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15 Finding Julia

Julia awoke. And tried opening her eyes. She struggled against the bright light in the room, slowly making out the new walls around her. She was in a storage unit, filled with supplies. Julia tried to stand, unbalanced, and shaky. Her hands and legs were tied up with rope, and she wasn’t able to move. Her breathing quickened as she tried hard to untie her hands. Now, she was sure she would be killed, and that John was caught. What happened to him? Is he still alive, or did they kill him? Julia was terrified.

John stayed at home, too scared to return to his office. He was convinced that Dr. Robert knew about his meetings with Julia, and that’s why she had been moved. He was so concerned for her safety, as well as his own. Dr. Robert could not be trusted and would do anything to get the job done. John’s phone rang, startling him. He grabbed it, checking to see who it was. It was Dr. Robert. Nervous to answer it, the phone continued to ring, loudly. Finally, John answered. ‘Hello,’ he calmly said. ‘Hello, Dr. How are you? Is everything okay? I see you’re not in your office.’

‘Yes, Dr. Robert. Everything’s fine. I’m not feeling well, so I think I’ll stay at home today. Is everything okay there?’

‘Yes, everything is perfect. Okay then, you take the rest of the day and don’t worry about the project. Goodbye, John.’ John was surprised to hear Dr. Speaking so calmly. Perhaps he didn’t know anything, but then where and why had she been moved? Did she somehow get out without anyone realizing yet? He needed to find out.

Dr. Robert was relaxed, happy with the knowledge that Julia was now under his watch and, more importantly, that John was unaware. Perhaps he could keep things from going wrong. He called one of the guards and asked, ‘How is Julia doing? Go and check on her and keep your eyes closely on her today’ The guard replied, ‘Yes sir. We’re watching her. Don’t worry. She can’t escape.’ The guard left to check on Julia. Meanwhile, John entered his office, figuring out how to find Julia without being discovered in the process. Should he confront Dr. Robert or stay hidden. He decided to go to the control room to recheck the monitor, but when he got there, the monitor was off. He turned to the lab technician on duty, ‘Why is the monitor off?’ The researcher replied, ‘Dr. Robert instructed me to turn it off this morning.’ Hearing this, John paused before leaving the room for Dr. Robert’s office. Dr. Robert was surprised to see John, exclaiming, ’Why, you’re here! I thought you were feeling sick. You should’ve taken the rest of the day off. What made you come in?’ John replied, ‘No, I knew I needed to work. We need to finish this soon and set Julia free. I’m not feeling well, but the work is more important. Come with me to the control room.’

‘Of course, let’s go.’ Dr. Robert hesitantly followed John to the control room. Neither said a word as they walked. Reaching the room, John looked up at the monitor and asked, ‘Why is the monitor off?’ Dr. Robert instantly replied, ‘I was just about to tell you. We sent Julia home. She was much more stable, and we decided she would no longer be a threat to our work. That’s why I called you this morning, to inform you, but as you were sick, I didn’t want to bother you. After all, she was just a test subject, and we have nothing to worry about anymore’ John restrained himself from asking anything further. Instead, he remarked, ‘You could have told me over the phone. However, I’m happy to hear that she’s been released and sent home. I’m happy that she’s stable, but we still need to keep an eye on her as we did before.’ Dr. Robert smiled, ‘Yes, of course. We will keep watching her until the research is complete.’

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