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6 Subject Goes Home

While John and Julia were asleep, the door of the room opened. A man walked in; a 40-years-old, with a grey-brown beard, a receding hairline and large glasses. He wore a doctor’s coat with an ID card hanging around his neck. He walked over to the bed and whispered, ‘Dr. John, please wake up now. It’s time.’, While a second man came in and injected Julia with Ambien. John woke up and looked around.

‘How is everything going, Dr. Robert? Is the medicine wearing off?’

‘Yes, Dr., the effects should be decreasing. So, now you can see what you’re wearing.’

‘Yes, I thought so. It’s a bodysuit.’

‘Yes. We specially crafted it with stretchable, thin knitwear. The jumpsuit sticks to the body, it’s light-weight and gives the feeling of wearing nothing.’

‘Yes, now I can see it. It looks like a stocking. Tell me, how is the experiment going otherwise? I want to see all the reports.’ John got up and walked towards the door.

‘Yes, Dr., we’re preparing all the reports. We’ve recorded all her behaviors over the past five days.’, Dr. Robert replied. Two others entered the room, placing Julia in a wheelchair and transporting her outside and into a car, where she was driven back to her home.
John changed, putting on his doctor’s coat to attend a meeting. On his way to the meeting room, he made his way down a long walkway and receiving updates from Dr. Robert. ‘We ended the sessions half a day earlier than expected. We were concerned about Julia’s questions, and we didn’t want her tampering with the results and risking the project. However, we’ve recorded enough findings to support our research.’

‘You did the right thing, Dr. Robert, and your idea of involving me directly with the subject worked to our advantage. By participating in the experiment, I gained a subjective-perspective and, more importantly, I managed to ascertain a direct interview with the subject. I don’t think it would have been possible by placing another male inside the room with her.’

‘Yes, Dr., that interview idea was great. We gained a lot of information that wouldn’t have been possible to collect without it. We were all perplexed when you suggested playing a game with her. It wasn’t part of our research plan, but when the game started, we were all thrilled. You know, we all cheered at the end of the game. You’re brilliant, Dr.’

‘Thank you, Dr. Robert. It was unplanned. I was finding the following instructions frustrating… Every minute of my time inside that room, I was thinking of what opportunities I could use to collect as much information as I could from her, knowing this opportunity won’t come again. After all, we’ve committed a crime.’

‘Yes, you’re right. This experiment is our first and last hope. You did a great job. Don’t worry, we’ll be successful this time. And Dr., I think once this research project ends, you should try for Hollywood… You’re a great actor.’ John laughed loudly as they entered the boardroom.

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