Don’t Look Back

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The next few days went by like clockwork. Wake up, sit in Amos’ office and sort his work and make calls and then later run around with Sophia until Mel and Amos return back home.

It’s become such routine that I forget what I can do instead of what I already do. So I actually decide to leave the office to get a bottle of water when I hear the phone ring from the office.

“Must be one of his building employees.” I say to myself as I make my way back to the office. I answer without looking at the caller ID.

“Coleman incorporated h-“


I freeze at the unfamiliar voice through the phone.

“I’m sorry who? May I ask who’s calling?” I say changing my voice slightly. I grab my notepad and pen ready to write anything I can.

“Tia? Thalia? Where are you darling? I’ve been looking everywhere for you. You can’t just up and leave and think this is okay. Have you lost your mind?”

John. This isn’t good. Do something Tia. Think quick.

“Sir, you must have the wrong number. This is Coleman Inc. a firewood company. Are you wanting to speak to one of our employees? If you have their three digit employee number I can transfer you.” I heighten my voice to hopefully be unrecognizable.

Please fall for it. For the love of all that is holy and skittles please hang up.

“I... I must have dialed the wrong number. Ma’am if you happen to find one of your employees by the name Tia full name Thalia with the last name hopefully Lawrence or Monroe tell her I will find her. The world is not safe for her to be out on her own making a living for herself by herself.”

I begin to shake hearing him speak in the tone I know so well. He’s losing control. Probably drunk right now.

“May I have your name for the message sir?” I ask while trying to hide the anxiety in my voice. I’m scared out of my head.

“The name is John. I’m her husband. Can you also tell her that I know where she is and will be save her from this cruel world soon. She must be so worried.”

I hold my breath and shut my eyes feeling the anxiety attack coming on and the tears behind my eyes.

“Yes sir. Thank you for calling Coleman inc. Have a wonderful and warm day.” I hang up and take deep breaths as I wipe my eye.

I can’t freak out right now. I have to be a big girl.

“Sophia, honey. Grab your Barbie and put on your sandals for me. We’re going to take a drive.” I say as I grab my small bag and pocket knife from the desk. I pull open one of the drawers on his desk and pick out one of the three sets of keys for a car.

“Auntie Tia I cant find my other shoe.” I hear Sophia say from the other room. I make my way in there and look at the floor.

“Yikes. Okay baby. Here let’s wear these instead.” I grab a pair of sneakers and put them on her. I hold her hand as we make our way to the car.

The drive to the office with Sophia with me. Walking in with her on my hip I seem to have caught the attention of the female eyes in the lobby. I walk to the desk and see a friendly face of an older woman.

“Miss June we came to see papa.” Sophia says to the front desk. She smiles at us.

“He’s in a meeting sweetie. He won’t be out for a while.” She frowns grabbing onto Sophia’s little hand.

“Ma’am I’m sorry to sound so rude, but could you call him out? It’s an emergency. Can you tell him that Tia is here and that I will be waiting at his office? Also where is his office?” I say

She looked worried. “He is on the 29th floor. Door at the end of the hall. Can’t miss it. The only one with glass.” I smile at her and make my way to the elevator.

“Auntie we’re going up.” Sophia is getting excited.

Oh how I wish to be this young and carefree again. I pray nothing harms this little girl.

We make our way to the top and to Amos’ office and wait outside of it. I pace back and forth as Sophia sits on the ground with her doll.

“Papa!” Sophia screams and runs down the hall to Amos.

“Hey. What’s going on Tia?” He looks down at me with his two colored eyes throwing my mind off. I’ve never seen him in a suit before. And somehow even with having two separate eye colors the suit makes them both pop. Maybe that’s the point.

“Uhm can we talk in here. I’m a little freaked and I wanna sit down.” He unlocks his office and lets us in before closing and locking the door. He closes the blinds and sits at his desk and puts Sophia in his lap.

I sit across from him and take a deep breath. “John called.” I say with my whole chest as I stare at him.

His face goes cold and straight. “He called you personally or he called my office?” He ask before he begins typing on the computer.

“He called the office and don’t worry I kept my composure. I’m hoping he didn’t notice it was me. But the part I’m worried about is he said he knows where I am and he is going to quote unquote save me. So I came straight here.” I finish and notice that he is still typing.

“I’m going to listen to your call is that okay?” He looks at me and I nod my head.

We listen to the call over again and Amos begins typing again. He face grows sinister.

“Tia. When you left did you see anyone suspicious around the house?” I frown and think.

“No, why?” I ask and grow anxious.

“Because the call came from outside the house.” I panic and tears brim my eyes. Oh my goodness.

I grip the arms on the chair to try to control my emotions. “June send Mel to my office immediately and lockdown the building. No one goes in or out.” He ends his call and now I’m really concerned. “He could have followed you here and the last thing I want is this man in my building fucking up my business and playing with your emotions.”

He stands and places Sophia down on her feet and makes his way to me and squats down in front of me. He strokes my hair back and leaves his hand behind my head as he looks me in the eyes.

“This bastard isn’t going to get to you. I kept you with me for a reason. That is to protect you at all cost and that is a promise to you and your father and I will not break that. You are safe here and with me at all cost.” He kisses my forehead and stands up.

What have I done?

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