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"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU" I heard vic asking me but i didn't dare to look at him , his voice itself told how incensed he was so I stayed silent "GRACE ANSWER HIS QUESTION " aron said with gritted teeth and I knew he was at the end of his rope , I gulped audibly , sweat beads were forming on my forehead even in this season palms were sweaty ..i could die out of fear right now "I went to h-have s-some f-fresh a-air , I- I was in t-the g-garden" I lied "I.DARE.YOU.TO.FUCKING.LIE.AGAIN.I.DARE.YOU" christian yelled at my face increasing the grip on my hairs ********************************************************************************************** GRACE FORBES an 18 year old carefree , innocent human girl's life turns upside down when her parents gets killed by some mysterious people...while on the run to save her life she bumps into the three hybrid kings who are non identical triplets and she is their destined mate ....their soulmate ............but the question is will they break her more or mend their soul.. will she ever be able to accept them can her mates save her from her past who is slowly crawling in her present or THE EVIL WINS YET AGAIN join the journey of grace's eternal love to know what happens

Thriller / Romance
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She is a 17 year old girl ...a carefree ,innocent girl who is as beautiful as an angel,those who have seen her calls her a thousand year beauty . A simple teenager who is too innocent to realize any hidden agenda of others. She is sweet, and her heart is of gold .She is usually quite slow in picking up new concepts, but that’s what is unique about her.She is a sweetheart, living under the loving shadow of her parents she is completely oblivious to the darkness that the cruel world holds. She is a positive person, She is kind and gentle, and finds good in everything . but one incident and her whole carefree and innocent world comes crashing down.


He is practically the 796 year old hybrid king and the eldest among the three triplets , those who are close to him calls him chris ..but to the human world he is a billionaire who is 28 years old . he is the most ruthless king among his brothers ...he is inexpressive and cold to everyone ...though he falls deeply in love with grace but still doesn’t express infront of her believing she would make his ruthless personality calm . he loves his ruthless personality because it makes everyone fear him but he didn’t like fear in grace eyes .

his wolf name is DEREK and vampire soul is called DEVON


He is younger than christian and elder than vicenzo . Aaron is also 28 years old to the human world , unlike christian he is very gentle and calm ..he is also the hybrid king ..but the most worst part about him is that his inner beasts are the most furious one’s among the three of them and at that time he can’t control them.

his wolf name is ALLESIO and vampire soul is called ALAN


He is the youngest of the triplet . he is the player. unlike christian and aaron who are kinda serious one , he is a charming, handsome and snide person who loves tricking humans. he and his brothers believes that they are cursed to be mateless , so he starts having fun with the other girls until grace walks in his life and he vows to dedicate his whole life protecting , loving and cherishing her ..but his inner beasts gets furious when someone denies him of anything even if it’s grace.

his wolf name is VIN and vampire soul is called WREN .


Destiny .They say it’s stars thaT holds our destiny but I believe that destiny is all about the choices we make and the chances we take , but then this saying is also true , ‘what’s bound to happen will happen , what’s meant to be will always happen , it’s just inevitable’ .

Destined to be theirs is a story about a girl who was oblivious to what future has store in for her , just like anyone .She was living her life happily with her parents , the only one who was close to her heart , never got a chance to step out of her house before in all her seventeen years of her life , the teen girl happily agreed to whatever her parents said , followed their every lead. Then it happened Destiny played it’s card and it was her parents choice whether to pick that card or not and they decided to pick it , they bowed down to their daughter’s happiness and took a chance with her safety just for one time , they agreed to take her Italy on a vacation because their daughter wanted to celebrate the new year there , that was the chance they took and it lead to their tragic death and Grace life was turned upside down . in a second her life was shattered , in a moment her shields were crushed , in an instant she became an orphan .

Her fairytale like life took a tragic turn , a turn which took her to a new beginning , to a new world , towards a new journey , a journey full of roses as well as thorns .

But then whatever happens , happens for a reason . Grace wish to go to Italy for the vacation though made her an orphan but then it gave her the love , care , warmth and protection of people who became her home eventually .

The tragedy she had faced made her realize that there are different worlds that exist in the same planet and humans like her are completely oblivious to it , she meets the evils and she meets the good . She meets her other half , other halves to be more precise . Christian De Romano, Aaron De Romano and Vicenzo De Romano are the triplets , and no they are not humans , they are the hybrid kings , the supernaturals who rules both the vampire and werewolf clan , but then again they aren’t just any ordinary kings , they have been ruling all the supernatural realms since centuries.

Cold , ruthless ,merciless , this is their inner personality and outer personality , well let’s just say if our Grace is the thousand year beauty then our supernatural kings are the Greek gods , even the Greek gods might envy the beauty and charm their face had . They do have a heart but they have no one to beat for it ,so they are heartless .Even after centuries when they didn’t find their mate , they had realized that the moon goddess haven’t blessed them , not that they complain , because it wasn’t the moon goddess fault or that she was being harsh on her own children , it was them who had brought so much destruction that had brought moon goddess to shame , they have given her so much pain then why would she give them happiness , and when they realized their mistake ,since then they have been repenting it , now instead of causing unnecessary destruction ,they does everything in their hand to save all the supernatural realms , they have realized that the powers they have been granted was not for destruction but for the
protection against the evil they were yet to face .

But as I said , destiny is inevitable , one or the other way what is bound to happen will eventually happen , on the run to protect herself from the evil , Grace founds herself in the arms of her soulmates , just like her parents they eventually become a part of her heart , a part of her soul . she confides herself in them , they becomes her knight in shinning armour , her rocks . they loved her with everything they had in them , they protected her from every evil , they bowed down in front of all her happiness and wishes but then they forget that they can’t protect her from something they were oblivious to . Not every days are same , not ever relationship will only have happiness ,

sometimes it has to go through the worst phases , but then it’s totally choices of the respective partners , it’s they who decide to fall for the evil traps and destroy every ounce of happiness or face it together and save their relationship , save the sacred bond that had been bestowed upon them. The evil had his eyes on her , since the day he had seen her , he had been looking for an opportunity to have her ,even though he was aware that she was destined to be with someone else but when have an evil mind with an evil heart had ever been selfless . He throws a trap , he creates misunderstandings , he does everything in his power to destroy the sacred bond Grace shared with her destined mates , and now it’s their choice , it’s upto them which path
they take , will they fall for the evil trap and destroy everything they had always wished or they will face everything and protect their destined one from the evil .

Join her journey to know what choices they make ,

Join their journey to know what path they take ,

Join their journey to know if they are able to save her from the evil or the evil wins yet again .

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