Monroe is my maiden. Wasn’t sure which one you needed.” I say blabbing and just deciding to be quiet.

“Both are perfect. Thank you.” He says without looking up from his screen. The typing continues as the room stays quiet with nothing, but the keyboard and our breathing being heard.

“John R. Lawrence? Is this the man?”

He flips the laptop around to show me my abuser and seeing his face for a second time today, even in a screen, struck fear in my heart.

I nod my head and he flips it back around. “Well he is affiliated, but not with anyone I consider a big threat. Although just being affliated is threat enough. Do know anything about his life? Has he mentioned anything out of the ordinary?”

I think for a second before remembering all the people he would bring over and it was always the same people. Including one significant man.

“Well he would always bring the same people over. One in significant always caught my attention. He was very properly dressed and whenever he came over I was expected to dress a certain way.

He was tall, wasn’t very masculine, but carried himself like he was. His energy put fear in John’s eyes. He never said names, but he always called him boss or big man.”

Amos showed no signs of fear or being bothered. He just listened. He types some more and smiles as whatever he searched for came up.

“Hm. You come from a hot spot yourself woman. Actually, you’re just what I need. I’m gonna need you in a couple of days after you’re healed and we’re gonna take a trip to see daddy.”


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