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Siren's Return(18+)

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⚡ P R O L O U G E

The young girl dug into the tarmac, struggling to get away from the strong grip dragging her from safety into dangerous hands.

Tears streamed down her face, as she watched her battered parents helplessly.

"Please," Her father coughed, blood trickling from his lips. "Please don't my daughters."

The huge man that looked over his shoulder, kicked him in the back, making him limply fall face forward.

Her mother was in the cage, almost unrecognizable. They'd beat her so bad, her face was nothing but on big swollen wound. Her body was no better. They had brutally raped her the day they were captured, and hadn't stopped since.

That was almost a month ago.

"Please," the demon spat on her defeated father. "They'll pay your debt and more. Too bad you won't to see it."

They'd dragged Anna away, and now...

Grime stained her body "Time to go, whore."

She tried her best to fight. As she was being taken away, her parents were being burnt alive.

"Mama! Papa!"

She could do nothing but scream. The smell of burning flesh and the sound of tortured horrified screams sank into her, and would not let go.

She knew her parents were gone. She and Eréndira were alone now. That is, if Eréndira was still alive.

Quickly, she shook that thought out if we head. They were investments, products. Their greed would not allow then to dispose of them...just yet.

The screams had stopped, only the scent of charred skin remained. She was shoved into the vehicle where her new existence began.

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