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You Are Just Mine!

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One day I saw her. And I fall with her in that short period of time. I thought it was just a simple "love". But, it definitely wasn't like that at all. As time passes by, the intimate feeling is growing more. I already want to be with her, for always! Now that I'm wanting her to be mine, can I own her? Or I'll just end up like a defeated warrior once again?

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1: Desire

My eyes always love to see you. The prominent black hair that complements your glistening skin along with the sparkling smile; your blossomy aura that always brings delight to my cloudy days; and those endearing and expressive eyes, gleaming down from the greatness of heavens. It surely causes my heart to skip a few beats.

You never fail to fulfill my happiness each passing day. Though you don’t know me, I never regret to waste my time watching you secretly from a distant. Now, I feel like dying. Dying to know that I am falling “in love” with someone like you. And, this feeling for me would be all worthwhile.

‘May I know your name?’ Oh, how I hate myself for having no courage to ask this to you because of the fear of a damn rejection!

I want to hold your hand and feel its warmth against mine and walk with you together under the moonlight shine. I’ll draw out a Potter’s wand and chant a magic spell under my tongue, so that everything that we pass by will turn into exceptionally magical and romantic. It is a dream I wish to make into a reality someday together with you and me!


Early morning, I was standing right in front of your house’s gate.

“Mom when are you coming back home? I baked a special cake just for you. Oh, sorry, that was supposed to be a surprise. I forgot--- nah!”

You are in the lobby of your house and busily talking on your mobile phone. Meanwhile, my heart is pounding as I look at you. The excitement I feel is somewhat pushing me to come close to you. But there is something in my mind which tells me to “back off!“. At that point, it causes me to think that a part of me is probably not in favor about the feeling I’m having for you. However, the pulses each time my heart pumps somehow gives me the courage to “continue” and never be bothered at all.

I took a deep breath. It’s time for you to notice me. ‘I’m just here and I will always be here!’, I thought.

“Good morning sweetie. Did you already have your breakfast?”

But, my daydreaming has suddenly been shattered into a million pieces. There seemed to be a thunderbolt that hit me and left me almost breathless to all I’ve heard. I even wished to become numb for a while so that I can’t be able to hear your sweet conversation. My heart is tearing apart as the idyllic thoughts of you and I in my mind slowly wither like the dry leaves being blown away by wind on the ground. I can’t take the pain that is slowly drowning me, and so, anguish has emotionally carried me away. You were already taken, thus, turning me broken!

“NOOOOOO!!!!!” just like a growling monster I scream in so much frustration. There is this “desire” impelling me to own you. You are just mine, and you’ll only be mine!

“W-who are you? What are you doing here? How did you get in here?”

With those questions you throw to me, I answer none. All I have in my head now is the unruly impulsive feeling that’s blazing up in my system.

“You are just mine, and you’ll only be mine!”

You fearfully ran, but you suddenly tripped off on the ground.

“Shh. Do not be afraid, I won’t hurt you. I promise.” I utter as I take my steps towards you.

“Stay away from me!!!” you cry with your still beautiful trembling voice.

I’m coming nearer, wearing an excited freaking smile on my lips.

“What’s wrong? Do I look disgusting? I am not, right? Why are there tears in your eyes? There’s nothing you should be afraid of. I am here for you. Can’t I become the only apple of your eyes? Please don’t cry babe...” I say, trying to convince you that everything I tell you is true.

But, you just scramble to get away from me. You run to a direction where you think you can probably escape and ask for help.

“Where are you going?!” I shout, but you didn’t listen.

I run after you. Without stopping, you look back and I feel so much fear coming from you. But I’m not bothered, because all I can think about is owning you. You are just mine!

“EEE!!!” I halt my steps when I heard your frantic scream.

A wicked smile slowly shows on my lips. Yeah, I’m right. You will go to “him” to call for help. But he will never be your “Knight in shining armor”, and no one else except me!

You are shock to find out that the guard of your house is already lying dead in its barracks!

Oh, I’m really sorry. I slit his throat last night. But, it’s his fault. I do not like the way he stares at you. And, I really hate the way he talks to you!

“Shh. Do not be afraid, I won’t hurt you. But, he only deserves what he got!” I said.

You have nowhere to go. The excitement in me is growing more until I stop close to you.

“I can be your hero. You mention all of them!” I gently touch your chin as I speak. The first contact sends me a surreal feeling. There are tiny sparks that tickles my nerves and giving me the senses. “Do not cry. I won’t hurt you. I promise you that.” I tenderly wipe the tears streaming from your eyes.

But you just suddenly lose your consciousness!


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