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Episode III

Sara’s Comeback

Sara Smith is a Senior and the Cheerleading Captain of her high school squad, the Lady Dragons. As she stands at her locker, the guy of her dreams walks past, nodes his head and smiles. She felt her heart skip a beat and her legs went weak. As she watched Johnny walk away, things around her slowed down to almost a standstill. Everybody moved slow and talked slow. At that time, it was like a dream or something, but she could see and hear Johnny asking her, “Would you like to go out?” and her reply of “Yes.” Just then she got bumped kind of hard and she snapped out of her dream-like trance.

“Gee, Sara what is wrong with you?” Her friend Laura said.

“Oh hey. Nothing is wrong, I was just watching Johnny.” Sara replied as she sighed.

“He sure is dreamy,” Laura said with a smile.

“Yeah, I know,” Sara replied as she closed the door to her locker.

“Well come on we’ll be late for class,” Laura said as she grabbed Sara’s arm and pulled for her to come on.

“Yeah, ok,” Sara said as she followed Laura into the classroom. Sara thought about what had happened while she sat at her desk and maybe it was a dream or wishful thinking, but whatever the case it sure would be nice if it did happen. Johnny Monroe is the Senior quarterback of the football team and on the honor roll. He is quite muscular with jet black hair and eyes as blue as the sky. He is like most guys, some of his favorite things are fast cars and motorcycles.

Sara walked outside of the school, headed toward the street to wait on her dad to pick her up. Johnny and some of his football buddies came running outside cutting across the grass headed toward the parking lot. Johnny saw Sara standing there alone and approached her cautiously trying not to scare her.

“Hey…Sara?” Johnny said as he walked up with a nervous smile. “You..uh, need a ride home?”

“Uh...no I’m fine. I’m waiting on my dad but thanks anyway,” Sara replied as she felt her cheeks get warm.

“Ok, I was just checking, you are standing here alone and all. Uh…say, would you like to go out with me? Maybe to a movie or dinner?” Johnny said as he looked in her eyes.

“Well yes, yes, I would, that would be lovely,” Sara answered not knowing if she said it right. She suddenly thought of what had happened to her earlier, the vision or dream she had. Her mouth fell open and she gasped a little.

“Are you ok? Johnny asked with a concerned look.

“Uh, oh yeah I’m fine. Just something I thought of from earlier today,” Sara said as she looked at Johnny and smiled a little. “Kind of mind-blowing.”

“Oh ok, well is Friday night ok with you?” Johnny said.

“Yeah, that would be fine,” Sara replied.

Johnny looked at Sara like heaven had sent him the perfect angel. She is petite had long brown hair that drops down to her tiny waist. Her eyes are the color of two emeralds and her skin is as soft as cotton. She has a kind heart and is always willing to help others when she can. Sara has become everything to Johnny, she is his whole world. Even though Johnny loves to ride motorcycles and fix cars, he loves her more. Sara remembers when Johnny told her, “Girl, I can see my future in your eyes. I know we are supposed to be together…and that is forever.”

After graduation, Sara and Johnny got married and moved into a small apartment close to town. Johnny opened a small motorcycle repair shop while Sara got her a job down at the diner on the corner. Johnny’s business grew and about a year later Sara was able to quit the diner job and pursue her desire for painting and working on having a gallery. Sara has had several visions since high school which happens every so often, but nothing major. Six happy years have come already, and Johnny closed shop early, so he could surprise Sara with an anniversary gift. Johnny softly walked into the kitchen with a dozen roses hid behind his back.

“Hey, you startled me there a little bit,” Sara said as she turned around while one of Johnny’s arms was wrapped around her waist.

“Aww, I’m sorry but I have something for the most beautiful girl in the world,” Johnny said with a big smile as he leaned in for a kiss.

“Oh yeah, now who might that be?” Sara said with a smile as she kissed Johnny lightly on the lips causing a sweet moan to come from deep within his chest.

“Yeah, I have something for you, see,” Johnny said as he pulled the flowers from behind his back and gave them to Sara. “Happy Anniversary.”

“Aww, they are beautiful. Thank you so much, baby. I love you with all my heart,” Sara said as she took the flowers and wrapped her arms around Johnny’s neck.

“I love you too,” He softly replied.

The next morning Johnny brought Sara breakfast in bed and sat there slowly waking her up by lightly running his fingers through her hair.

“Good morning my love,” Johnny said softly.

“Good morning, what is this?” Sara said as she sat up in bed and leaned up against her pillow.

“Well, it is breakfast in bed, for two,” Johnny replied, as he sat beside her. “So, what do you want to do today my love, beautiful princess?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. What would you like to do?” Sara said as she bit into a strawberry and giggled.

“I would love to take you for a motorcycle ride up in the mountains. Maybe we could find us a waterfall or something,” Johnny said with a smile as he ran his finger gently across the top of Sara’s hand. Sara smiled a big smile and kissed Johnny on the lips. “Ok, let me get dressed.”

As she was getting dressed, her mind seemed to slowly wander off to someplace other than where she currently was. It was like a dream only she was awake. Flashes of different things appeared in her mind. A motorcycle, a car, trees, and smoke, but what did all this mean.

“Sara,” Johnny said as he touched her arm.

“Uh…what,” Sara said as she took a breath and looked at Johnny.

“Are you ok?” Johnny asked with concern.

“Yeah…yeah, I’m fine. Just some things I was thinking of is all.” Sara replied with a smile as she finished buttoning up her shirt. “You ready to breathe in the fresh air and let all of the tension just melt away?”

“Yeah,” Johnny said with a smile as he turned to grab the keys to the motorcycle, so they could head out for a change of scenery.

Sara held on to Johnny as they rounded the curves up in the mountains. The trees were beautiful, and the air smelled fresh and clean. As they rounded a sharp curve, a car came from the opposite direction and crossed the yellow line into their lane. Johnny tried to swerve out of the way but there was nowhere to go. Sara screamed, “NOOO!!” as she tried to hang on as the motorcycle hit the shoulder of the road. The tire bounced up and Johnny lost control. As the motorcycle went off the road, Sara was thrown off and she could hear Johnny yell out, “SARA!! right before the motorcycle rolled down the steep hill with a thundering sound of twisting metal, a loud crash then nothing. Sara tried to move but the pain was so intense that she blacked out.

Sara slowly opened her eyes as her vision was fuzzy. As she tried to gain her sight back, she saw that she was in a brightly lit room with voices all around her.

“Hello, Mrs. Monroe can you hear me? I’m Doctor Duke Wayne.

“What?” Sara tried to say.

“You are at Mercy Hospital. You and your husband were in a motorcycle accident, do you remember the accident?” Doctor Wayne asked while leaning over Sara, checking her eyes and vital signs.

“What accident?” Sara asked quietly. It was hard to remember. Her head hurt so bad. “My head hurts.”

“Yes, you have a concussion and a few broken bones. You were lucky. There was a witness to the accident, and they said that you were thrown from the motorcycle.” Doctor Wayne said.

“Where is Johnny?” Sara asked in a weak voice.

“I’m sorry to inform you, that your husband passed away from severe internal injuries,” Doctor Wayne said in a soft voice as he patted Sara’s hand to comfort her. Sara gasped, and her mouth fell open. Most of the nurses left the room except for a few that were working on her dressings. “You were a very lucky young lady, you came out of the accident with some injuries but none that won’t heal. Sara cried out in more pain than she has ever felt. Her heart was shattered, and her world has just crumbled to pieces. The doctor ordered a sedative for Sara, so she could stay calm and rest.

Sara soon checked out of the hospital when she was able to do so. She got a ride back to the apartment that she once shared with the love of her life. Once she got inside, she closed the door and just stood there looking around. Where there was once the sound of music and laughter, silence now echoes throughout the apartment. She felt so alone, and it finally started to sink in that Johnny was really gone. Depression and heavy grief started to take over Sara. She dropped the apartment keys onto the couch and proceeded to the bedroom. As she entered the room, there was the bed where Johnny would cuddle her and hold her tight while whispering so softly, “I love you,” into her ear while both falling asleep.

She collapsed to the floor and started to cry. “I don’t know…I just don’t know how I’ll be able to live without you, Johnny.” She cried as she looked up toward heaven while on her knees, hoping that Johnny was looking down on her. “I wish that I could get a sign from you, Johnny, letting me know that you are still with me somehow.” She sobbed uncontrollably for what seemed like many hours until finally falling into a deep sleep.

“Sara,” A sweet voice called out. “Sara,” A voice said again. Sara opened her eyes and looked around. She was standing in the middle of a field, full of the most beautiful flowers she has ever seen in her life. There was a bright light that was so warm and loving, all the loneliness that she had felt was gone. “Sara, over here.” Sara looked in the direction of the voice, gasped and smiled. Tears ran down her face. It was Johnny standing there motioning for her to come to him. He stood there with his arms outstretched. She ran toward him with tears in her eyes. His arms closed tightly around her as he held her tight. “Shhh,” Johnny said as he caressed the side of Sara’s face. He looked in her eyes and told her that everything would be alright.

“I want to stay here with you Johnny. I miss you so much,” Sara said as she laid her head on his chest while wrapping her arms around his waist.

“It is not your time yet my love. You need to go and wake up now and remember that if you never forget me you will never be alone. I will always be with you in mind, heart and in spirit,” Johnny said as he kissed her gently on the nose and before pulling away whispering, “I love you,” in her ear.

Sara woke up and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. Was she just dreaming? Did she really see Johnny? As she sat up in bed, she felt a sense of peace come over her. She knew now that she really was not alone. Sara started up a small group for women who have lost their beloved ones to help them cope with their loss. Sara has made her comeback from depression and grief and knows that the love of her life will always be her love, for all eternity.

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