Wicked River

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It had been over an entire summer since it happened. None of his friends left his side since which is what he thought would happen. They could never go to the police. They even helped me make it look like an accident. But the urge to kill grew once more as the new girls in town moved in beside him. Yeah a total ‘boy next door’ cliche but this- this will be better than last summer. A never ending urge being fed. My friends are convinced all i need is therapy but even therapy couldn’t help with what was coming next.

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Chapter 1

“River, you need to come down here,″ laughter followed down under me, my friends were sure having fun with the news.

Sighing and pulling the cold covers off my warm body, Jace already bust through the door holding a beer in hand. Covering my mouth as the awful stench filled my nostrils, he laughed. It wasn’t funny.

“Valentina just took off her top, she is so wasted”, glaring at the dumbest friend I could ever possibly have, I just nodded in disappointment. Since they already got me to get up from my cold but comfortable bed, I got to walking downstairs careful not to make a sound. They party continued loudly so I didn’t think they would have heard me if I dragged a bag of rocks behind me. The point was not to get drunk but they brought booze anyways.

Valentina did have her top off and as she jumped up and down to follow the beat of the music, the guys stared in awe at her chest. Poor Adi, she was sitting on the far corner of the party with her head in a book, almost toppling over as she lost herself in the story.

I ran up to her and took her book, waving it in the air as she gasped loudly and got up to try to take it away.

“Burn the book!” Jace shouted from across the living room. Kevin agreed. Even Kai laughed with amusement. The last time someone took away Adi’s book she kicked them in the shins. Adi crossed her arms across her body, with a scrunched up face that faked all kinds of upset feelings she had.

“I’ll give it back to you after you have a drink and actually have fun with our friends, promise on scouts honor that I’ll buy you a new book” I said putting my hand over my heart and standing up straight and proud with a grin on my face. The group laughed in sync and drank more beer. It took several seconds for Adi to finally say, “But not beer”. I smiled, score. Adi smiled with her mouth but glared with her eyes, still afraid and angry with me. Having not able to convince her of what he did which was necessary, I still kept on trying. Not because I’m afraid of going to prison but I was afraid of losing a friend, a childhood one too.

Placing her book in another room, grabbing a vodka drink and handing it to Adi, it didn’t take long for her to start slurring her words. Everyone was having fun, drinks were being spilled and Kai was smiling brightly. My heart warmed knowing everything was good at the moment for us. Pulling up next to Kai who grinned foolishly at me as our eyes locked together. “Kiss already” Valentina cheered holding her drink over her head as some spilled on the floor. Frowning, looking over to Kai who was laughing.

“I’m not gay” i said, holding my ground to Valentina who already thought I was since elementary school. She took out her tongue and hugged Adi closely. She squirmed in her grip but Valentina was strong, she was in baseball since anyone can remember and sometimes it was hard keeping track of her high scored or whatever they called in baseball. Adi’s eyes screamed for help towards my direction but instead of doing what I should have, I shrugged to which she glared.

“You’re mean” Kai said. I still didn’t know why Kai was comfortable with his sister being all show to almost every ‘hot’ guy she could get her hands on and in public too with no shame. They have always been like that but Kai said that as long as she doesn’t get pregnant and takes care of her sexual health, she should be fine. If I had a sister, my eyes shot to Adi, I would never let her do that.

“She needs to learn how to cope without me” I scoffed. Kai nodded taking another sip of his beer. We were siblings in a way, if not by blood then by experience. Adi had a similar situation like mine. Abusive dad and trouble to make and keep friends since we were both constantly getting lost into our own minds and thoughts. We met right after I met Kai who took me to a counseling group to talk about our feelings and such. It didn’t help me at all but at the time I know it helped Adi in a way where she finally opened up to how special her friends were. But she always following me and leaning on me to help her in any given situation and like the big brother I am, i did.

Having no sense of doubt Adi felt the same way, I smiled. My cheeks began to burn with anticipation, I was no drug alcoholic but I needed a drink at least once a week. Grabbing the beer next to Jace, smelling it first and then taking a sip, he knocked it out of my hands. Kai shot Jace a look and Valentina laughed. “Not cool” I said facing Jace who was out of it, eyes bloodshot red and watery. Me and Kai looked at each other, agreeing that it was best for the party to end. I could hear Adi let out a breath of relief. Valentina must have been crushing her. Kai put away and hid all the drinks as Jace complained behind him and Adi didn’t say a word as she walked upstairs. Valeninta continued dancing to the music that was no longer being played.

Since my dad got his rights taken away from being my parent, I stayed with the big house that I now love and cherished. It had four rooms and two restrooms that were always kept clean by Adi who felt the need to keep it clean because she was a guest but I reminded her many times that she was family but she still insisted. Sundays were always spent at my house where either drinking, talking or sleeping was involved. School made everyone busy so we didn’t have that much free time to hang together.

Scanning the living room, everything was picked up so I walked upstairs to my room. It was that time of year when the weather went down under eighty degrees. Reaching over and bringing out the biggest blanket I could find that I got for my birthday and throwing it over my bed. Feeling the comfort of the warmth, I almost screamed when I heard someone groaning downstairs. Waiting a couple of seconds for someone else to check up on the person downstairs, nothing. I aggressively threw the blanket off me and heading downstairs. Not even worried that someone could be breaking in. There wasn’t much valuable in this house anyways. Walking into the living room, nothing. Turning I entered the kitchen where Valentina was on the ground, half-sleeping.

“What are you doing” I whispered, her head spinned up looking up at him. Her dark brown eyes gazing into him. She groaned again and laid back down. Kai wouldn’t want her laying on a cold kitchen floor but it would be awesome if I left her there and sleep in my own warm bed. Reaching down and grabbing her by the underarms to haul her up to her feet. Keep her body from falling with my shoulder and arm. My arm went around her waist and she giggled. Rolling my eyes, I took her to my room. Adi was a light sleeper so I didn’t want to wake her up.

The struggle to get Valentina upstairs was a struggle since she kept trying to do the trust fall challenge. Something that could end badly if I step wrong. Getting into my room, I shoved her on my bed and let out a gasp of breath. “I’m not THAT heavy” she croaked. Tilting my head, I know she didn’t even believe herself. She was thin but heavy.

“Okay well goodnight” I pulled another blanket from the closet, covered her and took out a small mattress from under my bed to sleep on, adding another blanket on top for myself. Valentina shot up, almost tripping on her own footing. “Nooo sleep with me” she reached down and grabbed my arm, tensing as she did. I got up to sit next to her on the bed, her face clearing up. She leaned in and rest her head on my lap. Valentina began to explain how she was dumped last night for another girl who wasn’t even on her level. She loved him, she said. “I want to… cuddle”, her arms opened up into a hug position. Arching my eyebrow at her, I chuckled.

“Yeah okay. Goodnight”

As I was getting up, I was pulled back and fell on my back almost hitting my head on the wall next to my bed. My eyes shot up in surprise as Valentina jumped over me and sat a little bit over my lap. Her hands were lightly on top of my chest and I waited for her to say something but her red heated face said it all.

“You okay” I asked knowing this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Back in winter she had approached me. She was upset and needed a hug. One thing led to another and they woke up in one bed with no clothes on. Valentina insisted it was a mistake and didn’t want to upset his brother but I don’t think he would have been that upset. I thought nothing of it the next day and the day after that. But she did ask how she did and I was honest, said it she did alright and she punched me. It was good but it was also easy to get laid with any girl he wanted, the desperate ones anyways.

“Just kiss me” her hand reached down, my body reacted and I hungrily threw her on her back and stared into her eyes. I can tell she was holding her breath and nothing important came over me to get me to stop. She knows why she keeps coming back but she didn’t care. My hands drifted over her body, feeling every inch of her and took off her shirt, tossing it to the side.

She reached down again and I pushed her hand away. “Not yet”. Our lips met, almost eating each other up, our hips moving at the same rhythm. Not forgetting what she liked last time, I turned off the lights and turn on my red lamp. I could see all the guilt leaving her body as I entered her. And the night began.

Moving my arm from under Valentina, I shook it quickly, the tingling sensation frustrated me. She was already awake then, climbed off the bed and checked my clock beside my bed. 8:03. “Shit”. She began to collect her things, scrambling all over the place to find her panties which I hid in a box under my bed. Grinning as she scrambled to look them. She paused at the door before leaving, “This never happened”. I got up, stopping her from leave my room, she stepped back.

“Was I not good enough”. Valentina blushed again, her strands of hair falling to her face, squeezing her stuff closer to her body. She had put one of my shirts over her so I knew she didn’t find her underwear. Or bra. Our body heat was overbearing for her. Passing to let her through and then gently over passing my hand over her chest. No bra. “Have a good day, Val”. The overwhelming guilt would surely have her avoiding me for the next few days until it would go back to normal. Valentina shut the door as lightly as she could and her footsteps faded into the distance.

Not even a few minutes into my nap, the door creaked open. Adi stood in the doorway hands folded and glaring at me. “My book”. I scoffed, of course she couldn’t wait even one more second. I groaned and shoved the pillow into my face, trying to tune her out. She’d leave eventually. I heard her walk around my room, moving things and cursing under her breath. She couldn’t even go half a day without her book. What seemed like forever, it was silent.

Looking under my pillow, she was half under the bed, reaching in. I jumped over and pulled her legs. She let out a shriek, I let go. She dusted her jeans as she got up and continued to look around, she must have really liked this book.

“I’ll give it to you later” I said trying to hide my smirk knowing this will crush her entire week. She needs to learn how to get out of that world of imagination. It will blind her from what’s in front of her in case of an emergency, like almost getting run over by a car last week and she didn’t even budge or get upset. Adi pursed her lips, shutting them tightly, forcing them into a smile. “I hate you” she mumbled as she walked out of my room, shutting the door behind her. Ouch.

The drive to school was only about ten minutes, usually it was fifteen but speeding was a luxury. Not many kittens were run over so that’s a plus. My phone rang with a message, from Jace. Come to the cafeteria, Valentina is about to knock a bitch.

Rolling my eyes, I shut my phone and made my way to the Cafeteria, our school wasn’t that big anyways so it shouldn’t take long. What could it be this time, another guy? I’m surprised she hasn’t been arrested yet. Girls tend to fight nastier than guys.

The crowd ahead of me was small, most people just passing by to watch. Of course, they had classes to pass. I approached Valentina right at the moment a girl with short blond hair slapped her across the face. Valentina held the side of her face with her hands, “I have a photo shoot in ten minutes” she shouted as she launched herself at the girl with short hair. The fight continued, stretching happened and punches were thrown. This could last forever. I reached over the crowd who watched in amazement and I grabbed Valentina by the waist, the girl still grabbing onto her hair and I pulled. She was so light to carry that carrying her away was easy. Jace who was recording, put his phone away and helped take the other girl away from Valentina’s hair.

“I think you won” I said as Valentina picked up her backpack and took out a brush and fixed her makeup. She shrugged, placing lip gloss over her pink lips. Having no intention to talk about it, Valentina walked away in the shortest dress I have ever seen in my life. Jace continued to try to get the girl’s number but she just walked away from him. I laughed to which he scoffed, “I almost had it”.

“Sure man”

I looked back to Valentina in the distance, her body moved great with her attitude and I knew no matter how much she wanted to deny, she wanted me. And I could have her whenever I felt like it too.

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