A Time to Kill

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Monterey. A once wholesome town. Now forever changed after the discovery of the town's star, Jason Hawthorne's, body was found. Will Gilmore and his family moves back to town, hoping to come back to a place that could be a home for them. He quickly discovers that it is anything but.

Thriller / Mystery
Laurie Grensky
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Hair. Darker than an oak tree. The brown on her hair taking and releasing a deep breath of dark blonde highlights. The hair barely reaching above her elbows. Her blue eyes hiding from the world, scared. Her personality represented in her appearance: young, innocent, not very styled, and full of potential.

Her blush and bashful blue eyes planted on the white home.

It's modest. Traditional.

Her mouth plastered open into an eclipse.

In her hands is a Pandora box of old memories and hardships. Hardships filled with slander and hurtfulness.

Walking over, Rory's intuitive mother, Rebecca, stands next to her. Her eyes searching her daughter like a metal detector. Scanning her, she finds her daughter's view pulled to the house.

Wrapping her arms around her daugher's shoulder, Rebecca looks at the house while embracing Rory.

"Now, Rory, this is the part where you say, 'Mom, this is so amazing. It's so beautiful. You are so smart to have thought of this'," she tells her as they both stare out into amazement from the sight their home.

Just like her mother's, Rory's mouth curves into a smile. Though, hers is a little more complicated.

In a rote tone, Rory softly says: "'Mom, it's so beautiful. It's really amazing. I'm glad you are making me move here. You are so smart to force me to do things I have no say in."

Rebecca turns, hearing her. She laughs as Rory smirks at her dumbfounded look in her eyes.

Entering their new humble abode, Rory and her mother stop. Taking in their new home. Their new haven. Their hideaway.

"Where's dad?" Rory asks. Her mother looks back, almost forgetting something.

"Well, even though your father came here in July to open the practice, he can't find a lot of clients. So, right now, he is at the office, working."

Rory nods, watching as two movers bring in furniture. Sliding past the two women and into the living room, talking about the Giants' game.

Her smile unravels into a frown, breaking a certain boundary. She spits out: "He's lucky. He's getting out of unpacking."

Holding Rory by her shoulders, Rebecca softly breathes out a puff of air.

"I am so glad we're here. We haven't been here since you were born," she states as she looks around the empty entryway.

Rory's smile indents into a beautiful smile crafted by mankind.

"I know, Mom," she says. Her smile never fading, her eyes never leaving. "You told me in the car... And before we left."

Clapping her hands together in excitement, Rebecca tells her: "I'm just so glad this is happening. This is our chance to start over."

Rory laughs before saying: "Start over? Mom, we moved to your hometown, remember."

"Rory, you know what I mean," her mother tells her, softly chiding her. "It's a fresh start from New York. Not only that, but this whole 'starting over' idea was for you."

Rory nods, thinking of whether to say anything or not.

She breathes out into a sigh. Her hair moving with her chest.

"I don't know, Mom," she manages to say. "It's a nice thought. I appreciate it. But not everyone gets to start over. I just think that sometimes people bring themselves to a different place."

Staring into her eyes, they glow. Rebecca holds her shoulders, gripping them with love.

"Rory, people do get to start over," her mother corrects. "You just have to try to believe that everything will be work out."

Rory nods, emphasizing her sarcastic stance. She throws her mother a smile before spitting out: "Yeah, I'll keep that in mind."

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