The Vampire With Alpha Blood (On Hold)

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Her whole life Emily Winter has been different, bullied, beaten, and hated by everyone except her family, but why? For 18 years she was different from the rest. Then one day walking into to the same guy, at the same place, at the same time on a different day, turns her whole world up-side-down. This is not just a story of guy meets girl, girl falls for guy kind of thing, this is different. Emily Winter is the vampire's gang's leader by right of bloodline, but what happens when she finds out that she is ment to change something bigger than the gang. The Vampire With Alpha Blood Read to find out

Thriller / Action
Nycole Maynard
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Truth


I know my name, my face, my shoe size, I know that I have the mindset of a leader and a warrior. People tell me that I'm stupid, weird, and worthless but none of those really hurt me because I know they are true. The ones that hurt the most is when people call me the most inhuman thing I will ever meet or born from the aliens themselves. I mean I know I'm different but I am just a human, right?

Ever since I was a little kid I have been superhuman, or I have supernatural abilities. My stepsister, Emma says I have the powers of a wizard. My brother Jake says I am just like dad, powerful. My little sister Mia says that I'm just a little weird in a great way. My mom says that I'm just imagining things and that nothing I see is real, my moms husband says other wise. I just stay locked up in my room 24/7 because I can't stand the sound of the wood on the floors cracking and creaking together with every little footstep someone takes. My family is obnoxious; I just don't like talking sometimes. My life was ordinary, normal, and all around boring till I met him. I am Emily Winter the girl they call an Alien.

I am just entering the school building when I notice that there is my best friend Makaylie is standing by her boyfriend leaning in for a kiss and just gonna say it, he is a jerkface. As I am in a gaze of wonder I walk into a boy.

"Hey, I know you're blind but come on now!" He yells, his eyes silver as the white stars of night, his skin pale as snow, his hair black as a dark and gloomy night; he was beautiful. Of course I had to run into the jock, popular guy, Cole Nightlock.

"Um, excuse me, I'm sorry! I had a jerkface like yourself run into me as well!" I replied as I picked up my books.

"Whatever Emers, no Ellas, no Elsa, oh yeah that's right I don't care!"

"Yeah, yeah be as smart as your blond bimbo of a sister elsewhere would ya." I muttered under me breath.

"I would but my head can't get that far up my ass."

"So about mid-way then." I said and his eyes rolled far up in the back of his head, then he walked away.

Hours later:

As my brother, step sister, and I got off the bus I was dragged out into the woods. "Do you know why you are?" said a voice similar to Cole's. I look up and realize that it was Cole, what did he want with me, why was he at me house, how did he get to my house or let alone find it?

"what are you talking about?"

"Do you hear better than the average person?"


"Are you superhuman fast?"


"Do you heal really really really fast?"

"Um yes."

"Oh my gods! Is your father Storm Winter?"

"Yes, now please do get to your point!"

"Oh right." He seemed freaked out like he just saw the dead walking towards him. "This means your powers are genetic and you are a vampire like me."

"You know what insanity is not really my thing so I am going to go now." I said as started to run off and then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his embrace for a split second before he pushed me away and said 'follow me' then left and so I followed. He ran as fast as I do but I was faster he had a little bit of a hard time keeping up at a point then he slammed me back behind him and ran saying 'keep up' over and over. He stopped in front of me and I was not that good at stopping so I ran into him and we tumbled down the hill laughing.

"Okay, I know it is easy to headbutt me but let's not do this too often please." He said laughing the entire time.

"Yeah because running into you is a picnic." I said smirking.

"It has to be otherwise it wouldn't be every few hours." He replied and all I could do was roll my eyes.

"So where are we." I asked as he was helping me up to my feet.



"We are at the headquarters where your dad use to work. It is called T.O.V. or The Outlawed Vamps. It is our gang and your dad was one of the head leaders, he didn't die in a car crash, he died in a battle against The Ripper's Vampires."

"Say what?! My dad was a Vampire and worked for a gang as one of their leaders and died in a war?!?" I was in shock I did not know what to think all I could do was fall to the ground into tears. "So what about my siblings are they-"

"Not really they have the anger and control issues but they are more human than vampire because your father was only half. You have the strength and powers because of that little mark on your hand." He said pointing to the circle with the star in the middle on my hand.

"So I am a vampire. Honestly I would prefer the alien over the reality." He busted into laughter, as a young girl who looked like a 7 year-old out of the doors to the building. I stood up and wiped the tears off of my face.

"Who is this?" she asked pointing to me.

"This is storms daughter, she is the only one with the gene."

"Hi, I am Emily Winter." I said and my voice cracked because the shock was this flowing in my bones.

"Ok Emily come inside then." she said then pointed to the door I looked back at Cole and he moved his head pointing to the door so we went inside the abandoned looking building.

When we got inside people were constantly staring at me like I was an illegal immigrant that looked like a pizza. I felt so unwanted so I hugged myself in a tight squeeze. The smell was a mix between blood, and gym clothes from the boys locker room when they are on the way to the washing room in my school, not to mention the smell of a humans' burning flesh in the corner of the left side of the building. No screams. We went to the back of the building in a small room with a older man who looked to be 30 years-old with blonde hair, brown eyes and a small drip of blood draining down the right corner of his lip.

"Ah Cole, my son what a pleasant surprise and you brought me a small snack." The man standing in the room said as we walked in.

"She is not a snack. She is Blade's daughter!" Cole yelled as if it was a nerve plucker to hear him call me food.

"Oh, My name is Kane. Now, does she have the gene?"

"Yes she does."

"Then kill her."

"No! I will not die because you are an asshole!" I yelled, I could read every thought, every feeling everything that was around me and he was pure evil.

"You don't know a thing about me young missy, so don't come up in here and start something that you will never finish." Kane said grabbing a hold on my face. Now I was ticked, so I grabbed his hand and broke it off of his body and then I realized that we were like glass so I did the same to the other, I had him in a headlock not long after I ripped his right arm off of his body.

"No! Emily... not, not ... now." When Cole said that and I let loose of his head and slammed his arm into his shoulder putting it back into place, but I was still holding the left one.

"You are worse than your father he was called blade because of how fast he could cut 1,000 people within two seconds, but you are a born ripper there are only in every 300 generations in the winter family line and it seems that you are one of the few." Kane replied as he massaged his left shoulder.

"I care because? All I really care about at this point is why Cole brought me here and that you tried to kill me. Oh and speaking of next time whether Cole likes it or not I will not hesitate to finish the job." I said while filled with anger and frustration all in one.

"I brought you here because you are Storm's heir and he was our king and you are next in line and my dad tried to kill you because he wants to remain a regent." Cole replied.

"Oh well assholes like yourself Kane, should have never been put as a regent because you are more of a reject. Although that is just my opinion."

I replied, Cole couldn't help but laugh.

"What do you want from me?!?!" Kane yelled

while he slammed his hand onto his deck in anger.

"I want nothing from you."

"Okay you both need to back off and since she has the vampire gene and is Blade's daughter she is the rightful leader and you need to step down as regent." Cole said.

"What, are you insane!?!?!" Kane and I both yelled in Harmony.

"I have my reasons for asking what are yours?" Kane replied.

"Well you may be power hungry but I hate the idea of being a leader of a family project, so what in the hell makes you think I would want to be a leader of a gang of outlawed vampires?!?!" I yelled, I was in a panic. I mean how could I of all people be a leader.

"You will be fine. It is your place."

"No! I will never be a leader of a gang, I just wanted answers and now that I have them I am leaving!" I yelled storming out ripping arms off of those who tried to stop me, the moment my foot left the building I ran far and fast I was now home.

I walked into the door of my house crying my eyes out my brother asked what was wrong, but I just ignored him and went up to my room. I don't know why I am crying but I think it is because I felt overwhelmed and confused.

Twenty minutes later, I heard someone at the door knocking my mother opened it up and a voice that sounded alike to Cole's asked if I was here my mom said yes then called me down the stairs so I went down the stairs to find a black haired moron at the door of my house say that we need to speak, so I walked outside to talk with him.

"Hey, you know there is like twelve men missing at least one arm." Cole said in a goofy tone.

"What do you want Cole?"

" was wondering why you ran off."

"I ran off because this is crazy and overwhelming and I just don't think I could handle it!"

"Well you will have me and with my help you could be a better gang leader then Storm Winter, better than your dad."

"Well, if you have yet to notice then let us flash back,"

"What, what do you mean?"

"I mean we just met like four hours ago, I don't know you! And don't know me either."

"Yeah, but I could."

"Could what?"

"Get to know you."

"Okay good luck with that." I said the no walked inside and closed the door, my mom, brother, and two sisters stood inside at the door, they are had their arms crossed looking at me like I was in so sort of trouble.

"Storm Winter? Gang leader?" My mom asked in anger.

"Mom, I can explain...everything" I said with an expression of fear planted onto my face.

"So please do endulge us in this one, it sounds very fascinating." My mom replied in sarcasm.

"Okay I know this sounds really bad but I only got stuck in this mess today when I ran into Cole Nightlock this morning and he realized that my last name was Winter. Then he followed me home. Without me knowing! When I got off the bus he dragged me into the woods and asked me about my powers then he gave me an explanation and ran off in the speed close to mine. He brought me to the gang's headquarters and told me about how dad was their leader and that I have the vampire gene and that I am next in line to be their leader." I told them almost everything I did leave out the fact that Cole's dad tried to kill me and that I ripped the arms off of at least twelve people, nor could I work up the courage to tell them that dad died fighting for the gang not in a car crash, drunk.

"So you are technically saying that this is your legacy and that you just found out all this today. You just figured out what you are meant to do in a day without trying, you are luckier than the rest of us." My idiotic big brother, Jake said in excitement.

"Yeah!" My little sister, Mia Replied.

"Yeah but I don't want it! I don't want to be a leader of anything much less a gang!"

"I know this is a lot to take in Emily but you have to understand that your father wanted you to be the next leader when the time was right, I just wish he would have told you sooner rather than later because now you are conflicted and clueless on what to do but I know that Cole's father will lead you the right direction." My mom said in a serious tone.

"Mom if you mean Cole Nightlock's father than you are sadly mistaken." I replied.

"What, why?" she asked.

"Because the moment he found out I was dad's daughter, he wanted me killed. Let's just say I may or may not have ripped his arms out of his sockets as soon as he threatened me."

"Okay, than Cole will."

"Okay then." I replied with the cluelessness of what to say next but I know that I can trust my mom, right? "Okay I have had a long hard and crazy day so I am going to hit the hay, good night." Then I walked up the stairs to my room as they were saying goodnight to me. When I got to my room I sat on my bed and started to cry, I was sobbing, yelling, throwing things, I even cursed every name that popped up in my head like: Cole, Kane, Mia, Jake, my mom, Emma, Makayli, and my dad I was a huge mess. The next morning I woke up with dried tears in my eyes and stuff thrown everywhere. I hated myself for being this way, I didn't ask for any of this and I did not want it, but I got it and I have to suck it up and deal with the things that was brought upon me and hope that something good will come out of this mess. When I got to school, Cole grabbed me again and pulled me out into the cleaners closet.

"So....?" Cole asked.

"So, what?"

"Are you going to give it a shot?"

"Well I don't have a choice anymore because my family heard us talking last night and pretty much pushed me into doing..... so I guess I will give it a shot.

"Yes! I shall be the first to follow my leader." Cole said, gesturing towards the hallway.

"Are you always this weird?" I laughed out.

"I have know idea what you are talking about, Pandora."

"Pandora?" I asked.

"It means mysterious girl in greek."

"Why would you call me that?"

"Because you can rip off limbs faster than your father could swing a blade andI can since mystery and curiosity in your eyes." Cole replied.

"Wow." I said with a soft smile.

"Okay, I will see you in science later, bye."

"Bye." I said but the next thing I know he was gone.

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