Jennifer Price

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Jennifer finds herself wishing she wasn't an alcoholic when her rich brother is kidnapped and she finds herself going in circles as to who it was. To make things more difficult... her brothers boyfriend told the cops she might have done something to do with it. While panic arises within herself, it doesn't stop her from trying to find her brother.

Thriller / Action
Liliana Samaniego
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Jennifer swung her hand back to hit the glass door that security was holding back so she wouldn’t get in the office building. She could already feel her hand begun to numb. She stopped hitting the door and sighed.

“Come on man. I don’t have all day”

The security was a chubby man, who looked like he was about to faint from holding to the door, “ma’am we don’t want to call the cops”. His breath cut short and he left go of the door handle, falling to his knees.

Jennifer pushed open the door, her wrists folding back, damn was this door bullet proof? It was heavier than her own house door.

She jumped over the security guard and ignored the stares of the other employee’s who struggled to decide what to do.

Of course they wouldn’t want to stop the sister of the mega boss of their company. She smiled knowing her advantages. Rich brother, no incarceration. Ever. Talk about privilege’s, oh and the fact that she was white.

“Next time, let me in Jonah” she winked down at him as he tried to take deep breaths in. She hurried into the elevator which was about to close and waved awkwardly to the employee’s still staring. She pressed the number nine and hummed along with the classical music that was playing.

This was another day of asking her brother for money, there was a brand new cheap bottle of liquor that she promised herself.. and to the bottle that she would have it. She happily walked over to her brothers big office filled with windows.

He was sitting at his desk, he adjusted his tie a few times every second and he looked like he was struggling.

“I need a fifty” she said leaning against the doorway of his office. People walked past them, not starting because they knew she would cuss them out again. In no way was she going to let people judge her brother. He worked too damn hard for everything he’s gotten. Yet she still disappointed him every time. There was nothing she could change now. It was going to be like this forever. She’ll eventually die of overdose and Anthony wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore.

“Jenny, i can’t”

His expression filled with worry. And then anger. And then worry.

She dug her hands into her pockets and sighed. She didn’t want to tell him a lie. But she knew that he knew, she would spend it on alcohol anyways.

Anthony stood up and dug into his huge pockets from his jeans. He took out a hundred dollar bill and placed it on the table.

“Can we go for lunch today at two” he asked, his hand still on the bill. She knew if she didn’t give him an answer, he wouldn’t give her the money. She looked at the time and saw it was eleven.


She walked over to the table and swiped the bill off it. She smiled one last time over at his brother and left his office. She went back down through the stairs to get in some exercise because she missed her gym class. Again. This was only the second time and she promised herself she wouldn’t miss another one for the next six week. She always keeps her promises.

She ran out of breath by the time she was on the sixth floor and stopped to catch it. A loud slamming door came from above her and she didn’t feel like catching up to any employees who had a grudge on her so she opened the door next to her, out of the stairway and went running to the elevator. No one was on this floor so she waited for the elevator.

Once she came into the elevator, a serious looking man rushed out and crashed into her. Almost throwing her into the floor but she caught herself in mid air.

“What the hell dude”

The man lowered his head and a strand of hair fell over his face. She paused for a second, studying his beautiful face. Such amazing and fine features.

“Sorry” then continued onto his way. What a shame. He’s also scared of me.

These people did not know how to apologize, but what did she expect? For him to bow down and cry? She was pretty sure everyone in this building was on the verge to do just that when they would cross her.

Getting out of the building, pain bothered her left arm but paid no mind to it.

She smiled at the thought that just popped into her mind.

That new liquor bottle was hers.

There wasn’t much convincing to do at the liquor store. One quick reminder of last week’s accident where they thought she was stealing and she was off the hook forever.

Her mind and heart where set on the bottle for weeks. She wasn’t going to back down and no one would change her mind.

She bought the bottle and walked out of the store with a smile on her face. She also bought a water bottle to fill it up with the liquor so cops wouldn’t question her drinking directly from a bottle. Of course that looked suspicious.

It takes a strong liquor bottle and many shots of it for her to actually begin to feel dizzy.

She headed towards Cam’s bar. The busy streets made her head hurt. So many colors.

She looked at her bottle. This was the one. There wasn’t many bottles that made her drunk and if there were, they tasted horrific.

She smiled once again.

She arrived at the bar, opening the door for two girls who held each other by the arms, laughing and chatting. She eyed them from head to toe, checking them out. She could have that. Friends. A relationship.

She laughed at herself then. She physically tried to shake the thought out of her head. Didn’t work.

She entered the bar, looking around. There was always new people. That’s either because they didn’t like it or people move fast around here. Cam was cleaning glasses while eyeing girls who skirt was too short and they knew it. You can basically see half of their butt, not that she was complaining.

She sat on the stool in front of him and smiled, holding her bottle up in the air.

Cam rolled his eyes but still showed his bright white teeth. He needed to work on his smile. “Anybody” she asked, referring to people who asked about her to work in their drug factories. She was a drunk but she would never do bad just for money. She thought back to her brother who has given her everything but she gave nothing back.

“No. but there is a new bar a couple streets down”

She hit her bottle with his chest, reaching over the counter. “Well then, i shouldn’t let them wait”. She hopped off the stool and basically ran out. She really didn’t need to apologize to Cam. He already knew she goes bear hunting. Looking for the best bar to enhance her night. Although she already knew Cam’s was one of a kind bar but she can’t go back to the same thing.

The new bar had a porno vibe to it. Strippers, bar, and private rooms. Hell, this was a porno bar. The name was ‘bare skin’ for christs sake. She shook her head in disapproval.

The bar was basically empty, except for the men huddled in a group, not even paying attention to her.

“Hey, little tip for the owner! You need to set up flyers at the center of the city” she shouted, not too loud but loud enough for who ever the flying fuck was the owner.

A guy seated at the corner stood up and stared at her. He nodded and walked away.

This was a total bust. The bar was comfy looking but basically was a strip club.

“Here, one hundred dollars for you to go do it”

She turned back to a different man with a big oversized jacket. She took the flyers from him and smiled. She bowed.

She ran down the street and began to post flyers everywhere. She even posted some by daycares, mom’s get tired of children sometimes and purposely posted the flyers next to babysitting flyers. Never would have thought the flyer ran out of little slips of papers with the number on it.

After posting everywhere, she walked back to the same bar, sat on the counter and felt like she was on top of the world. She then felt a tug on her shirt, the pull was hard and fell onto the floor, hitting her bottom cheeks first. Getting up immediately and fast was the manager who looked her up and down, taking in everything. He must have heard about her, “the trouble maker”. The manager looked tall, with a dig into the soul type of stare, his beard well shaved and a tux on that was probably two sizes down than he actually was which made him look in shape.

“You would be a good dancer, want to be a dancer for this bar” he asked as he spread his arms wide like a circus announcer.

She placed her hands on her hips, “you mean a stripper.”

The manager flinched, offended. “This is not a strip club”

“Yeah you just rearranged it to look like a bar so you wouldn’t get in trouble with the feds” a pause, “don’t worry i won’t tell”. She considered for a second blackmailing him for money but as soon as the thought popped up she heard her brothers concerning voice for her not to get into more trouble.

The manager then smiled, extended his arm, “my name is milos.” His milos was pronounced more like a ‘milosh’. Russian. Indeed this would be a good friend. The russians were powerful and loyal.

Jennifer smiled back, shook his hand and he offered her a job then and there. For the first time ever she felt she would like this job.

She started next week but not as a dancer, as the person behind the bar. Jennifer had enough practice from Cam and considered herself as an expert.

She thought longly about the lunch she was suppose to go to, Anthony would surely take her to a fancy restaurant but he knew she hated restaurants.

Jennifer dialed her brother’s number, “where are you”his voice vibrating through the phone, he wouldn’t like this.

“Let’s go to a bar instead, bring Eric”

Jennifer waited by the strip bar, seeing how many people arrived on the first day was surprising. It was different than other bars from around here but wow.

Anthony was holding Eric’s hand towards her. Their eyes locked but she looked away first. Milos appeared next to her, “a friend?”

“My brother and his boyfriend” she looked up at him studying his face which was serious, “you have a problem with gays?”

Milos frowned, “what do you take me for.” She only just met him so she didn’t know. Looking over at the couple, already three years together and no wedding yet?

“Well this would have been a good bar if it had guys” eric joked to remove the tension. She smiled sympathetically over at him. He seemed nervous, eric would always be the one to break up their tension and she was thankful of that.

“They have guys but in the private rooms”

“Oh no poor things, i hope they didn’t stuff them in a closet” eric repeated another joke, at that she laughed. They all went in and sat at a table that milos saved for them. It was in the middle, close enough to the bar and close enough to the short stage.

Still in silence, eric spoke up.

“Your hair looks nice” he was lying because he fidgeted his hands on the table, eric was naturally a nervous guy so she understood. Anthony just looked annoyed and impatient. A girl with another short skirt on top of leggings walked over to our table to gave us drinks, her cleavage showing above her badly cropped shirt.

“I haven’t washed my hair in days” she spoke over to eric, leaning in close enough so no one else can overhear. That was one thing she could be proud of, her hair. Even after days of no washing it still smelled and looked silky. The again sat in silence drinking which tasted like heaven. Literal heaven. She kept drinking until the table was full of empty glasses. Anthony stood quick, chair skirted against the floor, leaving a nasty mark.

“Eric go home, i need to talk to Jennifer”. Eric gave a quick kiss to Anthony and took his stuff heading outside. Anthony grabbed Jennifer by the wrist and dragged her out of the bar towards the back, she didn’t try to get released because she was a bit tipsy and was dizzy so she couldn’t even gather her thoughts. Once in the back, she brought her hands around herself to cover from the cold, her brother sighed and his face tightened into a frown.

“Why are you like this? Do you really want to die at a young age” pause “is that what you want” he shouted, his shouts ringing in her head. She did. She wanted to die already, she was nothing but a disturbance but she couldn’t say that a loud. She had before and he cried the last time. She was all her brother had. Then the tears came again. Anthony shook his head and took a deep breath, a tear slightly peeking out from his right eye.

“Our parents are dead and we have no family… you’re all i got Jen” he exasperated, hands on his head. She still felt a little too dizzy to give him comfort. Jennifer stared blankly at him and his frustrating expression. They stood in silence, listening to other drunk people passing the street. A van pulled up to the back of his brother and the car door opened quickly. She blinked hard. Those seconds were in slow motion. Seeing the men in all black running towards them. But it didn’t feel like anything were to happen.

“Please don’t make me cut you off”

Her brother’s words snapped her back to reality. Then back to the men who were right behind her brother. One of them grabbed him by the shoulders and his knees shot to the ground. Another guy ran to grab me but anthony grabbed him by the leg.


It all happened to fast. The guy on the floor shot off and punched anthony right in the face while the other one held him in place. They took punches at him. The second guy turned to her and took out a knife. Again Anthony shot up, throwing the first guy off him, his face winced. Anthony tackled the second guy and said “Jenny run”. Even with the immense shock she felt, her legs ran. She tried the bar door but was locked so she ran down the other side of the alley, tears flying out of her eyes. The floor swirled.

Out of the alley, the sound of racing cars.

Looking back, the men were pulling anthony’s limp body into the van.

“NO!” her throat scratched when she screamed so it came out as a small voice. The men turned and got back into the van. Screeching as it left. Her body limp, her phone in her hand not knowing how she didn’t drop it.

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