Alpha’s Girl

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Austin had a good life. She had a mom who loved her and would do anything for her, and once upon a time, she had a loving brother before he disappeared in the woods. But her whole world gets turned inside out when her and her mom get attacked in the woods by creatures that can change shape from human to animal and she gets taken by the rogue alpha. What happens when she gets saved from her death bed by a mysterious stranger with a magic touch? What happens when she finds out that he's one of the very creatures that killed her mom and almost killed her?

Thriller / Romance
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I ran through the dark forest, the wind ripping through my torn clothes and blowing my hair back. I could hear them chasing after me.

They were right on my heels.

They flashed through my head. Their black eyes, rugged fur matted with blood, and fangs dripping with the fresh blood of my mother. They'd gotten her a while back and no matter how hard I tried and fought, there was no saving her. I haven't had proper time to grieve since they were chasing me now.

The damned things took Kaden now my mom and I'm most likely next. I shook my head refusing to think about Kaden and what happened on that camping trip...

No, I scolded myself. This is not the time. Right now I need to focus on getting out of here.

But there wouldn't be any 'here' to get out of if I'd listened. Everyone told me not to venture into the woods at night. Especially during full moons because that's when all the wolves come out, but did I listen? Obviously not, because if I had, my mom would still be breathing. We'd be in our crappy apartment with our obnoxious neighbors and perverted landlord but we'd still be fine. She'd still be alive.

Tears silently fell down my face as the grief and sadness weighed down on me, causing my legs to slow down as the tears blurred my already terrible vision. I just have to make it out of here. I kept repeating to myself and a little spark of hope ignited inside of me.

I felt my legs move faster as I jumped over a fallen tree and ducked under a few low hanging branches. I was close. To what? I don't know, but something inside me told me that I was close to something and I was determined to get there.

I was so focused on looking ahead that I missed a fallen tree and I tripped and fell right on my face. As soon as I hit the ground, I heard their deep, menacing growls.

They were on me.

My heart hammered against the bone in my chest as I struggled to get up, but my foot wouldn't move. It had gotten stuck in a hole in the tree and refused to leave. "Crap," I muttered as I frantically tried pulling my leg out, but it still wouldn't budge. Then I saw them. There was at least ten of them, large black wolves with dark fur and an even darker soul. They started circling me as they growled, eyeing me as if I were their pray, which I inevitability was.

"No," I whispered, tears escaping from my eyes as I continued yanking on my foot. "P-Please let me go." I pleaded as if they could understand me. As if they cared.

Suddenly, they stopped, all staring at the big one directly in front of me. The alpha. He was growling at me, flashing its powerful fangs and cold eyes, and I made the mistake of making eye contact with him.

In one fluid motion, he jumped at me, landing right on my chest causing all of the air to evacuate my body. My eyes widened as the beast growled in my face, its breath smelling like blood and the perfume my mother had been wearing, causing bail to rise in my throat, but I quickly swallowed it. The last thing I needed to do was piss them off by puking all over their leader.

"P-Please don't k-kill me," I begged, tears waterfalling down my cheeks. The beast gave me a wolfish smirk as if it understood me and enjoyed the fear it had injected into my veins. Suddenly the sound of cracking bones filled the air and within a second, where a wolf had been was a bare man who was now pinning my arms above my head and straddling my hips, causing me to scream.

"What's wrong dear?" the man on top of me asked with a thick accent that I couldn't match to a specific place and a wicked smile. His eyes were a green color and hair of obsidian sat atop of his head. He was a very handsome man with sharp features and a perfect complexion.

"Wh-What a-are you?" I stammered out barely above a whisper as shock sank into my system.

"What nightmares are made of," he whispered with a wicked grin on his lips. A lump quickly formed in my throat as my heartbeat became impossibly faster. "I found myself a beauty here," he whispered as his eyes studied every curve and dip my body had, causing me to squirm under his gaze. "I wonder..." he trailed off as his disgusting tongue came in contact with my jaw and ran itself all the way down to where my neck and shoulder met, causing a metal wire to weave itself down my back. "What I can do with this beautiful body of yours," he whispered as his hands left my wrists and positioned themselves on my hips, holding me down and he started placing rough kisses on my neck. "How many ways I can take you," he muttered into my skin. My hands were itching to punch him and run, but the heavy weight of fear held me down along with his huge muscular body. "How many pack members will hear you scream my name and beg me for more," he huskily said as he continued kissing across my chest. "How long it takes before you become one of us..." he trailed off before he looked me in the eyes, causing a gasp to escape my lips. His eyes were the black of a bottomless pit and in his mouth were long, dangerous canines that could rip my throat out in one swift motion.

He grinned. "I can hear your heartbeat," he mused. "Now tell me, Kitten, are you scared?"

It didn't take a single word for him to know that I was petrified, but when I didn't answer he growled. "ANSWER ME!" he roared in my face, causing me to cower away and screw my eyes shut to keep more tears from escaping. After a few moments of silence, I mutely nodded, my eyes still closed. I could hear him smiling. "Good. That's how I like them,"he said before his grip on my hips suddenly tightened and my eyes shot open due to the pain I was feeling. A small whimper pushed past my lips and he smiled. "Shh, Kitten," he said. "The faster you go out the better."

And that's when everything went black.

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