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Suki Figimura Americas top homicide detective known country wide for solving any and every case is put up to the challenge of taking down the notorious serial killer “Anti” a self righteous murderer who’s mission is to rid religion of its hypocrisy by playing the part of god and ridding the world of any and all sin. Can Suki live up to his reputation and capture the maniac before it’s to late or will his traumatic past put him in the line of fire?

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1: Rough Beginnings

Tokyo, Japan 1945: With orphanages overflowing with children, prominent men of the cloth sought to gain good standing with the public by “selflessly” taking in these troubled children. Thus blessing them with a new life or at least that's how it seemed through the public's eyes. The fact of the matter was far more gruesome.

Tokyo, Japan 1952, Westside Orphanage: “Why hello there father, are you here to read the young boys and girls another prayer on this splendid day?” Asked Tye the owner of the westside orphanage. “Not today i’m afraid, in fact today marks a very special occasion. After many a discussion with my family i have decided to adopt.” Replied father Gou Figimura the lead Priest at Tokyo’s most well renowned super church. “That wonderful news! Do you have anyone in mind?” Tye asked as she waited in anticipation. “Why yes i do happen to have someone in mind. Suki would you be so kind as to come over here for a moment.” Suki a shy 9 year old boy who’s spent most his life at the orphanage walked over head down avoiding any and all eye contact. Suki, not too familiar with Father Gou latched onto Tyes pant leg as he hid behind her thigh, stuck his head off to the side just enough to see him. Father Gou crouched down to his level and stuck out his hand to shake as he introduced himself. “Hello Suki remember me? I’ve stopped by a few times recently to read prayers for you and the other boys and girls.” The father said in a soft tone to put Suki at ease. Making eye contact momentarily he nodded. Father Gou smiled back “Now Suki, what do we do when someone introduces themselves to us?” Suki looked up at Tye and back down to Father Gou as he trembled from anxiety “Hi m-my name i-is Suki.” “That’s better, now Suki I have some very exciting news starting today you’ll be moving in with Father Gou. Isn’t that just great.” Suki grasped tighter on Tye’s pant leg “I apologize for this Father, Suki is a little slow to connect with others. After all being here for so many years he’s had to watch as his friends disappeared one after another.” Father Gou placed his hand on Suki’s head patting him. “Don’t you worry, i have a sneaking suspicion that Suki and I will get along just fine isn’t that right...son?” Suki’s heart pounded as his eyes locked on the man that he would soon call his dad. While those around him saw a sweet, middle-aged pastor who wished to better one poor orphan boys life, Suki sensed a much darker motive looming. Tye lifted Suki up off her leg and walked him to his bedroom sitting him down on his mattress. “Suki sit tight okay? I’ve got some important grown up stuff to do now so just stay in here until dinners ready.” She closed the door and turned back to the pastor “Alright this way father, we’ve got to take care of some paperwork and then once your approved, Suki’s all yours.” A few days passed but since his brief encounter Suki had yet to leave his room for anything other than potty breaks and food. Tye paced around the living room trying to pinpoint the cause of Suki’s strange change in behavior. “What could it be? He’s always been a little shy around new people but he’s never gone as far to completely isolate himself like this. This is bad, so very bad! If he doesn’t shape up he’s going to cost himself a chance to leave this place.” Tye tapped her fist into the palm of her other hand “Wait thats it” she exclaimed. “He must be anxious because its been almost a week and he hasn’t seen Father Gou again. He must be worried Father changed his mind and doesn’t want to take him any longer. I just need to get Father Gou’s adoption papers approved asap.” With her new found motivation pushing her along, by nightfall she had successfully gotten everything passed. The next morning she gathered all the children and brought them to the church Father Gou ran. “Why hello there my children, hope you’re ready to hear about our lord and savior.” Tye leaning down behind the children with her arms on their shoulders “I’m positive they all are, isn’t that right kids?” The children excluding Suki yelled “Yeah!” As the sunday school session came to a close Suki grew more and more nervous. Tye realized Suki’s sweat running down his brow. She pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “There there Suki, everything’s going to be okay now. This amazing place is going to be your new home from now on. You should be happy, not many kids from the orphanage get so lucky.” Suki watched as his friends all left waving goodbye. Tears filled his eyes as he tried to scream but alas his words couldn’t escape as his throat tighten up in fear. “Please don’t go, please don’t leave me here!” That one sentence stuck in the back of his throat would come to be Suki’s biggest regret in life. As the church doors closed Suki realized he was now all alone forced to endure this hellish fate that had been compelled upon him by the very god that he craved relief from.

Tokyo, Japan 1958, New Hope Church: 6 years had passed since the day Suki was adopted and taken in by Gou Figimura. During there stint together Suki under went extreme psychological and physical damage. Constant abuse had taken an ill effect on Suki’s mental health resulting in worsening chronic depression. This had an adverse effect on his school studies as well. A boy who had been a fast and gifted learner began to lose focus during classes, forgot homework assignments and skipped classes.

Kyoto, Japan 1960, Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine: Suki 17, was on a school field trip visiting Kyoto. Everyone split into groups other than Suki ,who staying alone hands in pockets hunched over, with a blank expression and dead eyes. One of his classmates nudged her friend pointing to Suki. “Look at him, does he ever stop being miserable,god... its pathetic.” The girls friend chucked. “Do you blame him tho, he’s got no friends in the entire school. I’d hate life too if I was a nobody like him.” As the class made it’s way to the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, Suki choose to stray from the group setting off on his own. Being the black sheep of the group he went unnoticed. As he wondered alone he spotted a wooded area with not many around. Mixed in with the trees were some small streams, bridges and statues one of which caught Suki’s attention. It wasn’t the artwork however that had caught his eye but rather its size for it was quite tall. A singular thought crossed his mind. “Now... do it now you coward!” His palms began to sweat, his body trembling. “NOW!” Suki began climbing up this statue as a few tourists spotted him, taking pictures laughing while under the assumption that this was merely a rebellious teen acting out for attention. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Suki who was now over 30 feet high struggled to stand up on the head of the statue placing his hands to his sides for balance. He closed his eyes as his foot slipped out from under him. Tho he was only 30 feet in the air it seemed as if he fell for an eternity, smiling for the first time since being taken in by Gou all those years ago. “God, if you’re real I hope we can meet someday... So I can spit in your face you rat bastard!” A loud clap like splat raised the attention of on-goers as those who had witnessed ran in a panic seeking assistance. For what lay on that cold hard ground was a teenage boy with skull fragments and blood spilling out in large quantities.

Kyoto, Japan 1961, Kyoto Drive Hospital: It had been a little over 1 year since Suki’s attempted suicide at Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. By what his adoptive father had called a true act of god, Suki had somehow survived his fall despite some minor brain damage. Suki’s eyes crept open for the first time since the incident. “Wh-where am I?” He could vaguely see blurred bodies looking at him all smiles with faint noises ringing in his ears. “W-Who are you people.” He wondered, still unable to speak out loud. “W-wa-wait..” He lifted his hand in front of his face. “Who who am I?” Once Suki had become more aware oh his surroundings the doctors explained what had happened. “And that is why you’re experiencing this confusion at the moment.” The doctor explained. “I fell off a statue and now I’m suffering from Amnesia?” “It would appear that is the case. However your brain seems to have somehow made it out of the accident fairly intact, it’s a miracle to be honest. If that weren’t the case it be almost unthinkable that you could regain your past memories but in your case I believe there is a high probability that it’ll all return to you at some point down the line.” Said the doctor as he walked out the room waving in Gou Figimura. “Oh son! I’m so glad you’re alright!” Gou cried out as he tightly embraced Suki in his arms. “Son? That means my father” Gou rubbed Suki’s back. “Yes my child you are very much my son.” “I’m sorry I-I don’t remember you” “Worry not my son, God answered my prayers returning you to my arms. That is all I could ask for at this moment.”

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