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It had been three years the whole world shut down, ending communication, travel, and trade. Three years since the world went silent...until it wasn't. When an inevitable war erupts all over the globe, the tucked-away town of East Falls, Washington is the last place anyone would expect to be targeted. But when foreign military forces infiltrate Juliet and Carson Atwood's high school and break the silent barrier around their town, they must fight to escape their enemies alive--something they are no stranger to doing. Only a twist in fate has them saving the lives of five of their classmates. But upon arriving at the safety of the private Atwood home, the students soon find that the Atwoods are not at all who they'd known them to be, and that leaving is not an option. Hunted by a deadly organization of young assassins and foreign military forces the Atwood siblings unintentionally place their classmates in danger by saving them. Yet, too soon the students notice there are much darker things lurking underneath the surfaces of the Atwoods, as they unearth sinister secrets better left forgotten. Violence, lies, and betrayal await the students of East Falls as they fight to survive in a crumbling country, at the heart of World War III.

Thriller / Romance
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Authors Note:

Hey y’all! If you’re reading this I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving my story a chance! I put a lot of time into these chapters and it means sooooo much to me that there are even a few people out there that are giving it a shot.

Also, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Milan Ashmore and I’m just a normal highschool girl throwing out all her thoughts and imagination onto a page because...why not? I live in Washington with my mom, dad, two brothers, and my super-cuddly, super-loving husky, Carter. Anywho, feel free to leave a comment if you have advice or just wanna say something random,(random thoughts are the best thoughts) share the story with a friend and take a look at the story’s Instagram at m.a.humaninstinct.

I hope you guys enjoy the story! ;)

XX Milan XX



He wished he had known he would be smoking his last cigarette tonight. He would have made it last longer. Would have held that slow-burning end and kept his fingers warm a few minutes more.

He also wished he’d known tonight was the last time he’d ever speak to his wife. The last time he would kiss her, breath her in.

The last time he would ever do anything.

But there was no predicting anything in this world, and there was no way for him to predict his own assassination.

President of the Senate of France, Olivier Daviau, stuffed the butt into the little ashtray at his bedside and slid his slippers off his feet. He pondered another shot of absinthe but knew he’d do no good if he woke up tomorrow with a pounding headache and a temper worse than the one he already harbored. He settled into his sheets, dreading the diplomatic talks that would come with the next dawn. The yelled threats that awaited him. There was no changing their minds though. The future of the country depended on it. He sighed heavily and shut his eyes, waiting for the bliss of unconsciousness to take him away from his troubles for a few hours.

Olivier tossed and turned, flipping about his pillows and sheets, but he did not sleep. At first, he thought it was his work nagging at his mind, but as he lay there staring into the darkness of his room, the feeling settled itself in his chest. A heavyweight that could not be lifted. It spread out to his legs and arms reaching for fingers and toes. An overwhelming feeling of fear. Like something dreadful lurked nearby. Olivier sat up, feeling the hairs all over his body standing at attention while he peered through the room. The elaborate high ceilings of his French suite could not be seen tonight, with no moon out to cast its light. He could make out a little with the lights from the balcony outside, the shades open to reveal the elegant glass doors and splendid stone railing. He saw the shadow of his nightstands, the beams of his four poster, his dresser, the little chaise lounge, and reading table. Reading chairs and the bookshelf. All familiar.

And then his eyes caught onto what was not. A dark shadow near his door. One near the bookshelf and the open drapes of the balcony door. His eyes flickered over them for a few moments before he shook his head and dropped back to his pillow. He was drained from everything that had happened today. Exhaustion could make people see odd things. Plus, as his children had told him many times, age was not on his side, and his eyesight was failing him. He stared at the wooden roof of his bed, listening to the sound of his wife breathing beside him, sound asleep. But the silence of the room was oppressive, suffocating him. An eerie soundlessness that he could feel in his bones. There was a whisper. Or maybe a rustle. Olivier jerked up again, his eyes shooting for those dark shadows.

But they were not in the same places as before. They had moved.

He found them again, squinting hard in the dark, his heartbeat starting to pick up. Sophia groaned and flipped over to face him, took in the fear in his face and sat up as well. Her hand settled on his knee.

“Olivier? Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas?” What’s wrong?

He was about to point to that still and unmoving ebony, when he froze, his breath stiffing in his chest.

He could have sworn one of the shadows shifted. Waved at him.

Frightened, Olivier reached for the light but flipping the switch yielded nothing. He flipped it again frantically, swearing under his breath as he kept an eye on that darkness. They sat there, watching him back. He pressed the emergency call button underneath his pillow, near the headrest of the bed, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. Sophia shook him, disturbed and confused as he clutched her to his chest. From down the hall, he heard the Garde Républicaine rush towards his room, tasked with protecting him and all high authorities of the state at all hours. Three of them burst into his room no more than thirty seconds later.

“Monsieur Daviau-”

One of the shadows disappeared and the door clicked shut behind them. Locked. The other shadow, launched across the room towards the guards, faster than he’d ever seen anything move. There was no time for him to warn them. The things, black as ravens with glowing blue eyes of winter, were tall, one at least six foot and the other nearly the same. They moved like night and death combined into one body, and Olivier pulled back as far into the bed as he could. The taller shadow near the door stepped around the weapon of the first guard like it was nothing–had that gun ripped out of his hands, a knife across the guard’s throat and another in his neck before he could even think to lift his hands in self-defense. The slightly shorter shadow was jumping over the shoulders of the last two guards, wrapping their necks between its legs. The guards were dead before they hit the ground, two harsh cracks sounding. Broken necks. Then all was silent again, even as the shadows shot for Olivier and Sophia.

Seconds. It had only taken them four or five seconds to dispose of the guards. There wasn’t enough time to even ask what they wanted, why they were here. Hands like steel gripped him, tearing Olivier and Sophia apart. He screamed into the cruel hand that clamped over his mouth, as the tall shadow held Sophia in hand. As it stuffed a blade into his wife’s neck, and her eyes cried to him because her voice could not. Sophia’s body slumped noiselessly to the ground and he screamed again. They ripped his sheets off his bed and drug him onto it, clamping some metal contraption over his mouth to silence him as he screamed and yelled himself bloody, staring at what had once been his wife. His wrists were bound to the posts of the bed, then his ankles and even if his body had been young and not frail, he still would not have been able to fight back against these things. These things that wielded inhuman strength and speed. Olivier Daviau sobbed as he watched the figures pull back, glowing winter eyes staring at him. Sobbed and wet himself because he knew that no one was coming to save him. They had been so silent, he wondered if they really were standing there at all. If this was a dream.

The distinct shing of knives being drawn was proof enough. The smell of blood, the dead woman in the room and the dead guards, were proof enough. And when those shadows lunged with their blades in hand, the excruciating pain they drew out of him told Olivier this was not a dream. But he wished until his dying breath, that it was. Because as he was torn apart, it was clear the shadows wanted him worse than dead.


Russian Ambassadors Mutilated Body Found in London

By Addison Chambers, Neil Parkman, and Daniel Clarke, CNN

Published July 21, 2017

Editor’s Warning: This article features disturbing content.

London, England (CNN)- For the second time this month, another political official’s body has been found maimed in their own residence. This continues the unexplained trend that began in early January. Anton Yurovsky, Russian Ambassador for British and Russian relations, was reportedly found dead this Thursday evening, in Russian residence, 15 Kensington Palace Gardens. His death was caused by severe blood loss from multiple injuries to his head, neck, and body. “It’s gruesome–he was tortured. Someone obviously had the time and knowledge to do something like this,” said Thomas Reed of the City of London Police and lead investigator of Yurovsky’s crime scene. To date, Yurovsky is the 11th political official to have been killed, in addition to the attacks on foreign military bases around the world. The room showed no evidence of the assailant, excluding the cuffs that kept the Russian ambassador immobilized on his bed, and the same symbol found at all attack sights. Russian authorities….

Russia Blames the U.S. For Recent Political And Military Attacks

By Kaitlin Brauner and Jeremy Sholtz

Published August 16, 2017

Washington- Russian President Dmitri Novikoff, backed by several other nations including China, India, Germany, North Korea, and several others, accused the United States of organizing and conducting the recent attack and assassinations. Since the start of this chain of tragic events, the U.S. has remained untouched by any violent incidences, which was the main contention of Russia’s accusation. In a statement released this morning, during a joint conference with the Chinese President and German Chancellor, Novikoff stated, “The United States has and still remains entirely silent during a time of great distress and chaos for our nations. It is only natural that we presume there is a reason behind this; that America is the only reasonable culprit terrorizing our homelands.” The finger was formally been pointed when……

Pentagon Fails to Account For 10.2 Trillion Dollars Missing From U.S. Treasury

Patrick Rossi and David Albers

Published September 8, 2017

Washington-In a recent general inspection report, released early this morning, the U.S. Department of the Treasury reports a missing 10.2 trillion dollars from the federal reserve. First noticed in late March 2016, the Department saw trends of missing money in large amounts for over a year now. It was finally brought to public attention just this month. Investigators are reviewing all public and private records as of now, however, this is not the only occurrence of large sums of missing currency in recent years. According to Henry Yellen, former Secretary of the Treasury, in a statement released alongside the report, “We first noticed money disappearing in 2002, but it wasn’t anything completely out of the ordinary for the treasury. In 2004, tree billion went missing—it just went upwards from there.” The White House has yet to comment on the situation, and Congress has launched a full investigation. Since its start, investigators claim they, “have no leads as to who has taken the money, nor where it went.” However, according to current treasury secretary, Mark Lecaff, “evidence suggests that the money was taken and used by the same party, but was split.” This information was gathered by transaction records with foreign nations, those of whom have denied investigator access to the….

Ex-CIA Intelligence Expert: “The United States Has Been Secretly Flood Producing Weapons Of Mass Destruction For Years.”

Adam Davidson, Angela Brickshaw, Steve Anawall, and Tom Larson

Published November 28, 2017

Washington- Glenn Crosswell, 31-year-old former CIA intelligence expert released last night through Wiki Leaks, classified files to the world, in what will be the most historical whistle-blowing on record. Crosswell, who was involved and exposed to numerous top secret and confidential materials of the U.S. Government, released 2000 files regarding the Department of Defense and where their federally allocated funds were spent. In the reports, it was gathered that President Andrew Banks authorized six trillion dollars to be used in advancing the technology of weapons of mass destruction, including the research and building of nuclear and atomic bombs. As a result, it is confirmed that the U.S. has reportedly quadrupled their stockpile of 4,000 nuclear warheads, as well as thousands of other weapons of mass destruction underway. However, the question that remains unanswered is “Where did the White House spend the other four trillion dollars?” The Russian government was the first to respond, though not through a public statement, as Russia reigned in…..

Former Allies cut friendly ties with United States

Joseph Fawn and Cameron McKnight

Published November 30, 2017

Editor’s Warning: This article features disturbing content.

Following whistle-blower, Glenn Crosswell’s leak of classified information regarding the flood production of weapons of mass destruction, only two days ago, November 28th, world leaders have gathered without the presence of U.S. representatives and have brutally separated themselves from the United States, indefinitely. During what was assumed to be mere coordinated public statements of outrage, the allied foreign countries, of which renounced any partnership with the U.S., performed an act of ruthless, inhumanity. In simultaneous, public addresses 15 countries executed 27 U.S. ambassadors and public figures on foreign visitations to their countries. This is the final nail in the coffin, confirming what may indeed be what the world has feared since the beginning of the Cold War—World War III. The White House has not……

San Francisco And Other Cities Placed Under Martial Law

Jackson McKlide, CNN

Published December 15, 2017

Following the Glenn Crosswell’s wiki leaks concerning classified U.S. spending on a new nuclear arms program, the weapons of mass destruction research underway, and executions of over 30 U.S. political figures in charge of foreign relations, violent protests have broken out across the states. Several “pro-Peace” groups have begun violently protesting in large cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and over 20 other cities. It is deemed to be “the worst we’ve seen since the L.A. riots” as stated by White House representative Justin Reeves. Riots taking place with the so-called “pro-peace” groups are countered with force by “pro-government” groups as well as police forces. The overall chain of events has forced hundreds of businesses in the states to shut down. However, Thursday morning, city authorities were said to have lost complete control, some allegedly fighting with the rioters, forcing President Andrew Banks to order Martial law on more than 20 cities, silencing the rioting…..

Nations Die As World Falls Silent

Patricia Lemberson, Jack Smith, and Salamon Howards

Published June 14, 2019

Washington- Since the enactment of the International Trade Halt (ITH), in 2018, thousands of reports of nations suffering across the globe have surfaced. Countries that decreed the halt were, at the time, more than capable of sustaining themselves. Yet, for other smaller, less equipped countries, reports of mass starvation and violence. It has been over a year since any kind of foreign trade has taken place and with it any kind of travel to another country. Citizens of every nation have remained hidden behind their borders and military, while nuclear-armed states have had their fingers on the trigger the moment the Glenn Crosswell leaks were released. It is not known how many countries are experiencing this, though many are believed to be developing countries. Other reports have come out of entire populations of countries who relied heavily on international trade, have diminished entirely…

Superpower Countries Begin Collapsing Since Enactment Of ITH

Katarina Williams and Josh Peterson, CNN

Published December 12, 2020

The deemed “self-reliant” Superpower Countries start to experience the inevitable consequences of the International Trade Halt (ITH). Although it has been months since America has heard any word from inside the White House, data analysts are beginning to pick up on the trends of the economy around us. At first, the ITH’s enactment restricted citizens even of higher class from living lavishly, but this proved to be the least of the United States problems. In a recent study conducted by a Harvard Economical Analysis team, since the ratification of the ITH, over 1/3 of the American population has lost their jobs, causing a staggering 1/4 to fall unemployed and homeless. Death counts due to starvation and crime have risen to a heart aching 10.5 million. Russia is reported by inside sources overseas to have similar statistical reports of death and unemployment trends. No word from the White House yet, with the only current call of action a curfew of 7:30 placed on the ten states of……

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