John Walter

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It’s about a man named John Walter, an ex detective who is a lost man in the 1970 of an alternate version of London, he lost his father to an unknown group of assassins where he has to decide what man to become, but this city won’t let him choose, the maggots in this city stick to John like glue and wherever he goes he becomes the man this city needs.

Thriller / Action
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Chapter One: Rain

I take another sip of my hot coffee while listening to the rain that’s splashing against my window and the light jazz music that I’m playing while reading the newspaper, it’s the small things in life my father always told me, I guess he was right. But now I gotta go out and look after billy and hope there’s not one of these cockroaches and scum that are all over this town that I grew up in annoying him, but I also need a donut. I take the hat of my dad he gave me before he passed and put my leatherjacket on and as soon I step on these disgusting wet streets that smell like piss, and the junkies u can hear from far yelling at everything, I just wanna get in my car quickly. I arrive in my favorite diner and talk to billy, I know him since I’m young he’s like my grandpa. „Hey John how are u this night „ billy asked me as soon as he sees me.

„I’m fine billy how are u“ I answer

Billy:“u know u always say that I’m starting to think something else my son“

He knows me too well. I sit down at the bar as billy asks:“donut or coffee?“

John:“Donut, just had coffee“

I love the smell of this diner, the familiar face, the music playing and the tv on the whole time, idk why. I hear the clock ticking. Suddenly this guy sits next to me,

„bluebarry pancakes for me sir“ billy puts his hand up to Signalize that he’s on it.

He gives me my donut goes back and prepares the pancake.

„What a fine diner huh“ the guy next to me says all of a sudden


„What’s your name“ he asks me after a pause.

„It’s John, what’s yours“

„Mike“ he sayd

„What u doin John?“

„I was a cop“



„Why was“ I really didn’t like that, if I wanted to tell u why I would’ve sayd why.

I drifted away for some seconds, a memory of my boss telling me:

„You’re a Psychopath John, get out“. „U okay?“ Mike says louder and wakes me up.

Me:“I didn’t go after the book u could say“ I think that’s all he needed to know.

„Oh“ then a long pause

„Cops are doing it wrong anyway“

Mike sayd and I take another bite of my donut,

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