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10 Choice Research Institute

In the About section of the CRI website, Julia began to read about undertakings in research methods designed to help better understand the human psyche. She scanned through all the pages, looking for any information relating to the situation she found herself in. She didn’t know what to do, should she go to the police with the video as proof of her story? But what if the police don’t believe her story or the institute is funded by the government. So many things could go wrong… so she decides to visit the institute undercover.

Meanwhile, in his CRI lab, John gets a phone call. From the other end, a female voice asks, ‘How are you, John? I’ve called to give you some information regarding your research.’ John asked curiously, ‘What kind of information?’

‘Julia came to me today for a checkup. She was nervous and upset. I think she’s in danger of finding out too much, but I also tried to convince her to forget what has happened. Just stay alert.’ Hearing this, John smiled and confidently replied, ‘Don’t worry, Sylvia, we’ll manage the situation. Thanks for getting in touch. Have a good night. Bye.’ John was nervous and, that night, he struggled to sleep at all, worrying about what the consequences would be if Julia figured things out. His research wasn’t the government- approved and, if exposed, not only his research but his life would be destroyed.

The next morning, John went to the CRI, and urgently called for a meeting with his research team. Dr. Robert and the other researchers gathered in the meeting room, all in attendance. John entered and began immediately. ‘Last night, I was informed that Julia is looking for clues to find out what happened to her and who took her. I think, right now, it’s of utmost importance that we deal with her. Everyone in this room knows how important the research is that we conducted, however, need I remind you all, this was not government-sanctioned. If she goes to the police, we’re all dead.’

Dr. Robert was quick to interject, ‘I don’t think Julia knows anything. I agree she is mentally unstable, but she can’t find us.’ Dr. Steven agreed and confirmed that no clues were left behind for Julia or anyone to find them with. John’s frustration was hard to hide, ‘Yes, I understand, but we cannot underestimate what could happen if she does find out. Don’t you think we should take some precautionary measures? After all, we’ve all worked so hard for this research, and we’re so close to finishing. Once we have, I will personally talk with Julia. I will make her understand, and we can remunerate her for her contribution, but before we do, I don’t want any problems. Not a single one.’

‘What should we do now then?’ Dr. Robert asked.

‘I think for now, as Julia has come the potential to be a threat, we need to keep her here for a while until the work is complete. Afterward, we can decide our next step.’ Everyone agrees with John for the sake of the research. John, however, decided to bring Julia again in the lab was for her protection. He thought if she stays in the lab, he can keep an eye on her and the control will be on his hand.

On the other side, Julia was preparing for her undercover mission. She had saved the address of the institute on her phone and planned to go to the headquarters the next night, to collect as much evidence as she could. Although she tried to make a perfect plan, it was her first time to go in for an undercover detective mission, and she felt a little scared. There were so many thoughts moving in her head concerning the mission. Hence, she was excited and at the same time, nervous. Besides, she was tensed thinking if the mission fails, if she gets caught by CRI people then what they will do to her. It was a life risk, she thought. Her mind was perplexed in between the decision of whether she should go or shouldn’t. She felt that her curiosity was continually pushing her towards that mysterious institute. Although the chance of getting in trouble was higher but finally decided to carry the mission as she thought she has nothing to lose at this moment except her life and death is better than this painful, lonely life. Julia felt desperate to reveal the secrets of CRI.

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