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Chapter 4: Visions of Death

October 25, 10:42 A.M: With Suki heading out of the city, Billy and Laura were left to console the now widowed wife reassuring her that justice would prevail. “I promise you ma’am we will find your husband no matter the cost.” Laura took care of the consoling realizing whatever it was that Billy had seen had left him shaken. A quick glance into Billy’s eyes conveyed the inner turmoil he was being subjected to as no longer were they filled with his usual gleeful glimmer but a much darker tint as his pupils expanded overshadowing his normal eye color with the current feelings within his heart of unease and trepidation. While it’s true Billy had been assisting Suki for over a year now, this was the first time he witnessed up close and personal something of this degree; as Suki was very cautious with his pupil taking into consideration his emotional state. Being the kind of happy go lucky, positive kid Billy is Suki was wary to allow him to see any bodies that were too mangled but with the sudden urgency forced upon him, he threw away all these previous notions opening the trunk to the horrifying site of the mangled body. The image of the decaying corpse with fractured remnants of the skull mixed within a pool of brain matter like a bag of chips drowning in salsa was etched deep within Billy’s mind. With Billy unfit to aid in the questioning Laura took the lead in trying to uncover any facts or clues of relevance to this case. “Ma’am if it’s alright with you, may I ask you a few questions about your husband to aid in our investigation?” “Yes! Anything to bring home my sweet Roger!” “Wonderful now firstly, I was told by one of my co-workers you talked to this morning that your husband had left for a business trip. Correct?” “Yes, yes Roger was on one of his monthly business trips when he was kidnapped.” “Hmm, interesting. If you’re husband was taken while on his trip this leads me to believe that the kidnapper may have been aware of his monthly trips.” “Really?” “Now tell me, to you’re knowledge does your husband have an enemies or people who might have a grudge? Say an ex, old friend he fought with, co-worker he didn’t like? Anyone that comes to mind at all?” Laura asked hoping for a possible suspect to look into. The wife pondered for second. “No one comes to mind. Roger is very respected in his field due to his drive, all his coworkers admire his insane work ethic. On top of that he goes to church every Sunday and a model citizen.” Billy who was still fidgety pulled on Laura’s sleeve. “What is it Billy?” She noticed his lips curling as he tried to force out something. Keeping his head down he tugged again causing her to lean in closer. It was obvious whatever Billy had on the tip of his tongue was important to the case. “A-a woman, ask if h-he knew a woman with blonde ha- *dry heaves* ha- *dry heaves* hair and two moles on her left cheek.” Billy muttered stumbling over his words showing just why he had been hand picked by Suki to join the RDW despite his inexperience and age. Since his toddler years Billy showed an innate ability to recognize and recall an individuals most identifiable features instantaneously despite whatever mental state he was in at the time or the length of time he was given to look over the subject. Where most people become scramble brained under immense amounts of pressure or mental strain and thus are unable to appropriately assess their surroundings Billy was different. No matter the stress put on him he could still paint a portrait of a persons face within his mind, a true testament to his incredible detective skills. Laura who was unaware of what had been found in the trunk of the car proceeded to ask without question. “Let me think oh yes we did know a woman like that. She attended the same church as us, we never really talked much but we both knew her. Wait don’t tell me you believe she was the perpetrator!!!” Without so much as a peep Billy got up and walked out the front door taking a few deep breaths with tears streaming down his cheeks. “Why’d you walk off? It sounded like we were making some progress. We’ve got a possible suspect!“ Billy sniffed wiping the tears from his eyes. “No you’re wrong.” “Wrong? How so, you’re the one who had a hunch it was that woman right? She knew the husband shes our best lead.” “It wasn’t that, when Figimura asked you to go inside he popped the trunk... She’s not the perpetrator, sh-she’s the victim. Whoever took Roger killed her as well.” Billy bared his teeth unable to properly emote the horrors he was feeling inside. “It-it was... sh-she *heavy breathing* her-her head... op- cracked open... *accelerated breathes* th-the sm-smell of it I-I...” Reimagining the scene in his head Billy’s body shut down collapsing to the ground. “BILLLYYYYY!” Screamed Laura in a panic as Billy’s sight of her slowly vanished as his eyes closed.

October 26, 2:17 A.M: Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont: Suki gets outside the running Chevy in the middle of the forrest camouflaged within the thick tree trunks spanning out miles. His heart racing he pulls out a shovel he had purchased while heading through town propping it against the back tire. Hesitant to expose himself to the stench of the decaying corpse, he uses his suit to attenuate the foul oder. He reluctantly slid his arm under the back of the corpse and lifted the limp body into his arms. His knees buckled as he and the corpse tumbled down the small hill he was atop before smashing into a tree below. Wincing in pain Suki shoved the body off, his chest now dyed a crimson red he climbed back up to the car for his shovel. Sticking the shovel in the dirt he began digging his hole when he noticed a drop of water. As he looked up to the sky he was hit with another between the eyes followed by a few more. “How fitting.” Hours pasted as Suki’s climbed out his 3 foot deep hole that had filled with rain. The mud sucked in his shoes as he forced his feet to pop out without them. Suki now soaking wet, muddied and shoeless slide down the miniature hill using every last ounce of strength to drag the woman’s body up to the grave he had dug. When he finally reached the top he pushed her down into then hole and ended up getting splashed as the impact caused the puddle of rain water that had collected at the bottom to shoot up. Exhausted Suki sighed knowing he hadn’t yet finished. With each shovel load of dirt the woman’s corpse grew less and less visible but as Suki was just about to cover her face with the final load he made eye contact with her. What transpired afterwards shook Suki to his core. His heart pounded like 1000 drums, his vision blurred, his ears now ringing. The feeling he was experiencing was non other than death! He dropped to the ground curling up in the fetal position terrified. For when he made eye contact with the woman he saw something. He saw sketchy visions of her being yanked down, he saw her face split open against the edge of the doorway, he saw her pleading for her life, and lastly he saw her skull crushed beneath a pair of boots. Unbeknownst to him, these nightmarish visions would soon become the key to unlocking the mystery behind Anti.

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