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5 A Day to Remember

It’s the fifth day. Julia woke up. She’d had a very good night’s sleep. John was already awake and having breakfast. ‘I slept so well last night. The bed is so cozy.’ ‘That’s great!’ Replied John, as Julia got up and went to the bathroom. John carried on eating while Julia finished up and came back inside, rubbing her eyes and stumbling over John. She fell onto him, but quickly got up, recovering her composure, but embarrassed. Again, she felt an electric shock through her body. This time, John felt it too. For a minute, they stood still, looking at each other openly for the first time and unable to resist their inner urges to touch each other everywhere. Julia moved towards John and jumped on him. John took Julia in his arms, and they fell together onto the bed, kissing each other strongly. John kissed Julia’s lips and neck roughly, moving gently over her breasts. An immense pool of feelings and sensation moved between them as John stretched out her legs to begin the most intimate part of their play. But something disrupted them, and John stopped. John discovered a thin layer of invisible cloth covering Julia’s body like an invisible bodysuit. After all the foreplay, they couldn’t have sex. They sat up, uncomfortable, and Julia felt disgusting.

‘I can’t believe this. I’m mortified.’ Julia said. John hugged her for a while before responding, ‘You’re so beautiful.’

‘Really?’ she answered, astonished, and eager to hear more.

‘Yes, your eyes are like endless, blue skies. If I look too closely, I think I’d get lost in them. And your rich, wavy hair is like a wildly flowing river.’ Then, John kissed Julia and got up to take a shower, leaving Julia mesmerized by his words. His description of her beauty made her smile but scared to let him see, she turned away as John came back from the bathroom.

‘I can see you’re naked, and you see me naked, right? So, what is that thing on my body? You said it felt like I’m wearing an invisible suit, but why can’t we see it?’ Julia questioned in confusion. John replied, ‘I don’t know what it is, but I think we’re somehow not completely naked. Maybe we’re wearing some kind of bodysuit, but why can’t we see them? What is going on?’ Hungry, tired, and confused, John got up from the bed to get some food. Julia took a deep breath and spoke, ‘Someone brought us here to control us. What do they want us to be!? Adam and Eve before they ate the apple?’ John laughed loudly in agreement, ’You’re right, Julia.

‘I think you should rest a bit, Julia. You’re overthinking.’

‘You’re right. I think I need some rest. Let’s take a nap. Come sleep with me on the bed.’ John lay with Julia, both frustrated, but finally falling asleep.

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