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Leah was sleeping when it happened, she didn’t find out until after. Willow didn’t make it out, she was pushed. Harper didn’t care, if she cared, she would have ran. But she didn’t care, so she didn’t run.

Thriller / Adventure
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I was sleeping.

I’ve always been a very sound sleeper but, someone could have woke me up.

My own family!

My mom, my two older brothers, and I lived in a ugly, two story, dust grey, house.

When the announcement came I was sleeping. I never heard it. My family ran right out the door, never looked back. Never came back for me.

This is my story:

I woke up... Eventually.

When I waked out of my room the house felt odd, tense. Like it was holding its breath, waiting for something to happen.

“Mom? Kade? Oliver?” I yelled to the empty house- as if it would reply. Then I saw the old boxy television. Flashing one word:


“Run? To where?” I said. Again, no answer.

I walked around the house, entered every room, knowing, they would never be back.

It was too much. I wandered into my room and I cried. I hadn’t cried like that in years.

Finally, I pulled myself together enough to hear a faint scratching sound. I stood up and walked over to the noise.

A cat! A gorgeous, toffee colored, cat.

I knew at that moment that I, Leah Sage Meyer, was going to be okay.

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