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Chapter 2: Secret Admirer?

New york, America 1966: 14 years had passed since the day Suki was adopted and taken in by Gou Figimura. In that time Suki now 23 years of age had matured, graduating top of his class 3 years in a row with a degree in detective studies from a renowned private college he was accepted to through his father's connections. Once he entered the field he left his colleagues mouths agape, as his feats at such a young age were down right astounding as he had solved over 37 cold cases coming straight out of school. With the far lower crime rate than other areas of the world Suki thought it wisest to get a change of scenery, moving to the bustling city of New York in hopes of becoming the world's greatest homicide detective. From there he only bolstered rumors of his greatness as he went head to head outwitting the likes of mafiosos and cold blooded murderers throughout the city yet he didn’t stop there. Suki was adamant about changing his surroundings from time to time to not grow complacent in his work thus he was often travel to over states for months on end working alongside other agencies and assistants to further expand his talents. This coupled along with his good looks and charm made him well known throughout the states being hailed as the next Sherlock Holmes.

New York City, 1967: Outside in the wintery elements strolled a man in a thick black coat at the dead of night. He picked up a news paper opening it up. “From Death's Door to fighting the Reaper! The young man who’s unfortunate accident nearly cost him his life has now become known worldwide as the world's next Sherlock Holmes. 24 year old Suki Figimura made headlines after surviving a 30 foot fall off a statue located at the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine in Kyoto, Japan 7 years ago. Despite a fractured skull, large losses of blood and over 1 year in a coma the young man made a stunning recovery. Wasting no time to spend his second chance at life Suki pursued detective work graduating top of his class. Now he spends his time taking down New York’s most wanted.” The man tossed the paper on the ground. “Suki Figimura huh, so that’s what you’ve been up to. Perhaps its time we get reacquainted... Suki my old friend.

New York City, October 3 1968: Suki had just arrived back to his state of New York, getting a ride back to the Reinhand Detective Works or RDW for short with his assistants Billy White a 19 year old college student that was taking an internship under Suki and Laura Shorts a 22 year old who was extremely bright but notoriously bullheaded. Suki tossed his luggage in the trunk and hopped in the car. “How was your trip Sir?” Asked Billy, who had been patiently awaiting Suki’s return. Suki placed his hand over his head with an emphatic sigh. “To be frank it was a pain in the ass, all of the detectives there kept trying to impress me by taking on cases out of their leagues so in the end I spent most of my time babysitting in a sense. I’m just glad to be back home.” “We’re glad you’re back as well!” Exclaimed Billy. “Must you be so loud Billy? Your constant blabbering is going to give me a migraine.” Laura said, rubbing her temples in an attempt to prevent herself from getting one. “I’m not even being that loud! You agree with me don’t you Mr. Figimura?” Questioned Billy, as he looked in the rear view for his reaction? “Well... It was a long trip so perhaps you could lower your voice just a tad so I could doze off for a bit of the ride.” “Sorry sir i’ll shut up now.” Billy said, lip puffed out as he held back tears. As they neared the Agency, Billy who was at the wheel, continuously peaked his head back at Mr. Figimura who was sitting alone in the backseat with drool on the edge of his lip as he nodded off. In doing so Laura noticed Billy drifting out of his lane. “Would you quit looking at him sleep already and keep your eyes on the road! God you’re such a shitty driver whenever he’s along! I’m not trying to get in an accident because of your weird obsession with the boss!” Laura blurted. “I-I’m not obsessed with Mr. Figimura!” Billy snapped back, waking Suki from his slumber. “I just look up to him because it’s obvious how gifted of a detective he is! That's all!” Billy continued, trying to defend his actions due to the embarrassment of Laura’s accusation. “Riiiggghttt.” Sarcastically said Laura. “I am damnit could you stop being so rude to me for just on-“ but before he could finish his thought Suki interrupted letting out a big yawn. “Guys if you don’t mind piping down please, the last thing I wish to deal with is your petty squabbles so please just make up already.” “Okay okay, I’m sorry for saying you’re a shitty driver.” Apologized Laura, purposely leaving out the bit about Billy’s obsession with Suki to further annoy him. “That wasn’t even the part I was mad about!” “Billy please, she said sorry. just forgive her already so we can put this in the past.” “Bu-but sh- *sigh* fine. I forgive you I guess. You jerk” Muttered Billy, ticked off at the fact that the boss hadn’t held her accountable for her rude statements. For the rest of the drive everyone remained silent, that is other than Suki who’s snores resembled that of a bear’s roar.

October 15th, in the suburban Great Neck Gardens, a middle aged man with brown hair, green eyes, partially balding, wearing a black suit with suitcase in hand is seen leaving his house; first kissing his wife goodbye. “Have a safe work trip Roger baby I love you.” Said the wife as she kissed him farewell. “I will darling.” Roger replied as he hopped into his olive green, 1962 Chevy Impala SS. As he drove off he got the strange sensation he was being followed. Wanting to rid himself of this anxiety, he turned down a city backstreet checking his rearview mirrors repeatedly but after seeing nothing out of the ordinary his mind was slowly put at ease. He drove a few more miles before parking his car in front of a blank building. He quickly hopped out the car, now wearing a dark grey flat cap pulling it down slightly to conceal his facial features. He knocked on a large steel door 3 times then paused then proceeded to knock 5 more. The door slowly opened as he made one last glance back behind him, entering once the coast was deemed clear in his eyes. Inside the black plain looking building was a sea of action. Live music playing, boozes of all kinds covering the walls as far as the eye could see and hot young females erotically dancing. Roger removed his hat, jacket, loosened his tie, placed his wedding ring in is pant pocket and walked out on the dance floor as he scandalously shook his hips behind a lovely lady he had spotted upon entering the establishment. As the hours rolled by he and his eye candy had become deeply intoxicated. “Hoows bout we s-s-split dis jo-joint and go sumwher quiet?” He muttered face bright red. They drove to an abandoned building which previously was a hotel that had been damaged beyond repair in an electrical fire. This being an ideal spot for quick secret meetups since a few of the rooms had only minor damages and were still in salvageable condition. He led the woman to room 209 as he threw her on the bed and slammed the door. Her moans soon turned to screams as a masked man holding a bible, kicked open the door. “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral. Hebrews 13:4” Preached the man. Roger still heavily intoxicated stumbled his naked body up to the masked man. “WHos do yoU tHInK You R! FiNd yor owN BicH SheS miNee!” Rodger shouted, with spit flying. The masked man towered over Roger at a height of 6’5 not flinching an inch as Roger exploded in front of him. The masked man lifted his bible slamming the spine into Rodger’s temple, knocking him unconscious. As his head connected with the floor blood scattered across the carpet. The woman panicking for her life jumped out of bed but couldn’t get past the doorway before being grabbed. “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the pagans, who do not know God; Thessalonians 4:3-5” Preached the masked assailant. “Let go of me!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Shrieked the drunk woman as she scratched, kicked and screamed trying anything she could to be released from their attackers grasp. The grip around her arm got tighter as he effortlessly yanked her down dislocating her arm from the socket and causing her face to split open against the edge of the doorway. As she laid, blood pouring out of her skull, washing away her teeth that had fallen out on contact with the door the man crouched down putting his lips just inches away from her ear. “I saw you in church last weekend repenting your sins and yet I find you here of all places.” Whispered the masked man. “H-h-how d-id you n-n-know it did t-th-that. Just w-who are you?” She stuttered, struggling to verbalize due to the vast amounts of blood she had lost. “Because god sees everything... and I’m your god now!” He said, leaving her with an insatiable desire of death as she sensed his bloodlust radiating from within him. He momentarily left the room returning with a chair. The woman blocked his path so he nonchalantly stepped on her head, her already fractured skull cracking under his weight like dropping an egg on concrete. With no attention paid to the brain matter that covered his shoe the masked man grabbed the unconscious Rodger lifting him into the chair. “Sinners shall always seek salvation, but when in the presence of GOD they’ll now be met with extermination. Sinners shall always seek salvation, but when in the presence of GOD they’ll now be met with extermination. Sinners shall always seek salvation, but when in the presence of GOD they’ll now be met with extermination!” The assailant chanted repeatedly. He pulled out a rope from his pants attempting to tightly tie Rodger’s arms behind his back but due to the chairs shape he couldn’t get a good knot. He stuck his knee on the back edge of the chair and cranked down on Rodger’s arm causing the elbow to fracture. The masked man then repeated his actions on the opposing arm. With both elbows completely destroyed the man was able to wrap them around the chair in such a way the wrists reached up to the other arms forearm. This giving the assailant ample skin to work with. When Rodger awoke his body immediately entered a state of shock from the overwhelming damage his body had endured while knocked out, if not for the masked man’s ability to think ahead by placing a gag around Rodger’s mouth he surely would’ve swallowed his own tongue and suffocated to death which in hindsight Rodger would’ve much preferred.

October 18th, 2 weeks had passed since the return of Suki Figimura to New York. Work was typically slow as few criminals with half a mind dared kill under Figimura’s watch but with his extended period of time out of the state murders had increased 10 fold. “This is ridiculous. Gone for a few months and the city goes to shit. Just look at this mess!” He shouted pointing at the massive stack of new unsolved cases on his desk. “This is going to take me weeks to get through all these... ughhh.” Sighed Suki placing his hands on his face and pulling his hair back. “Mr. Figimura, Mr. Figimura we received another fan letter!” Figimura’s assistant detective Billy hollered. “Billy how many times do I have to tell you if it’s addressed to me don’t open it.” Scolded Suki. Laura who overheard walked over. “Fan mail? Gimme that!” She demanded, ripping the paper from Billy’s hands. “Who’s crushing on the boss now?” Skimming the paper her eyes moved left to right over and over until she ended up tossing the paper in the air as Billy franticly reached out trying to catch it. “What a bore. I was hoping for something riskay.” Sighed Laura, disappointed as she left the room. “You both really need to learn to respect other people's stuff. Now please let me see the letter already.” Suki demanded putting his foot down. “Aww sir can’t I please read it! Pllllleeeeeesssssseeeee.” “Ugh fine.” “Hello Suki, I’m a huge fan of your work. You’ve grown into such an amazing young man, it’s as if you’re a completely different person from the Suki I knew growing up. I remember you being such a loner, always with that dead stare on your face but look at you now! Who would’ve guessed you’d grow up to be New York’s most renowned homicide detective at only 25 no less. I’ve kept tabs on you from the moment I learned of your new found success and decided to make it my duty to follow in your footsteps, as you travel the world shining a light on humanity's darkness. I’m sure you’re asking yourself who this is, hoping like all cops do that I’d state my name but a detective of your caliber should be able to deduce it. It was a pleasure talking to you but alas my time is running thin tonight so I must be saying farewell. I’ve heard you’re a man of god now so I’ll leave you with this... Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good- Romans 12:9 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand- Isaiah 41:10 Hope to hear from you soon Suki.” Suki tapping his pencil on his table started reanalyzing what had just been read to him. “Interesting, I never would’ve guessed someone who knew me in my past life would not only contact me as a fan but also challenge me to a battle of wits.” Billy scratched his head in confusion. “In your past life? What did you mind by that if you don’t mind me asking?” “Well I can’t say for sure what I was like before my accident but from what some of my classmates told me I wasn’t the same person once I lost my memories.” Explained Suki. “Ohhhh yeah! I forgot all about that shit! It was all over the news when it happened!” “Could you try to seem a tad less excited when mentioning something that damn well should’ve ended my life.” Suki said taking the fan letter from Billy who put his head down pouting like a lost puppy. “S-so are you going to decipher the letter?” Billy asked avoiding eye contact. Suki looked at the letter for a second before placing it in his desk. “It’d be fun but I really should stick to solving the pile of cases that piled up while I was gone. Perhaps I’ll give it a whirl once we’re all caught up.”

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