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7 Julia Wakes up

Julia felt dizzy and tried opening her eyes. She felt the sunlight on her face, just like she would through the window in her bedroom. She finally managed to open her eyes and found herself lying, back in her own room. Happy, shocked and confused, Julia immediately ran towards the mirror, staring at her reflection. She was wearing her own clothes, no longer naked. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t decide whether this was a dream or that was. Overjoyed, Julia walked out the front door, looking at the road, the trees, the houses, and the people, as if for the first time. She, for the first time, realized the value of freedom. How does it feel being caged even if it’s a gold cage? The test of being free is above all. Suddenly Julia felt how beautiful the natural looks and the sky looks so blue and deep. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She inhaled the earthy smell of wind with so much pleasure that her face looked glad. Kneeling down in her front garden, she started to cry. Her next-door neighbor, Mrs. Khan, came out, looking worried. Ms. Khan was old, but a beautiful woman; small and strong, with beautiful dark brown eyes in a cream-colored, fancy, salwar suit. Born in Bangladesh, she now lives with her son and daughter-in-law here, in the United States. ‘Julia, my dear, where were you? I didn’t see you for the last five days. Is everything okay with you?’ she asked.

‘Mrs. Khan, how are you? Everything is good, I’m fine. I traveled for work. Sorry I didn’t let you know before I left. I was in a hurry.’ Julia stammered back.

‘You left your cat alone for five days... I saw her sitting in front of your door late at night. That’s why I told my son to check whether you were home or not. He waited for you outside and even tried calling you. Then he brought your cat home with him. She was starving. You could have left her with us during your travels, Julia.’

‘I’m so sorry, Mrs. Khan. I shouldn’t have left Mini alone. It won’t happen again, I promise.’

‘Okay. Well, go home now and get some rest. You must be very tired, running around here and there like a child, but I will say, I’ve never seen you so happy before.’ While Mrs. Khan walked back to her house, Mini spotted Julia and ran towards her, jumping into Julia’s outstretched arms.

After their chat, Julia went back inside and took a shower. Then, she fed Mini and made herself a sandwich. While she ate, she thought of everything she thought had happened over these last five days. She thought of John. She missed him and worried about him, wondering if he also got home, or if he was still trapped there. She wanted to find him and for both of them to look together for the culprits. She knew she couldn’t go to the police - they would never believe her, and without any evidence, she couldn’t even file a complaint. She wanted answers but had absolutely no clue how to get them. Julia was out of his home for five days, and after coming back, she found the house was messed up. So after taking breakfast, she decided to clean her house, and before long she gets into action. While she was busy with chores, she heard the bell on the door. Someone was outside. Julia, hearing the bell rung got scared. So many negative thoughts were coming in her mind. She was thinking about the culprits who abducted her and thought they came here to kidnap her again. Out of fear and confusion, she with little and shaky steps approached the front door and asked, ‘Who is it?’ A woman from the opposite side replied, ‘I’m Mrs. Khan. Please open the door, Julia.’ The voice of Mrs. Khan gave Julia a piece of peace. Her fare and fury dropped down instantly, and she took a breath of relief. Mrs. Khan goes out of her house few and far between, and most of the time, she goes out to visit Julia. Mrs. Khan had a soft corner for Julia in her heart, and she loved her like a daughter. However, a glimpse of Julia’s face made her think something’s wrong with Julia. That’s why she asked, ‘Julia, what happened to you, my dear? You look so worried, scared. Is everything okay?’ Julia, without further ado, replied, ‘No Mrs. Khan, nothing happened. I’m not scared at all. What’s on your hand?’ Julia cleverly changed the topic and asked her a question instead. Mrs. Khan too forgetting the interrogation chapter, replied to Julia with a soft smile, ’This is daal. I know how much you love daal made by me.’ Julia smiled, and with a happy face, she said, ’Yes, absolutely! I just love daal made by you. The lentils are neither soft nor so hard and soft tomatoes with it make the soup simply yummy. I’m so happy, Mrs. Khan that you thought of me. You’re the best.’, And hugged her. Thereupon, they did some chit-chat, and then Mrs. Khan left and before leaving, Mrs. Khan advised, ‘Julia, you are like my daughter. I love you so much. If you feel any trouble, call me, okay?’ Julia said, ‘Yes, off course! I love you too.’ They both had a special bonding, and that turned into a strong one when Julia lost her husband and daughter in that terrible car accident.

Julia then completing her tasks, takes lunch, and goes out afterward. She loved the view outside. Julia never had seen the nature and the surroundings so carefully and with pleasure before. The green and enormous big trees, the endless sky wearing a beautiful light blue dress ingeniously crafted with scattered white clouds and people of different ages and different looks appeared unparalleled to her. She thought although the clouds look scattered, there’s an absolute unity among them and in people although everyone looked different in color, language or height they have an absolute oneness, that’s love. No matter where we are from, what language we speak or what dress we wear but the language of love is common to every single person. Although Mrs. Khan’s from another country speaks a different language, dress-up differently, but she is very close to my heart. She loves me like her daughter. Thoughtful Julia reached the grocery store accompanied by her stream of thoughts. She never felt so happy seeing people around her. However, Julia bought some grocery items from the store and went back home. Julia stayed at home for the rest of the day, resting and safe. She was so happy to be home, but she couldn’t stop thinking about John and the warmth of his body; a warmth she hadn’t felt in a long time. On the couch, with the TV on, Julia thought she should catch up with the news, hoping there maybe something about the abductions. Perhaps it had happened to others. Mini sat beside her as Julia stroked her back. Surfing through the stations, Julia’s mind wandered back to John, when suddenly, she came across a music channel with a song playing,

You do you remember me?

Like I remember you?

Do you spend your life, going back in your mind to that time?

Cause I, I walk the streets alone,
I hate being on my own,
And everyone can see that I really fell, and I’m going through hell,
Thinking about you with somebody else.

Somebody wants you; somebody needs you…

She began to cry. After a while, Julia started to think about the good old days when her husband and daughter were alive. She began to recollect memories of those precious moments spent with her beautiful daughter and husband. She had such a lovely family, and everything was so perfect. One by one, all the memories came in front of her eyes as if she was watching a video. How beautiful the day was when Konya, her little princess stood on her feet for the first time. All those days were so bright and beautiful. The house they used to live in was so full of love and happiness. Each and every memory at that time of night gave pleasure as well as pain. In her mind, it turned out to be a mixture of emotions, and in that dilemma of emotions suddenly, the feeling of anxiety took over the driving seat of Julia’s mind. She cried aloud in pain, accompanied by her loneliness. She felt loneliness is a curse, and perhaps God punished her for some reason, then Julia’s religious self told her to be keen to bear the punishment in the hope of reward, God is kind. In that way, Julia compensated her emotions and tried to take a nap after taking a sleeping pill.

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