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13 Julia’s Weird Feeling

Julia woke up from the bed. Before she opened her eyes, she told herself, ‘I believe I’m now in my bedroom. I will open my eyes and will see beautiful sunlight coming through the window, and I will close my eyes again because the light is too bright for my eyes. I believe I’m in my bedroom. I really believe I’m in my bedroom.’ She slowly opened her eyes and, on seeing the white walls around her, she yelled. She got up from the bed and slowly walked towards the table, looking at the paper she wrote a poem on the day before. She realized it wasn’t where she had left it the day before, replacing it over and over and remembering where she had left it. Someone must have come in while she was sleeping and looked at her words. She is scared, thinking about what else they may have done. She ran to the bathroom to check what else they may have done to her, but she was okay. Thoughts raced through her mind. What happened? Nothing seemed different. But, if they came inside, they must have come through a door, and maybe they left a clue to where that is. After searching the room again, she decided to stay awake the next night.

Night comes, and the room grows dark. Julia lies down on the bed and pretends to go to sleep. She waits for a long time, and, just when she starts to really fall asleep, she hears a noise. She notices something moving in the low light. A section of the wall on the right-hand side of the table pushes outwards, and a body slips through into the room and searches for the writing pad she placed there. The body pauses over the table for less than a minute, and then moves back towards the door and leaves the room. After waiting a few minutes, Julia jumped off of the bed and stepped in front of the table, finding and grabbing the paper still there. She could just manage to make out faint scribbles on its surface, but it was still too dark to see anything more.

Nervous and excited, Julia couldn’t get herself to sleep that night, anxiously waiting for enough light to enter the room. Laying down on the bed with the paper in her hand, she tried over and over to decipher the words, while the light slowly eked its way brighter. Julia read.


It’s me, John. I’m here. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. There’s a camera on the top of the wall behind the table. Act normal, you’re being watched. Tonight, I’ll come again. Stay awake and when you hear me, come to the table. I’ve moved the camera so we can’t be seen, but don’t talk; otherwise, the guards will catch us.

Julia was shocked. She was so confused that she couldn’t decide whether she should stay silent or dance in happiness. She read the letter several times. As John told her, she remained calm. She was so excited to see John that night and relieved she was safe for now. The whole day Julia waited for the night to come. At first, she was excited to meet John, but a while later Julia thought how John knows about her being watched and if he’s not inside this room then what he is doing outside. She started to doubt John and speculated whether it’s some conspiracy of CRI or not. Then again, Julia convinced herself to believe its John because now she had no other option except believing him. Thinking he could be the only way to come out of this room, and knowing that they wouldn’t be able to talk, Julia decided to write John a letter. She believed in John’s sincerity and that he would free her from this cage. Once they were out, they could stop the institute from ever doing this again.

That night, when the lights dimmed and the room grew dark; John silently entered and closed the door. He reached near the table, taking a step by step. Julia moved close by and stood where John had instructed her to, so happy to see John that she wanted to reach out and hug him, but John remained apart from her, vigilant and aware, making sure they couldn’t be seen on the monitor in the control room. They stood silent, looking towards each other. Looking into each other’s eyes, their gaze was fixed. Julia’s eyes filling with tears. John motioned to Julia with his hands, letting her know he couldn’t stay. Seeing this, Julia gave him the letter she wrote for him. John took the letter and silently left the room. Julia returned to her bed again quietly cried herself to sleep.

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