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You Are Just Mine!

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2: This "Love fight"

In here, no one will bother us. You do not have to be afraid of me. I promise not to hurt you, and that, no one can ever hurt you. It’s just the two of us. You are mine, and I’m just yours!

Within the four-corner of this room, you will see no one but only me. You will not even feel the streak of light coming from outside. It’s just the two of us because you are just mine!

You weakly open up your eyes with a little moan. And not surprising anymore, you sob and get so much afraid of me when you saw me.

“Why are you crying babe? Did I scare you more? I’m here to protect you. No one will hurt you again. I swear to you that!“

“Where the hell am I?” you hastily cry in a pitiful shaky voice.

“You are in my home-sweetie-home, babe. In this four-corner room of my castle. But you don’t have to be petrified because I will protect you at all cost. I will give you everything you desire of. I will take good care of you as no one else can be!”

“Are you mad?! Let go of me, you evil! Take me back to my home now!” you sharply yell right on my face.


In my surprise, I have slapped you. It seemed that I momentarily lost control of myself. But, oh! How dare am I to do such kind of stupid act to my love!

“I’m sorry -- I was just surprised. It’s because honestly, I was hurt to what you said. I’m not crazy like what you think of. I -- I am just someone who -- who is just madly in love with you. Please understand me. I beg for an apology to what I’ve done!” I try to explain.

It’s all I can do. But deep inside, I don’t know what to do if something bad happens to you because of my hostility. I should have not done that to you. The truth is, there are needles of pain pricking my heart as I watch you in that situation.

I gently sit near to you. As expected, you avoided me. But I can’t help, I persistently get my face close to yours. I sniffed on your temple. Inhaling the feminine perfume you use that brings me the senses. But, you cry more. I could even feel your trembling body.

“Why are you doing this? Who are you?” I could barely hear the words you utter because of the evident nervousness I notice in yourself.

However, I was still like a vampire who is snuffling closely down to your neck.

“If I tell you, are you going to fall in love with me as well?” I shush while trying to catch your eyes with mine, but you repulsively turn away the pretty face I always love to see.

“You’re such a pervert--- crazy bullshit! Whoever the freak you are, please let go of me now. Please!” you beg more.

“No! I’m not the crazy person you think will just let you go. There are people out there who want to get you away from me. I will not allow that to happen again. I failed once, but there will be no more second time. I will die if we will be apart again. Please understand, I can’t leave without you, babe!”

“Stop calling me that, bullshit! I am not your crazy girlfriend!”

I laughed insanely, but I immediately turned serious.

“Whatever you think, you are just mine and I am yours. I won’t hurt you no more, I promise you that!”

You struggle to free yourself from the rope I lace on both of your wrists. But, you’re just wasting your time. You can’t go away. You are now mine. You are just mine!

“Why are you doing this to me, huh?”

I slowly stoop down and forcibly cup your chin with my hand to turn your face at me.

“I love you! Don’t you understand? I just want you to love me also. I want to become the only apple of your eyes. I want to live forever with you. I love you! I love you more than anything in this world!”

“I do not know you!!!” you howl. “Now tell me how did you come up with the idea that I must love a stupid stranger like you? You addict!” and you scold me at the end.

I turn speechless for a while until I got the moment to speak up again.

“I fell in love with you since the day I first saw you. I thought it was just a simple “love” that everybody feels. But no, it definitely wasn’t like that at all. You haunt me night and day. From then on, I began dreaming of a “forever” with you. I want you to be mine!”

“That is why you abducted me! You will abuse and rape me? Is that your evil plan? Fine! Do what you want if it’s the only way for you to release me!” you plead.

“You know what? You hurt me to all the things you say. You misinterpret all of my actions. Is it how difficult for you to understand that I just want to be by your side forever. In fact, I want to see you always happy. What is wrong with falling in love? I just want your world to revolve around me only!”

“KRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING!” I stop from talking when your cell phone on the floor suddenly rang.

My blood instantly curdle in anger when I see the one who’s calling you up. It was nobody else but your damn boyfriend!

And then, I slowly pick up the gadget with the fury of jealousy burning up in my sternum. My hand might have crushed the thing if it was only fragile due to my tight grip. I just can’t avoid it.

I notice that you turn so worrisome as you stare at me.

“Who’s calling me?” you ask.

“Who do you think?” I reply sarcastically. “Of course, it’s no other than but my rival!”

You hold your breath for a moment with the imminent fear I always perceive in you. I slowly walk towards you. I can’t help myself watching your face especially now that we are already close to one another. I gently brush your hair with my fingers, trailing them from your temple down to your cheek. You are the wondrous creation of God that He ever made. You’re all perfect than anybody else could be!

“Tell your boyfriend to come here. But, never tell him that someone is with you. All you have to say is, you are just alone. Or else, he might get jealous if he knew I’m with you.”

You whimper more after knowing my instruction.

“No-no-no. What are you going to do? Please do not involve innocent people to your craziness!”

I am smirking at you.

“Don’t worry. This is just a game. So come on, talk to your “sweetie”... now!” I instruct, and I gently put the cell phone’s speaker near your ear.

You continue on sobbing so helplessly.

“Stop crying babe, he might wonder why you’re whining there. And, he might think that I’m hurting you. No, I’m not, right?” I whisper near your ear.

“Hey sweetie, where are you huh? Your parents are now so much worried about you!” I hear someone started speaking from the other end of the line. The call was intentionally done in a loud spoken manner, so I could hear everything.

Sweetie huh! How pitiful and bitter your destiny will be after this! You damn boyfriend of my love!, I thought.

You shut your mouth. You do not want to talk. You were trying to control yourself on not to noisily sob.

“Talk now! You tell him about where we are!” I instruct you again in a persistent tone.

“No! I won’t!” you refuse.

You gasp and I hear you silently cry more when I put a knife on your throat.

“I have the information about all of the members of your family. From your mother, your father, sisters, brothers, closest friends, to mention a few. Yeah, I won’t and I can’t hurt you. But oh, how miserable their lives would be if you’ll keep on resisting against what I want you to do. So, are you still going to refuse me?”

I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to block mail you, but I must show dominance over this “love fight”!

I could even hear the thudding of your heart and your sob is so pitiful. My conscience is actually hammering my head. I do not want you to feel this way. And, I get hurt whenever I see you sobbing more. But, I am left with no choice.

“He-he-hello. . .” Finally, you begin on talking.

“Yeah, that’s it.” I say right near your ear.

“Oh Jessie, thank God you talked to me at last. What’s going on? Where are you? We’re so much worried about you!”

You stare back at me without moving your head. However, you are so hesitant to say any additional statement.

“I -- I am here at...” You pause first.

“Tell him what I’ve instructed you with no more, no less!” I stress.

“I -- I’m here at...” You swallow down and feeling so restless and worried for your boyfriend. “ -- At Black Delia Apartment, Room #11, Romulo St. Cor. South Pole.” You slowly relay to him the things I’m telling you in your ear.

“And, please bring cops with you! I’m kidnapped! Ted, I’m kidnapped! I’m kidnapped!!!” you suddenly scream at the end.

“Oh fuck!” And to my surprise, I have pushed you hard and your head hit against the edge of a table.

“Augh!” you grunt.

“Why did you do that? I thought we have agreed? I thought we were okay? I thought that I could trust you? But NOT! You still betrayed me after all!”

Blood is dripping on your forehead when I noticed.


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