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18 The Big Lie

That day Julia stayed in the hospital for some time and then went back home. After a chaotic day at night, Julia came back home carried by a police car. Mrs. Khan noticed that and immediately went out of her house. When the police left after dropping Julia, Mrs. Khan rushed to Julia and asked, ‘What happened to you, Julia? Where have you been so long?’

‘I was abducted by a group of people Mrs. Khan. They kidnapped me for research. Today one of the researchers saved me, and now he is in hospital, in a coma.’

‘Oh, my God! What are you saying? I can’t believe my ears. Thank God you are safe, my dear. You should take rest now. Stay with us tonight for your safety.’

‘No thanks, Mrs. Khan. It’s okay. I have requested for police protection. Maybe they will arrive soon.’ However, where is mini. Is she in your house?′

‘Yes, mini is with me. Don’t worry. Now go to your home to get fresh and take rest. In a while, I’m sending your mini and dinner for you with my son.’ They both went there home after the conversation.

Julia took a shower, and after a while, Mrs. khan’s son came with mini and dinner for Julia. They didn’t talk much because Julia looked tired. She with mini took place on the couch and turned on the TV for any updated news. CRI’s report was on television, and the newsreader said Dr. Robert is still missing. Julia afterward went to bed to take a nap. While on the bed, Julia thought about everything that happened throughout the day and everything John told her. She felt pity for John because he was a good man. She was so tired that she quickly fell asleep. The next morning Julia woke up early and went for a walk after a long time. Afterward came back home and was getting fresh while she heard the doorbell. It was the policeman who took charge of her case. The previous day Julia handed over the pen drive to him. Julia welcomed him, ‘Good morning Mr. David.’

‘Good Morning, Julia, how are you today?’

‘I’m fine. Everything seems normal today. Did you check the pen drive?’

‘Yes, I did and Julia, I want to ask you some questions regarding your kidnapping.’

‘Sure you can, After all, they should get punished.’

‘Yes... did CRI took any kind of permission from you to conduct their research on you?’

‘No, no one from CRI took my permission, they just kidnapped me. John, who is now in a coma, told me they required a subject who is unknown of being a research subject and they kidnapped me for their research.’

‘Why do you think they chose specifically you for the research?’ Do you have any idea? Did John tell you anything about this?′

‘No, I don’t know why they picked me up for the research. We didn’t talk so much. However, John was a good man. He couldn’t bear the torture they did on me throughout in the name of the research. John told me he was the lead researcher, but now he is in a coma, and the second in command was Dr. Robert, who is now in hiding. Officer, you must find him soon this is my request, and I want justice, I want the CRI under law enforcement. What kind of institute is this! Where the authority has no idea of what’s going on under their nose. They are supposed to help people live better with their psychological researches, but instead of doing this, they are actually researching on people without their permission. This kind of institute shouldn’t exist. They should be punished. I want to file a case against CRI and demand its closure.’ Julia sobbed after saying this.

‘Yes, you are right. We will do our best to get you justice. Don’t worry and call me if you see any kind of trouble.’ The police officer sympathized with Julia and left her house.

Later that day, Julia visited her lawyer to talk regarding the case against CRI. Their case was strong because Julia was harassed in CRI. Julia told everything from the beginning of her kidnapping until the end, including her escape from the CRI lab. After a lengthy discussion, she went out of the lawyer’s chamber. Afterward, Julia took a taxi and went to a restaurant. It was a fast-food restaurant. In the restaurant, she was waiting for someone. After waiting for a few minutes, one of her friends appeared. They met after a long while and were happy to see each other. Mark was a common friend to both Julia and her husband. Three of them had a special bonding. They both got emotional to see each other after a long time. Being emotional Mark said, ‘I missed you so much my friend.’ and Julia also said, ‘Happy to see you again.’ How is everything going?′

‘Everything is going perfect. I did my job, and you did it too now let’s see what happens next.’

‘What do you think Mark, shell we be successful?’

‘I think we will be successful. After all, we worked so hard for this, and soon the result will be in front of us. After much hard work, the ball will be in our court for sure I believe, and I must say you did a great job, Julia, wonderful!’

‘Thanks, Mark. You did great too. After all, all for one cause.’

‘Yes, they deserve punishment.’ Julia agreed with Mark. They did chit-chat for a long time, and then Julia left the place for home.

A few days passed, the case was proceeding at its own pace, and John was still in a coma. Julia thought to pay a visit to John after all; he did so much for Julia. That day in the evening Julia went to the hospital to see John. She spent some time there and looked at John, but John didn’t respond. After a while, Julia left the hospital and went to a restaurant to meet Mark. They had some chit-chat, and Mark advised Julia to stay safe because Dr. Robert was still in his hideout. After having a good time with Mark, Julia returned home late. At night Julia was feeling a bit scared, but after taking a sleeping pill, she managed to sleep. The next day Julia woke up early and followed her daily routine and later went out to a shopping mall to buy a gift for her friend. It was one of her friend’s marriage anniversary program in the evening, and Julia was invited to attend the program. Julia finished her shopping and went back home. However, that day in the evening she went to her friend’s party. Mark also was at the party. All of them were having a good time when Julia saw a person. He was wearing a black hooded duffle coat and watching Julia from a distance. When Julia looked at him, he walked away in a hurry. Seeing this, Julia doubted that it might be Dr. Robert and with that thought she got scared. Julia instantly told Mark about what she just saw. Mark listening to Julia searched Dr. Robert nearby but couldn’t find him anywhere. Julia was frightened; that’s why she asked Mark to drop her to her home. Howsoever, Mark drops Julia to her house after the party. At home, Julia changed back to her pajamas and on the bed before sleeping she was thinking about that person in a duffle coat. While she was thinking about the event, suddenly Julia remembered that she saw a person wearing precisely the same dress, looked the same when she was in the shopping mall. At that moment Julia realized that it must be Dr. Robert and perhaps he was following her. After thinking about all these events that night, Julia was feeling quite scared. Moreover, her fear grew more after Mark’s warning. She took dinner and was preparing to go to bed just then she heard a noise. The noise was coming from the living room. Suddenly Julia heard sounds coming out from TV. Scared Julia approached the living room with little steps. As soon as she entered the living room, she saw someone was sitting on the couch and watching TV. Julia got so scared that she couldn’t move her feet and in the perplexity, she couldn’t decide what to do or what not to do. After a silent moment, that person suddenly spoke, ‘How are you, Julia?’ Frozen in deep shock, Julia recognized the voice. It was Dr. Robert. Julia, with a shaky voice, mumbled, ‘What are you doing here? How did you enter?’

‘That day, I killed John although he is in a coma now before him, I should have killed you. See what you have done for me! You have ruined my life. If you wouldn’t make a mess with our research now, I could have lots of money. Do you know how much I wanted that money? The research was so close to the finish line. You know every night and day I dreamed of becoming a rich guy, but everything changed now I’m living the life of a cockroach. You just destroyed everything, my dreams, and my life, and now you deserve punishment.’

‘Robert, look I’m sorry for everything that happened to you, but this is not my fault. You shouldn’t conduct unapproved and unethical research in the first place, and what all of you did to me was humiliating. You have no right to play with a person’s dignity and integrity. All of you who took part in that research was already having a good life. You were educated and part of a renowned organization. So why did you agree to take part in that unethical research?’

‘You know why? Because I wanted to have lots of money. Money is the only thing that I love in this world. Jackie Mason said, “Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.” You know Julia. I love this quote.’ Dr. Robert laughed out loudly.

‘Don’t you have little value for a person’s dignity?’

‘When we ran the research on you, did anyone rape you? Were you kept in bad conditions?’

‘No, none of these happened, but you carried out your research on me without asking my permission. You made me see myself naked in front of an unknown man. Don’t you have the single value of a persons’ dignity? Being a psychologist, don’t you feel playing with a person’s mind is bad for her mental health?′

‘Okay... what’s gone is gone. Now I have come here to punish you. You’ve ruined my life, my dreams and now I’ll do the same to you. Now it’s your time to accompany John. I think John is waiting for you; that’s why he is still in a coma. He wants to take you with him.’ Julia, at that moment, was babbling to say something and they heard a noise. Julia ran towards the backyard door, and Dr. Robert also ran behind her. He shoots towards Julia, but it missed. Meanwhile, Officer David, with two more policemen, broke into Julia’s house. They followed Dr. Robert and Dr. Robert shoot at them randomly. After chasing for a few minutes, Dr. Robert finally targeted his gun towards Julia while he successfully restricted her and without wasting any time he trigged the weapon aiming at her but as ill-luck would have it no bullet came out from the gun. Without any delay, David caught him and handcuffed him. Police finally took him away, and Julia was relieved.

After the police were gone, Mrs. Khan with her son and her daughter came to Julia’s house. She instantly hugged Julia and Julia sobbed on her shoulder for a moment. When she managed to talk again, Mrs. Khan said, ‘You are a brave girl Julia. But I don’t understand how did you manage to inform the police during that terrifying situation?’

‘Actually, when I saw him on the couch, I phoned David and kept the phone on so that David can hear our conversation. I talked with Dr. Robert to borrow some time for the police to arrive. Luckily they arrived just in time; otherwise, I would be dead by now.’ Mrs. Khan, her son, and daughter-in-law astounded listening to Julia and praised her intelligence. After a while, when Julia felt comfortable, they left Julia’s home. Consequently, Julia was so tired that she couldn’t stay up anymore and shortly fall asleep.

A few months passed. Julia, from time to time, visited court and her lawyer for the proceeding of the case against CRI. John was still in a coma, and Dr. Robert was behind bars. Throughout the time the case against the CRI seemed to be in favor of Julia; however, the final result was yet to come. After a period of time, finally, the day had come when the court sat for the final hearing. It was a day of lots of hope for Julia. She couldn’t sleep the whole night with so many thoughts raced inside her mind. In the morning she went for a walk and afterward prepared herself for the big day. She went to court alone. The judge arrived and eventually delivered the verdict favoring Julia. Julia won the case. However, the court fined CRI and instructed the authority to shut down all its activity centers. After the court session, Julia met Mark in a restaurant and celebrated their win. Julia hugged Mark and said, ‘We won Mark! Finally, the day has come.’

‘Yes, our entire plan, our hard work paid off, and no one doubted for a single time.’

‘Finally, we successfully took revenge on CRI and justice for my daughter and husband. CRI van on the darkness of that night snatched away my most beloved daughter and husband from me now I uprooted their existence from being. How’s that!’ Julia’s eyes were glazing like a vulture while she was saying these.

‘Thank you so much, Mark, for your constant support. Without your help, the mission would never be possible. If you wouldn’t set the bait, the entire mission was impossible.’

‘I did it for my best friend; he deserves justice.’ Mark and Julia’s deep conspiracy against the CRI finally succeeded without any evidence.

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