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16 The Door is Down

Julia’s hands and legs remained tied, and she searched around, trying hard to find something she could use to cut the rope. She was on the floor, struggling when she heard footsteps. Heavy boot s stomped down a corridor towards her. Before she heard a door opening. Julia was terrified, wondering if this was the end. Had they come to kill her? A guard came towards her, shouting, ’What are you doing there? Julia screamed, ‘Please, help me... Untie me... I won’t tell anyone about you or this place. Please!’ The guard stared at her silently and left the room. Julia cried for some time before focusing her thoughts on how to escape. She had no food, and hunger only increased her desperation. She again began searching for something to cut the rope with. Some tin sheets lay against one of the walls and Julia wriggled across the floor, trying to reach it. She crawled backward gradually, struggling to reach the wall. Reaching it, she angled the rope, tied up in front of her chest. The tin sheet was blunt, but after a while, she finally cut the rope and untied her legs. She ran towards the door, separated into two panes of glass fitted with two round holes on either end. Julia peered through one of the holes, seeing two guards standing in the corridor outside. She crouched down on the floor to think.

John sat in his office, thinking about Julia. He knew Dr. Robert was lying. After a few minutes, John heard a knock at his door. ‘Come in.’ He answered. One of the team’s researchers entered, visibly shaking. ‘Dr., I saw Julia yesterday.’ John remained calm and replied, ‘Yes, you may have seen her before she was sent home. Dr. Robert informed me she was released yesterday.’

‘No, Dr. She was taken somewhere else.’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘I saw two guards taking her towards the lift. She was unconscious. I waited for the lift to move and watched which floor they were going to. The lift stopped on the fifth floor.’

‘What?... the fifth floor?’

’Yes... There are no building exits on that floor, right, Dr.? Unfortunately, that’s all I know.

‘Why are you telling me all this?’

‘I’m telling you because I know you’re a good person, and I don’t know what Dr. Robert has done to her. You wouldn’t want anyone to come to harm, and I think she’s in danger. Please, help her, but don’t tell anyone I told you.’

‘Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.’

‘I should go now. Dr. Robert could come at any time.’ John felt sick. He wanted to run-up to the fifth floor and find Julia, but he knew he couldn’t do that and risk everything. He couldn’t do anything foolish and decided to wait for the right time.

Julia waited for the right time to try and escape, but the guards weren’t moving. She came up with a plan and began to shout, ‘Fire, fire! Help! Please, help! Fire!’, hiding behind the door, a steel pipe in her hand. The two guards ran into the room, quickly trying to locate the fire. Julia rushed out the room, slamming the door behind her and jamming it shut with the pipe by maneuvering it through the handles of the door. The guards tried ramming the door down, and when they realized it was impossible, they called through on their radios for help. Meanwhile, Julia ran down the corridor and entered an open lift.

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