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11 Executing the Plan

Julia sat on her bed, memorizing the building plans for the CRI. After two hours of focus, she became drowsy and finally fell asleep. Meanwhile, members of the CRI were already in position, waiting for night to fall, before silently entering. Without making a sound, they opened the main door of Julia’s house and, silent step by step, they made their way into her bedroom. The chloroform took effect almost immediately, and Julia lay, unconscious. She was picked up over a shoulder, taken from the house and transported into a waiting van. The van drove far out of the city, down an empty road between farmland and forest, to a location hard for anyone to find if they weren’t looking for it. The institute sat across from a vast field of open ground, with no visible access roads and no living areas in sight. One of the main buildings inside the CRI housed the doctor’s quarters and, after a long journey, the van carrying Julia arrived at the institute’s central gate where two guards stood on 24-hour duty, permitting access as if it were a border-crossing into another country. John anxiously awaited Julia’s arrival, and when the van approached, John immediately walked towards it. They carried Julia in a wheelchair and took her to a white chamber, where they placed her in a beautiful, white bed.

Julia woke up after some hours. All that was on her mind was the mission ahead, and as she sat up and slowly opened her eyes, she froze. It must be the same hallucination that she’d had the day before. She closed her eyes again, rubbed them, and opened them once more. Nothing had changed; around her was the same white room where she was imprisoned with John a few days ago. She jumped off the bed and looked for him. Not finding him, she ran towards the bathroom, hoping he might be there, but he wasn’t. It was then that she realized, this time, she really was alone. Still wearing her clothes from earlier that day, Julia was now even more nervous, knowing this could not possibly still be a dream or hallucination. They must have found out about her plan, and they’d brought her back here to kill her. She started shouting, begging, ‘Please, get me out of this room! I won’t tell anyone about you, I promise! Please, just don’t kill me!’

John and Dr. Robert watched from the control room, John trying desperately to hide his concerns for her wellbeing. ‘Don’t worry, John. She will be fine soon. This is a small sacrifice for our research, and after it’s complete, you can have your sessions with her to help her understand. She’s strong. I hope she will understand.’

‘I hope so too.’, said John as he left the room.
Julia wept uncontrollably, unable to eat or sleep just left waiting to see what would happen next. She remained on the bed for a long time before she started looking for a way out, carefully feeling the walls, searching the bathroom, behind the furniture.
For Julia, time was her enemy, and too much led to bad thoughts; of how her plans to find her captors, only led to her being put back inside their beautiful cage. She began to weep again, thinking of all she may lose, for good this time. At home, John couldn’t sleep. The guilt for what they had done to Julia was overwhelming, and all for the sake of their research. Now that they were so close to finishing, there was no way for him to put a stop to it but never had he ever felt so ashamed.

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