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Hey everyone,Hii, My name is Jamey, Jamey Vann, Well,I was, I mean......I am 20 years old, Damn! bored with intro? Okay, let’s get onto point , So, basically, I’m gonna tell you a story, maybe a love story, but hey! hey! not the good one, it’s,it’s about one sided and , I guess, not even 0.1% on the other, well it’s not, that what is love story, no! not at all, it’s about what’s after that,so, let’s get started , It’s..., I guess three or four years ago, I don’t remember exactly, There was a girl, Cristina , she never knew, I called her Cristy, she was really innocent, fair like,like albino,not albino,but ,just like albino,she was really to it. She had a curl on her forehead ,at where her hairs started, she had brownish black hairs with grey eyes ,usually she use to pony her hairs,Man, she was really mindblowing,she wasn’t sexy, neither beautiful, but you know what, she was damn cute ,so much that her cuteness covered up her sexiness and beautifulness. She was adorable, abductable(giggles), I just when saw her first time, I got triggered, like,′ boom’, mind was blown up, into pieces. You know, I rarely had a conversation with her, I mean like, Hey.......Oh! Oh! I’m.... I’m sorry, I mean like, I just get lost, when I think about her, words get less to describe her, let’s skip this all, and let’s move on, for like two years forward, I proposed her, I’ll not say rejected, but,.... okay, I’ll just say her words ,she said,” Hey, look, genuinely, I don’t like anybody, or love someone, Man,... I’m like selfish and careless girl. I wont be able to take so much burden” and blah....blah....blah.... and yeah ,“I’m like really concerned about studies, I don’t want to mess everything”. She was to go to ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology’, like I was sure, 98% sure, that she will reject me, Man,..... It was a fucking big speech, and I was like a piece of shit in front of her, I mean like, when she said me that all, I first went to my place, got into my room, onned my laptop, and started playing PUBG. I was feeling light, but suddenly, I started feeling a bit heavy, like a heavy pain in my heart, like someone had just poked thousands of needles on an instance into my heart and then just totally squeezed it, such pain and it gradually increased, that 2% hope that she’ll accept me, I was so upto it, that it broke my heart off, but she didn’t intended to, I know, she’s very very very kind girl, and Oh! Oh! Oh! my god, I’m sorry ...... I’m so sorry, let’s keep skipping and, Ah! Here we go, let’s do start our story, so a year and half ago, I called her, she picked up after two rings, she asked,

" hello... hello... hello... hello....” and disconnected,

I didn’t said anything, I again dialed, this time she answered in anger,

" Who is this? hello!” and again no reply. I dialed again, this time, she exactly said this,

“who the fucking hell are you?!”

I replied,” Hey Cristina, It’s me, Jamey.” and her voice got calmed,

" Oh! Oh! I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

and I was like,” No, it’s totally okay, I mean like, you can say me whatever you want ,like, I give u that right.”

“( giggles) Oh! no, I won’t say you anything.”

" Okay, you know why I called you?”

" Oh! what... what happened, you okay?”

" No, I’m not okay, I really miss you, Man...... you know, I really don’t see a hope to live, you know, my family died a week ago and here’s no one with me, I’m really lonely, I’m really sad, really sad....”

" Woah! Woah! calm down, you okay? do u need me? I can be there.”

" Why you putting efforts when u don’t like me?”

" I don’t know, maybe because, I’m the one, due to whom your’e in this condition.”

“Well, can we meet this Saturday? guess, I need you.”

“Sure, sure, I will..., I will meet.”

" You don’t even know what’s the place and time, what you will do like, roam all over New York 24/7 this Saturday?“Oh! no, well, what’s the place.”

“It’s Sunshine lodge, 8:30 pm, Room No.202.”

" What?! a lodge!”

" Hey, don’t worry, I promise, I wont do anything to you, without your’s permission.”

“Okay, I’ll be there, I’ll be there for you.”

Oh! yeah, I forget to said my family had an accident, a car accident, which consisted my dad, mum, sister and Nana (grandmother) they were to a party of dad’s colleague, dad was accountant and I miss them, I’m all alone, it was Friday night when I called to Cristina, all night I didn’t slept, my brain was hijacked by Cristina’s and families’ memories ,I cried all night and next day I was totally sleeping.

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