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Book One of the Russo Series Pierto is the One Night Stand King; his throne is uncontested. That is, until he finds himself on the other end of a hit it and quit it. Pierto ends up finding the woman of his dreams; only to have to leave her. War is breaking out in Italy; his family is dropping like flies. There isn't enough time for love, but he falls anyway. Now Pierto must join an alliance with the Capo of the North to finish this war once and for all. Unfortunately, he has to leave his Melanie behind, keeping her and his brothers' girlfriend in a safehouse. Just as expected though, the war in Italy spills into the US, and a Capo with a vendetta will do anything to kill off his entire family line. When he gets word of the next generation springing up in Brooklyn, he takes to the streets of New York, forming alliances, with others who would do anything to get rich and get even. How can Pierto protect his seed without even knowing it sprouted? How will he fight on the front line on the battlefield for his Padre and keep Melanie safe? Before all of that, though, how w

Thriller / Romance
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capitolo uno ✴

MELANIE WOKE UP knee deep in shit.
Metaphorical shit, but shit nonetheless.

Beside her was a male. This particular male could in no way be referenced to faeces.

He was hot.
Feces was lukewarm- at best.

The problem in this seemingly shitless situation?

Said male was Pietro Russo.

PIETRO GROANED, both at the sun's audacity to shine so brilliantly on his handsome hungover face and at the prospect of the awaited clingy one-night-stand.

Shifting to tell the woman thanks-for-the-ride-but-leave, he found the bed quizzically empty.

Must be the breakfast making wife-me type, he thought with a cringe.

Way worse.

Padding downstairs, he was met with silence.

It was empty. The house was empty.

Well, save for a rushed note on the table by the door.

Had a nice time. Thanks for the ride.

That's it. Not a name. Not a number.

Did he mention not even a name?

"Huh." He blanched.

Well... That'd certainly never happened before.

Pietro Russo, Italian King of One-Night-Stands. Ruler-of-Hit-and-Quit-its found himself-one-upped.

Somewhere out there was a woman who managed to turn him into a one night stand.

And damn if he wasn't gonna find her.

C O M M E N T💬

V O T E⭐️

F A N🙋

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