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Donna (18+)✔

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And I do. I really do. "But the fucked you part of me needs you." "I know." "I have lived Vitya." "I know." "I have died Vitya." "I know." "Then you know how often I go without what I need." A flutter of coldness carries the silent whisper. I know. ❣ Vitya Volkov is the Pahkan, the boss of the Russian Mob. When his shipments begin to be attacked by a family he has a peace treaty with, he flies to Italy to solve the problem. He finds an entirety different problem. Amanda. She is the feared Donna that has things done, undone, redone, with a snap of her fingers. But when the two latch on to one another, feeding of the others insanity, things happen that she won't be able to snap away. It can not be undone.

Thriller / Romance
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I smile, and let go. Mission accomplished.

Two people on the same side of the highway, destined for murder.

I killed myself. In the end, I killed myself. I could've saved myself, could've made different choices.

It didn't have to end this way. But it did.

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