In love with a ghost

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Tim Wallburk is a handsome young man, he’s every girls dream guy. But like all of us he has secrets , secrets that no one knows . One day he meets someone and his life flips upside down

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Chapter 1

Hi , my name is Tim Wallburk I am a 23 year old male and I attend the University Of Hartford in Connecticut, as people would say I’m everyone’s “dream guy” I’m 6’3 I have blond hair and blue eyes and I would say I’m pretty fit.

So As you can imagine college life sucks, all the girls throw themselves at you all the time, homework is overrated and you either have to chose to be a loser and study or go to parties 24/7.

Life is hard when you are cursed like me, you may wonder “Tim what do you mean by that” well I’m about to tell you.

So basically I was born with a curse on my life. My parents told me that my ancestors lived here in Hartford Connecticut when one day they crossed paths with an older homeless women. She was an old rugged woman with frizzy white hair, long nails and had an awkward oder to her, she wanted money from them and when they denied her request she said to them “From this day on the first born son in your family for generations will be cursed, a curse that no one can erase!”

So yeah here I am the first born son of my family, and oh boy am I cursed alright. When I turned 16 I started noticing things that no one else noticed, I felt thing no one else felt. I can sense and see lost souls , but sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a human and a lost soul. They look the same to me and I can physically touch the soul as well.

Anyways so this is me. A cursed 23 year old college student .

It’s October first and you know what that means? Yup you guessed it “spooky season” but most importantly in the month of October there are lost souls everywhere .
As I went to my first class this morning I was sitting in a chair when I felt as if I was being stared at . I look around to see if anyone else was acting weird but nope it was just me.
As I heard the professor go on and on I started to hear whispers very soft whispers in my ear .
“Tim, help me..” as I heard those words I got chills from my spine to my neck and over my whole body.
I sat in the back of the class so no one was behind me , when I heard those words I knew it was a lost soul.
Whoever was trying to get my attention was succeeding, but I could never turn around and start talking to a soul in the middle of class..
I stared at the clock intensely while still hearing the whispering in my ear. Finally after 90 minutes class was over. I got up and ran out of the classroom hopping whoever that was didn’t follow me.
This was a common thing that happens to me I’ll randomly start hearing someone talking to me.
But honestly at this point it doesn’t effect as much as it used to .

After school was out for the day I started to walk back to my dorm, and the thing about this university is the dorms are separate from the building itself. You have to walk about 5 minutes down the road to the dorms. Anyways this was my favorite part of the day because there was a cemetery near by. So obviously because of my special gift I go to the cemetery and talk to souls, I’m so fascinated by their stories they tell especially how the world was like back in the 1700s it’s so cool. So yeah this is my life everyday I go to school then talk to dead people all night, sounds fun right ?

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