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Chapter 3: Day of Reckoning

October 25, 6:57 A.M: The sun began to rise on Rodger’s 1962 Chevy Impala SS pulled into the driveway of his home. The masked man calmly stepped out then walked off unseen being sure to leave the car on. The familiar loud rawr of the engine got his wife’s attention as she woke up from her slumber running down the stairs in excitement as she through open the door to greet her husband who she assumed had returned early from his Business trip. “Rodger did you lie about how long you’d be gone to surpis... Rodger?” Her excitement turned to confusion upon not seeing Rodger behind the wheel. As she approached the vehicle she spotted a letter with a slight bulge. “Aww I bet its the watch I’ve been asking for!” Without hesitation she grabbed the letter but what fell out from it was not the watch she had hoped for.

Reinhand Detective Works, October 25, 9:26 A.M: Suki pouring a cup of coffee took a whiff of the strong scent before sipping in just enough of the piping hot liquid to stimulate his taste buds without burning his tongue. “Ah, nothing beats the taste of freshly ground Colombian Arabica beans.” While Suki was in a state of bliss within his office walls on the 5th floor of the building, the same could not be said for his team as mass panic insured on the first floor when a distressed young woman handed a letter and object to Suki’s assistances urging them to read it. His assistances Billy and Laura darted up the stairs as quickly as humanly possible as the woman headed home. Laura was the first to reach Suki’s office, forgoing the typical knock on the door. Rather Laura choose to swing the door open startling Suki into spilling his coffee all over his nice suit. “AHHHHHH! HOT HOT HOT!” Shrieked Suki as the coffee burnt his groin causing him to hop out of his seat blowing on his pants in an attempt to do anything to ease the burning sensation. Laura grabbing her chest bent over with her hands on her legs struggling to catch her breath. “Thank *huff* goodness you’re here.” “Where else would I be?! FURTHERMORE WHAT GIVES? YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!” Suki shouted, patting a handkerchief around his groin to soak up some off the coffee that had split. “Now care to explain why you barged in suddenly or perhaps why you’re so out of breath?” Laura who had now slowed her breathing opened her mouth but before she could respond Billy trying to come to a dead stop tripped, slamming into Suki’s desk. “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU TWO?! Explain yourselves this instant!” Billy lifted his arm just high enough that Suki could see the top of a fold paper peeking out over his desk. “Really Billy, opening my letters again...” “S-si-sir it’s not what you think!” Billy stressed, continuing to clarify why he had another one of Suki’s letters. After being informed Suki grabbed his coat in a haste. “Come on you two we’re heading to the crime scene NOW!” Suki demanded. Taking Suki’s car they drove to the location the police had informed them the crime had happened. “So explain to me one more time.” “A woman was just here this morning frantically detailing how someone had dropped off her husband's car in their driveway running. When she went out thinking she’d see her husband who was to be on a business trip out of town this week, she instead found a letter with a small bulge. When she grabbed the letter an object fell out.” Laura rustled through her jacket pocket and pulled out a plastic baggy with a severed ring finger out. “This ring finger which she has identified as her husband’s was said object.” Suki swerving in between traffic punching the gas to avoid red lights. “Billy you still have the letter on you correct?” Asked Suki, patiently awaiting his answer. “Um yeah, do you want to see it?” “Are you dumb? He’s driving. Are you trying to have him crash?” Laura complained. “Billy read it slowly to me. Okay?” “To whom it may concern, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, your husband Rodger has been keeping me company for the past few days but no need to panic for he’s alive and doing well. If you wish to see him returned to your life all you must do is complete three simple steps. 1. No involving the police, rather you will hand deliver this letter to the RDW. 2. Do not take your husband’s car. You must take your own. 3. Once you hand over the letter, it must be given to and read by only Suki Figimura and his assistants. Upon completing these steps proceed home. If any of these steps are not met, your husband will suffer in the most horrific ways imaginable. This next portion will be addressed to Mr. Figimura. Suki....Suki...Suki...It’s quite unfortunate things had to transpire the way they did. I never wished to have to resort to such tactics to grab your undivided attention but now that I have it front and center I need you to cooperate. All I wish is to engage in a simple battle of wits but in order to do that you must first learn my name, uncover that and everything will be made clear soon enough. If you can’t accomplish that however in seven days I will be forced to pass judgment on his soul for the weight of his sins. For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Lord God; so turn, and live. Ezekiel 18:32” Read Billy, folding the letter back up so it didn’t get misplaced. “Todays the 25th so this bastards only giving us till the first of November?! Are you kidding me?” Laura complained slamming her fist down on the dash. “Calm yourself Laura we’ll prevail. Have the three of us ever failed when solving a case?” “Well no we haven’t but...” “No more we can and will save this woman’s husband!” Suki assured. They pulled up to the home of the wife who was on her porch crouched down shaking. “Madam is this you’re husbands vehicle?” Questioned Suki, running over to the Impala. She nodded as Suki and the others ran up to the car halting once up close. “Don’t tell me!!” Suki’s face turned white unable to put on a calm face for the worried wife once he picked up on the all to familiar scent. He calmed his breathing and asked Laura to accompany the wife inside. Removing the key from the ignition he made his way to the trunk. Fearing the worst he popped the trunk immediately being smothered by the pungent smell that he had encountered far to many times in his short life. For what lay in the trunk of the car was the decaying rotten flesh of the woman that had been with Roger the night of the kidnapping. Billy who stood beside Suki vomited continuously at the horrific sight. Suki examining the bodies remains heard a rustling from above. Looking up he saw another letter written in what appeared to be blood. “Because she took her whoredom lightly, she polluted the land, committing adultery with stone and tree. Jeremiah 3:9” it read. Suki closed his eyes and said a prayer for the deceased woman as he closed the trunk so no bystanders could get a glimpse of the body. Suki tossed Billy his keys and hopped into the Chevy. “I’m going to be going out of town for the night so I can provide this young woman a proper burial. In the meanwhile take my car back to the agency and look over the contents of the two letters with Laura while I'm gone.” Said Suki sticking his head out the window. “Also be sure to assure the wife I will do everything in my power to capture this monster and return her husband to her arms.” Billy wiping the vomit from his mouth. “Go-got it sir.”

October 25, 1:34 A.M. Room 209: Inside the abandoned hotel room sat Rodger, gag in mouth, arms still tied to the chair which had since been drilled into the ground. The masked man entered the room stepping over the hookers body pacing around the chair. Afraid of what may happen to him next Rodger screamed “Aaagggghhh.” Unfortunately for him, the desperate cries for help went unnoticed as they were muffled by the cloth tied within his mouth. “Huh what was that? You’ll have to speak up hahaha.” Taunted the masked man continuing to pace as he began explaining why the man was there. “Do you know why you’re here right now? No...of course you don’t. For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh. Peter 3:18 You see that is why we’re here today my friend! We are here because Jesus died for our sins! Sins so despicable and yet he forgave us... he forgave the many so they could seek salvation or so he thought... Mankind was given a second chance, to learn from their previous mistakes and better one another. Yet they turned their back on Jesus! Rather than doing away with sin they bathed in it. If Jesus had already forgiven them for their mistakes why stop there?! Jesus was weak! Rather than holding those accountable for their crimes he freed then of their guilt! But that is where I differ... I’ve grown up watching those who had committed heinous acts, those who showed no remorse for their actions knowing they would be forgiven. You people look at yourselves as being better than those around you! As if being a man of god is what makes you a good human being but your wrong! For years I questioned my existence, why had I been placed on this planet? What was my reason for living? I even tried killing myself yet I was unable, then my eyes opened as it dawned on me! If Jesus turned a blind eye to sin it was up to me. I WAS GIVEN THE ABSOLUTE DUTY! THAT’S WHY I COULDN’T DIE! I WAS PUT IN CHARGE OF THESE WILD CREATURES! I WHO GO BY ANTI SHALL JUDGE THE SINNERS OF THIS WORLD AND DELIVER DIVINE JUDGMENT TO ALL!!!!!! NO LONGER WILL YOU SWINE BATHE IN YOUR HYPOCISIES!” Rodger screamed with all his might but yet again his muffled screams couldn’t make it outside the walls of the abandoned building leaving him helpless but to sit and watch while his attacker crouched down beside the woman’s decaying corpse and stuck their finger in the mushed skull, stirring it around as he pulled out a pencil and began to write down on a piece of paper a letter of some sort dipping his pencil in the matter. Anti put the finishing touches on his letter he stood up, looking deep into the soul of Roger who’s heartbeat run faster than his legs ever could. Anti’s blood soaked hands slid down Rodger’s face but to his surprise he hadn’t experienced the sensation of blood running down his face for what he felt was none other than the sensation of cold steel cutting into his flesh. “For committing the act of adultery you must atone!” Hollered Anti pushing the knife down forcefully on Rodger’s ring finger. “And this will be your first step towards atonement!” The sound of bone shattering under the weight of the steel was far less nauseating to Rodger’s ears than the sinister laughter coming from his torturer. In the moments right before his ring finger was taken from him. “I won’t be returning for 1 week my child but in my absence you must continue to hydrate and nourish yourself or death shall be all that awaits you.” Warned Anti, violently ripping the gag from Rodger’s mouth. Able to speak once more Rodger yelled with all his might. “SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!!!! PLEASE GOD HELLLLLPPPPPPPP MEEEEE!!!!!!” Anti chuckled at Rodger’s weak attempts to be hear all the while soaking the rag in the blood of the rotting woman’s brain cavity. “Go ahead yell, nobody can hear you hell, fuck it I’ll scream with you! AHHHHHHH SOMEBODY HELLLLPPPPP! HAHAHAHAHA!” Taunted Anti, gaining pleasure seeing Rodger lose hope. “DO YOU GET IT NOW?! ASK GOD FOR HELP ALL YOU LIKE BUT HE WON’T SAVE YOU BECAUSE I’M YOUR GOD NOW! I AM THE SOLE BEING WHO CONTROLS YOUR FATE! WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE IS MY DECISION AND MINE ALONE! YOUR SINS ARE ETCHED IN STONE AND THIS IS YOUR ATONEMENT!” Preached Anti, who took the blood soaked rag, retying it around Roger’s mouth. “This will be plenty enough nutrients to keep you alive till my return. Show me your will to live you feeble human scum.”

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