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14 Response to Julia’s Letter

John drove home with Julia’s letter, impatient to read what she had written. He went to his bedroom, settled down on the bed, and unfolded the paper.

Dear John,

You won’t believe how happy I am to see you. I thought you were dead, but here you are. After they took me home, I tried to find out who kidnapped us, where we were kept, and why. I found out about the institute through a video recording I had at my house. With it, I could identify two men who brought me back to my house. I could make out the CRI logo on their uniforms and searched for it on the web. I don’t know I’m here again, but John, I need your help. Please, help me get out of this room and uncover who’s behind all this.


After reading her letter, John grew still. He was shocked that Julia knew so much and startled about what to do next. He knew now that if he got Julia out, their research was doomed. Everything they worked for so long would be destroyed. But if he told Dr. Robert, Julia may suffer even more. Confused and scared, he thought of Julia’s reaction when she found out who he really is. If he goes to visit Julia tomorrow, what will he say to her?

The next morning, he left for the office worried and lost. He took Julia’s letter with him, unable to concentrate on anything. Mistakenly, John left Julia’s letter on his office desk while he went to the bathroom. Unbeknownst to John, Dr. Robert entered John’s office and saw the letter. Immediately he took a photo and left. Distracted, John had what happened. Dr. Robert went to his office quickly and read the letter. Shocked, he straight away went to the control room to assess the situation. He watched the monitor, trying to find any evidence against John. He found nothing and cautiously decided not to mention the letter, feeling like it was merely a part of John’s deceit and Julia’s beliefs. He wanted to avoid any unwanted situation and decided instead move Julia to another room, unknown to John. Meanwhile, Julia’s thoughts were focused on John. She waited anxiously for the night to come, believing he would come that night, and unaware of what was coming next. The guards invaded her room and took hold of Julia. She started to shout, but not for long as one of the guards smothered her face with a cloth soaked in chloroform. She was taken to another room on the opposite side of the facility.

It was nighttime. John was still consumed with worry and unable to decide what he should do next. He thought of Julia waiting for him anxiously and how concerned she would be if he didn’t show up. Aware of his role in this horrible situation, and overwhelmed with guilt, he couldn’t imagine exposing himself to Julia. His fears of losing her were killing him. He had always kept himself from people, not allowing himself to get close to anyone. How could he avoid Julia finding out his involvement? She now knew about the institute and was planning to publicize their research. He knew he had to visit Julia that night and tell her the truth. He needed time to get her out, and perhaps it would give them time to complete the research. Once it was complete, then he could think of what to do for Julia. He was ready to face Julia and silently entered her room. Opening the door, he tried to see through the darkness. He tiptoed towards the table, expecting to find Julia waiting there for him in the dark, but when he approached the table, Julia was gone. John realized he was alone. He grew nervous and terrified, racing out of the chamber and hurriedly walking towards his office. In shock, his mind raced, trying to figure out where she was. Did Dr. Robert find out about his plans? Had she been taken back home, or killed? He felt unsafe and headed home.

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