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Julia opened her eyes and found herself locked up in a room with a naked man. She was shocked and scared and absolutely had no idea of what's going on, where she and why she was with a naked man in a closed room. The psychological thriller is full of twists and turns — an exceptional story.

Nabila Obayed
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1 The Awakening

Julia felt numb. She tried hard to open her eyes, but it was difficult to with the bright, white light. She strived hard to recover from her blurred vision. She had been unconscious for maybe two or three hours. After struggling with the light, she realized she was in a bed. Her head was spinning, and she was feeling very uncomfortable. Julia tried to remember what happened to her before she came here, but she couldn’t remember anything; instead, she felt like she was daydreaming. Short while she discovered a naked man lying on the floor on the other side of it. Out of fear and shock, she screamed loudly. John woke up at the sound, and, when he saw her, he screamed as well. Both hid their nakedness on either side of the bed.

Julia shouted, ‘What is this place? Who are you? Where are my clothes? Please help, someone!’

’Who are you?’ John yelled back at her. ‘Why am I here? Where are my clothes?’ Both were stunned and furious. Julia shouted again, ‘What do you want from me? Please, give me my clothes back!’ Believing John had abducted her with the intent of raping her, Julia’s scream kept her from hearing John’s reply. She cried out, ‘Please, let me go!’ John replied, ‘I didn’t bring you here. I’m also stuck here. I don’t know who brought us here. Are we going to die? I don’t know what’s happening.’ He began to sob.

A while later, both had stopped crying and were desperately hungry. They looked around the room, and Julia discovered a pantry on her side of the bed. Eager to check what was inside, she hesitated, embarrassed by her nude state. She decided if she crawled to it, the man on the other side of the bed wouldn’t see her, so she inched her way towards the storage unit and opened it. Inside, she found bags of dried food, taking some back to her side of the bed.

She opened one of the packets, and John heard the sound and asked, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’

‘Nothing.’, she replied.

‘What are you doing? Are you eating something? I’m starving.’ Julia passed a packet to him.

‘Where did you get this?’ John asked.

‘A storage unit here by my side. There’s lots of food.’ Julia replied. After eating, both were so tired, they remained silent for hours. Meanwhile, Julia looked around. She saw a bathroom in front of her, a short distance away. The door was made of opaque glass, impossible to see through. But right now, the door was open.

All the walls of the room were white, a beautiful double bed placed in the middle. On the other side of the bed sat a study table and a chair. On the table, there sat a radio. The room was well decorated, reminiscent of a modern bedroom.

Breaking the long silence, John said, ‘I feel sick in here. I can’t sit for so long doing nothing. It’s bullshit!’ He stood up and walked around the room.

Julia shouted, ‘Stop! Don’t walk around. I just said, stop! Please, don’t walk around. I don’t want to see you naked.’

‘Okay, okay, I won’t,’ John quickly replied. ‘I’ll sit where I was.’

Julia peered into the bathroom to see if there was a mirror, but she couldn’t see clearly from her position. It was straight across the room, and she was eager to use it. Julia told John not to move and crawled to the bathroom. Once inside, she closed the glass door. Standing in front of the mirror, with her eyes closed, she opened them slowly and screamed at the sight of her nakedness, crying out in fear and shame.

John ran to the bathroom. ‘Hey, what happened? Are you okay?’

Julia cried out again, and John shouted, ‘Are you okay? Please, say something, or I’m coming inside!’

Julia yelled back, ‘No, no, no, no… don’t come in! Go back and sit down. Don’t look at me. Just don’t, okay?’

‘Okay,’ replied John, returning to his side of the bed.

‘Are you sitting now?’ Julia yelled from the bathroom.

‘Yes, I’m sitting. Don’t worry, I won’t see you.’

Julia came out of the bathroom and crawled to the bed. Crying for hours, she finally fell asleep with a heavy head filled with sadness.

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