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'Invulnerable Missiles and Extreme Tactical Insertions: Your Oligarch vs. My Oligarch' - the truth about professionals in the business of international strategic research and subversion. Read this and it will turn your perception of the whole world upside down, and you will never ever be the same again. This is the most thrilling, most glamour-filled, glossiest, slickest - and also scariest thing you are ever likely to read today. You never realized until now, that genuine covert operatives, were so - louche.

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Chapter One. The Introduction To Our World

I could, I suppose, tell you all about my own background, who I am, where I come from, my original qualifications as a professional, all of those things which may have led me into the life I lead now.

But I’m not going to do that. Not all about it, anyway.

Yes I have been a one-time high performance athlete sports psychologist, though more part of 'a team of them' – I am a ‘team guy.’ Yes I’ve been inside the Philadelphia Eagles locker rooms but that was a relatively long time ago, and yes I’ve worked on one particular eventual Super Bowl ring earning, Rookie Of The Year Kicker, about whom people said that he would most probably never even walk properly again before the year that I had him. But he was a very self-motivated individual, frankly. And his ultimate success was hardly about me or my input. Although I was definitely one associated factor... The important detail for you to absorb is that I come from a ‘connected’ European family – they’re pretty much all dead and gone now though; all except for me. And by ‘connected’ I do not mean in the mafia – I mean ‘at a certain level of social standing.’ In fact it’s possibly the important factor in all of this.

During one particular phase of my life in my early thirties, I started to spend a lot of time in the Austrian ski resort of Seefeld. It’s not really very far from a place you would have heard of called Davos – which is in the Swiss Canton of Graubünden – and happens to be, more or less, relatively close to the family estate of my boss back then, an investment banker, a gentleman whose surname contained the name of the particular Canton in which his main home was located. His name was ‘Jura-sich,’ not Jurisich. And the small detail is important. He got me an invitation to Davos but I went to Seefeld instead, basically because that was where the real fun was going on and where the Davos people who really counted were hanging out and having a lot of fun, so it seemed to me.

He was also the guy who first alerted me to a certain historical figure of the Serbian people called Milos Obilic – and how he fought against the Ottoman Muslims and was revered by Serbian people down to the present day and how this figure represented their hatred of all foreign attempts at conquest, and possibly, I would think, fear of it. ...And how this name was a kind of a secret cipher that was still used. My boss was also such a ‘connected’ person, not to mention highly intellectual as well as being a banker... I mean he knew both one of the Parisian Rothschild’s personally (they’d speak over the phone once every two or three weeks minimum; spoke like buddies) and Stanley Kubrick too! Talk about a broad college... The ‘Milich’ character in Kubrick’s last film even looks like him. I wonder if... But then again I must admit he dressed more like the ‘Szavost’ character...

...Anyway - Seefeld.

You could ski naked down the main run and end up skiing right into the outdoors part of a heated pool, with powder snow hanging over the edges of the pool on the outside part, and then halfway across the same pool there was this vast overhead poly-carbonate dome that covered the inside part of it.

People would ski naked down that slope. ...Quite a few of them.

There wasn’t a single sports or luxury car parked outside that wasn’t seriously after-market customized. And there were very few Porsches there; those would have been considered pretty déclassée. Apologies to all those who like Porsches, but there it is, that’s the fact of it.

Mostly there were only Germans, Austrians; and Swiss – that kind of thing. Yes, French, of course. A few tiny handfuls of English people – you know, all in all, more or less the current-era generation in line of, and the beneficiaries and inheritors from, the medieval Crusaders!

And then, in gasthofs all to themselves, the Arabs - who lost the Crusades, as you will recall. A brutal time, but we were all brutal, barely civilized back then, and we’re different people now, aren’t we?


Anyhow, now they are called Dubai Instagram rich kids – which is unfair to Dubai because these people are seldom actually from Dubai - or else they’re called Londonistanis, but back then they were ‘just’ the sons of Saudi oil sheikhs, but even back then they kept to themselves... And so you see, there was Davos; but so too was there Abu Dawud. Davos got the Press attention – Abu Dawud ended up buying the entire Press and the general media in toto. Maybe you don’t understand what this means right now – but you will. However consider this in the interim: the entire equity value of the US Dow Jones Industrial Average Index is maybe five trillion dollars; the cash flow annually of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, more than ninety per cent of which comes from oil sales, is two trillion dollars, making the KSA substantially more cash powerful than the entire listed non-government economy of the United States because the two trillion is constant cash flow, whereas the five trillion is just a static theoretic ‘value.’ And which requires 'overnight intervention' of around $75 billion of free Fed 'liquidity' to keep that pretense of valuations up. Just what do you think they do with all that money, given that the assholes who fancy themselves as the rich 1 per cent, fuck around in Davos believing and acting like they are the ones controlling the world? The Davos people meet and make plans and devise strategies about how they will continue controlling the world. ...Except they don’t control it at all. Never have done. It’s just that up until quite recently, the truly big money and the ultimately genuinely powerful were content to remain silently swimming like Great Whites in the background of the vast Deep Blue Sea, while the big-heads pushed themselves into the media and made like they owned the joint and ran the joint.

So yes, these days there are far many more prowling ‘predator’ animals in the forest than just the typical old school ‘sovereign state actors’ – and there are a few significant, but virtually unheard of by the public, ‘non-sovereign state actors’ but they’re none of them the Davos people, much though those in particular would like you to believe otherwise. George Soros himself is just a Western front for the remnants of the Kamal Adham Saudi Intelligence Network – with all of its vast wealth and global resources; they could not rely only on Adnan Khashoggi ever since the Oil Crisis of the Seventies, and Khashoggi was not sufficiently visually Western in any event. So, no, not them either.

The reality is ‘it’ (the true covert power in the world) is 1. Not a Russian government covert operation thing; 2. Not a UK secret intelligence thing; 3. Not a US so-called ‘Intelligence Community’ thing; Not the Illuminati. It’s something entirely different, and altogether new. It’s the elite wealthy 'opposition' to the elite wealthy globalized Middle Eastern Oil 'position.' And you’ve never heard the names of the individuals who run it and who are in it.

But this guy called Carter Page most probably has. Nod nod wink wink. So there you are. Now you’ve been told. Certainly he’s not a Russian spy. And the Americans don’t claim him. The corporate media called him goofy, but effectively in the long run he’s turned out smarter than the so-called Deep State and their captive media, and that takes some doing. To say nothing of his Cannondale mountain bike being a small indicator (you’ll find out about that later on from me if you don’t already know the significance); and yes I know there’s a lot of city lawyers and accountants who have them. Or in this case, I should say: ‘who have them TOO.’

John Brennan’s CIA hated Carter Page basically because his independent academic view of the Russian dimension of things, especially in Europe and Eurasia, ran completely counter to their position – which they held to be 'the truth...' And because they ‘knew’ they had ‘the truth’ of course that must mean that Carter Page was a Russian spy. To say nothing of the fact that he was a believing Christian as are most Russians... ...Whereas those at the top of the CIA and the FBI these days are hyper-atheists or so-called ‘secularists’ and a lot of them are very prepared to voice admiration for the real politik of moneyed Islam. Not that he came from a family with a long history in only one of the most successful American corporations in the energy business of all time – Central Hudson Gas & Electric, and that he may have had an outlook deeply rooted in family history and steeped in real and actual experience...

No, he didn’t agree with them, therefore of course he was wrong, and must have been a Russian spy. Or if he wasn’t - because he disagreed with them, therefore necessarily he was so stupid that they could persecute him with the full weight and power of the state and he deserved it and he could be ‘used.’ Aka: ‘abused.’ Now there’s only one thing that outranks idiocy stamped by a god – for a guarantee of slow and painful failure with a lot of collateral damage to innocents - and that’s stupidity stamped by a government...

Oops. Brennan’s CIA slips on a banana peel. ...Must have been an accident.

I mean, fundamentally, Bain & Co and McKinseys and all of these types would fancy themselves in this same environment – but it isn’t them either; they are far too closely linked to official arms of ordinary government these days. Between the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ operators and the Neo-Con sections of the US Intelligence Community and MI6 – and these global consultancy groups, there’s not much difference. If you went to a WPP Group PLC dinner in Basel you’d basically be traipsing all over the top-level spooks. But even they are not the ‘Apex predator’ anymore. They all like to think they are but they’re not. That’s how come they ‘lost the election’ – the election. And lost the Brexit vote... They were used to winning everything but recently they’ve been losing everything. And that makes them very dangerous of course.

David Solomon – who is about to become CEO of Goldman Sachs is in ‘it,’ but he does not run ‘it.’ The MDM never interviews him about anything.

At Seefeld I drank the odd few apfel schnapps... ...Spent a few evenings with the pretty swirling downy snowflakes falling softly all around us as we sat around in the outdoors heated birch-wood spa baths. There was a little casual talking.

And then gradually little-by-little, casual talking became a lot more serious discussion, in the midst of all of that beautiful scenery. And someone out there, to whom such things were of significance, I realized later, had worked out that - much as I hate personally to have to admit it after all - I have a massively high I.Q. and that I was/still am vulnerably ego-proud of it, for someone with such a laissez-faire or even downright libertine set of morals to go withal!

And so by-and-by it was that I packed my small bag and said ‘bye’ to the co-workers at the little newspaper office where I mostly wrote sports stuff. And I got onto the Embraer Phenom 300 private jet they had waiting for me at Bad-Wossenburg to go god-only-knew where; and as far as I was concerned I could care less given the money I got given up front. And then there was a lot of ’private jetting’ all over the place after that. It was a veritable ‘heatwave’ of private jetting in fact. From then on my life reminded me of that song by Schodt – Heatwave, on the Silk Music label... It was up-beat, it was high-altitude, in rarefied air and with sharp oxygen, but yet it was still as warm and comforting and glossy as luxury dupion silk. Of course I was hooked.

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