Orman Academy

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Welcome to Orman Academy; where the impossible seems possible.

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Chapter 1 – Orman Academy


I look around my surrounding where my family’s servants walking here and there before we arrived at the destination. I sigh heavily before walking up the ship’s bridge where I hope my father’s at. Too bad, I only found my brothers. “Cheer up, sister. It won’t be that bad. Orman Academy is one of the finest academies in the world. It’s not like those petty excuse ‘human’ school you went before.” Zaff, my older brother trying to cheer me up.

“Besides, I heard rumours saying that Orman Academy has the most beautiful, busty and hormone raging girls ever.” Alec, my second older brother, also trying to cheer me on. “Well, alright, then. But why do I have to stay in boarding again?” I asked them. It is their idea that I went to this academy. “Because you need to learn how to respect others. Honestly Kairos, what did we do when we raising you up that you turn out to be such rebel against everyone.”

I turn around to see my mother and father standing side by side while holding hands. “Don’t embarrass us again, Kairos,” Father warned me. “And if I heard even a slight rumour about you use your power against innocent people or creature again, I’ll swear I’ll punish you severely.” My brothers and I flinched when we heard our mother’s warning. We can’t blame her for having such power to make us bow to her orders.

She’s the direct descendant of the legendary vampire, King Zadicus. Even our own father who came from a secondary pureblood bloodline changed his own surname to my mother’s. His family was proud enough about that. “Mom, you mentioned that this academy is your former school correct? How was it?” I asked to change the subject. She hummed before walking towards me.

“My time, the academy just recently opened its gate for other creatures and monsters beside witches at the time. Being a vampire, and from a respectable bloodline to add, it was difficult. Everybody tend to judge you, and they judge me and accuse me of using my family name to be in the academy. But I showed them wrong. I worked hard, I showed them why I deserve to be in the academy. And then, when I graduated, I became a scholar. I continued to carry its name until I am in this current position.”

My mother works for the Ministry as the prime minister. She controls everything within the supernatural world. Basically, she cares for the order of the human world and this world we’re living in. Even though she’s a princess, she let her older brother, my uncle to carry on the family name and as the current King Zadicus of Zadicus Kingdom. “Trust us on this Kairos. This is for your own good. It’s not like we hate you or anything. We want you to learn to respect and work with others.” My father smiled while standing beside his wife.

My father also works in the Ministry as the head of the research and development department. “We’re here!!” Alec excitedly announced. We all turned to the horizon and noticed an island surrounded by mountains. “That island never changed. It’s always the same as it used to be.” Mom smiled. “Welcome to the Lavaria Kingdom, home of the famous The Moonlight Witches Coven,” Dad announced.

So this is where my new life starts, huh? At an exotic island where my mother used to go to. I sighed while I waited for the ship to dock. It’s surprisingly crowded when we get closer to the docking area. I mean seriously, what kind of island that doesn’t have a runway for a plane to land? I looked around and noticed a few witches flying on their broom. They’re quite young, probably a student as well.

I witnessed a few students coming to shore from the sea and transformed from their original form to the human form, naked. I was gawking at one particular monster when my brothers place my blazer on my head. “It’s not polite to watch them put on clothes,” Zaff said. I removed the jacket and glare. “You guys were watching as well!” I banter. They both laughed and grabbed on my arm before dragged me towards our parents whereabout.

“The servants will bring your stuff in another car,” Alec said before forcing me to enter the car we brought along. Creatures around watching us, whispering to each other. This is a standard sight for us. Once they saw the Zadicus crest on our car, ship or even when they heard our name, we always become the centre of everything. Who wouldn’t when you’re descendant of the legendary vampire. Sometimes I thought that our ancestor just trying to make life hard for us.

After our parents got inside, the car started to drive towards our next destination, the Orman Academy. Before coming here, I did some of my own investigations as well. It was initially built for the witches that first reside the whole island. But from time to time, the witches felt they need to explore the world and move away from the island. On the verge of closing down, the headmistress at the time thinks it’s wise to open their door to other creatures and monster as well.

The academy was saved, and slowly it flourished its name to match the other prestigious academy in the world. “That’s the academy? Wow! It’s huge!” I look out when Zaff commented on it. He’s right. It is huge! Its bigger than my old school in the human world. “Look at all the girls! Damn! They all look so hot. I wish I am younger so I could be in this school too.” Mom cleared her throat. “Behave boys. You’re carrying our images here.” They all turned to me.

“Fine, fine..” I sigh before pushed my short silver hair back. “Honestly, I know you have a thing for girls but do you have to wear pants all the time? The only time I ever saw you in female clothes were when you asleep.” Mom still going on trying to make me use those frilly girl clothes. “Face it, mom, you have three sons,” Zaff said while our mother shaking her head. I high five my brothers and laughed together. “I mean it’s only fair. Our ex-girlfriend always fell for Kairos in the end.” Alec added. That’s true.

The car stopped in front of the academy’s front entrance. My parents were the first to come out, followed by my brothers, and I went out last. By the time I did, everyone was staring at us. Other parents probably know our parents while the students probably wondering who’s the three gorgeous creature coming out from the car. Some of the female students even blushed as they whispering to each other. It’s time to be my desirable self.

I flick my hair before giving them all my signature looks. Just enough to make them fall for me. “See. That always happens when she’s in that state.” Zaff said while I laughed. “Don’t blame me. It’s our parent’s fault that they make me so gorgeous.” I winked at my brothers.

“Griselda! Oh, I mean prime minister Griselda Zadicus.” A woman in a witch outfit greeted my mom. “Oh hush Primrose. It’s good to see you again.” They both hugged each other. “Kids, meet headmistress Primrose Cromwell. Her family was the one who established this academy.” We all smile at her and show our respect. “You know my husband, Valentine.” Father offered his hand to her. “Of course. Who doesn’t know him.” They all chuckled.

“This is my oldest, Zaff.” Zaff offered his hand as well. “My second son, Alec.” Alec took her hand and kiss it. “And this is your new student, my daughter, Kairos.” She was surprised to hear the last part. “Daughter? At first there I thought you had three sons.” I smiled and offered my hand to shake. “I know. I blame her brothers and father for that. They always treat her like a boy, and now she’s a boy.”

The headmistress laughed. “Well, meet my kids. My oldest, Piper and my son, Xavier.” These siblings something else, huh. I can sense such power building up in their aura. “Piper is hot,” Alec whispered to me. “Don’t forget Xavier. He’s kinda hot too.” Zaff said while checking him out. Oh, did I mention she loves girls and boys as well? I chuckled. “You can have them,” I whispered back.

The headmistress looked at the time and clapped her hands. “It’s almost time for the entrance ceremony. Let’s all go to the grand hall.” We followed the headmistress. “This is an opportunity to see what kind of creatures and monster the student body is,” Alec said beside me. “Well, I see one now.” Zaff referring to a beautiful winged angel. From the looks of that, she’s an angel. “But she has a boy with her. Ugh. Too bad.” Alec added. “That’s Seraph and Hamon. They both angels and they represent the angels who went to this academy.” Xavier explained to us.

“Are they together?” I asked. Xavier nodded. “If we look at the next group, see that white hair woman? That’s Gisela Krauss.” Wait, Krauss? I know that name. “She’s representing the vampires. One of the popular girls in the academy. Seraph too in the list.” He added. “Krauss? Isn’t that name sound familiar to you?” Alec asked me. But where? “If you want to have a decent life in the academy, better stay away from those group. They are the dark elf lead by Gimiel Budon and Milno Rar. Their cousins, Gamiel is in the list of popular creatures too.”

Dark elf?! Wow. “You have to admit, Gimiel is hot. Look at those bouncy mountains.” Alec’s right, though. Xavier chuckled. “You won’t think that after she sucks the life out of you. Anyway, those gloomy and evil-looking gargoyles lead by Varel and Emack. They both siblings and Emack is overprotective of his little sister. They’re twins and Varel is not someone you can date easily also she’s in the popular list as well together with her brother. Just look at their figure.” Gargoyles huh. Wow.

“Who are those?” I asked as I pointed at a group of majorly gorgeous people. “Those are the group you need to stay away from as well. They are the young Gods and goddesses. Lead by Fixra, the goddess of lighting and Tharos, the God of war. They never let anyone besides their kind hang out with them. Demigod is an exception, though.” Fixra is one fine goddess, though. “Let me guess, they’re popular as well?” Xavier nodded. We slightly made eye contact. I smile, and I saw her cheek redden.

“Those dripping wet group of people, who’s making a huge puddle of waters is the mermaids and merman. Lead by Varina and Duxor. They’re both a couple, and I heard they going to get married after they graduated. But, if you turn to the other side of the hall, there’s a group of beautiful ladies over there wanted to make Duxor her groom as well. Those are the sirens, lead by Evalia.” Sirens huh? I’ve been in a relationship with one before. Not a bad girlfriend.

“And the superior beings that have been the enemy of all kinds of creatures and monster would be the werewolves. It’s better to stay far, far away because their alpha, Hugh and Aster will not let anyone get the best of their pack. They’re a couple and also will get hitched after they graduated. They have been causing trouble for my mother since forever. It’s hard to control them.” Xavier sigh.

“But, you forgot one.” I pointed at the ceiling. Xavier and my brothers’ lookup. “Oh, yes. I almost forgot about them. Those are the succubus and incubus. Vara and Petros representing them though. They’re siblings and the notorious kind to mesmerise man and woman to do their bidding. Sometimes they even tried to seduce the leaders from the other group of creatures, but in the end, they always received a mandatory punishment.”

Succubus huh. They’re famous for having such a voluptuous body figure. I want to date one of them so bad! “Since you’re our VIP guest, you’ll have a front seat while your parents sitting on the stage with my mothers.” Oh, hold, mothers? “You have two mothers?” Alec asked. Xavier nodded. “I know. How can two witches have kids, right? My parents used magic to create us.” Before I take the seat, I look back to the other students and give them my smile.

Ah, I love how my simple smile could do so much to them. “Tone it down. I can sense such murderous aura coming your way.” I was shocked to hear Piper warned me. “What?” I asked. “It’s nothing. Just.. be careful. This academy can be a battlefield if you don’t follow the rules right.” I didn’t get to ask her, even more, when the entrance ceremony starts. She started her speech as she welcomes the students to another year of the school year.

She explained some of the new rules and hope every student will show their talent and continue to make the school proud. The headmistress even welcomes and assure the parents that their kids will be in good hands. It was boring until the school student body president and Vice President came up to the stage. To my surprise, it was piper and Xavier. They began to talk about the school regulation uniform, and I look around the students who are in their uniform.

This is why I hate boarding school. Why do we have to wear uniforms?! Why?! I sigh mentally. When the student council president and her Vice President finished their speech, to my surprise, it was my mother’s turn to take the podium. “Why does mom even have the right to do a speech?” I asked my brothers. “Don’t you know? Our parents in the parents and teachers association. They donated a few golds to the school as well before you enrol here.”

Hold on, they used their money to get me in here? “They did not buy the school to get you in here. The headmistress, she’s mom’s best friend. She asked for mom’s help regarding funding the school. So mom and dad decided to help an old friend.” Zaff explained. Still though. It seems like they use their power to get me in. “Excuse me.” I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see a fellow female student blushed deep red as her hand trembling trying to pass me a note. “It’s.... from... Vara.” The succubus? I thanked her and her friends immediately catch her body as she beginning to weaken.

I turn back to the front and open the note. “Oh, wow. Only the first day and our little sister already has a note. Good job, sis.” I chuckled and read it. “Hello there Kairos Zadicus. I hope we could seat together at the banquet tonight. With love, Vara Nicoli.” I read it mentally. Banquet? That would be fun. I really wanna have some fun with a succubus. The crucial question here is, does she know I’m actually a woman? I look up to the ceiling as she gave me a flying kiss.

I winked at her when she nearly lost her balance on the railing. “Whoa. Who are they?” I turned my attention to the front, and the same question came to my mind as well. There’s a group of male and female making their way to the stage and introducing themselves as the disciplinary committee. Their mission is to keep the order of the school and they all fully control by the student council president.

Just how bad are the students in this academy that they need a committee of disciplinary to take care of the school’s order. “Oh sister, you will not be in trouble after this. I am so proud.” Both Zaff and Alec acted as if they’re parents that proudly sending their kid to the battlefield. Once the entrance ceremony is done, I went to see my parents for the last time before they went back home to the Zadicus Kingdom. Mom was too emotional as she hugged me, staining my shirt with tears in the process as well.

“Be good. Do not cause any kind of trouble here. Just to let you know, I gave the headmistress full authority to punish you if you mess up.” Geez, mom! That’s your farewell present?! “Don’t forget to call us. We will miss you, little sister.” Alec hugged me as well. “Remember to show those guys how we Zadicus seduce a woman.” Zaff winked before hugged me as well. When I turn to my father, he was wiping his tears. “Ugh, why do I have to say goodbye to my little girl.” Geez, dad.

We hugged before sending them off to the car. I watched them until their car disappeared before facing the headmistress. “Here’s your locker combination, class schedule and dorm room key and room number. Piper will lead you to the dorm and give you a tour of the school. Is that okay?” I nodded. She excuses herself before piper made herself known.

“Follow me.” She smiled, and I did follow her. “As you can see, this is the grand hall where we do the school assembly and theatre performances.” We walked out, like always, the girls are watching me from afar. “From this path, it will lead you to the main school building, the cafeteria and the school gym. Next to the school building will be a special building where your talent will be sharpened.” Talent?

“Your powers. Since your a legendary vampire, you should have powers, right?” I nodded. “Follow me.” I followed her closely. “This path will lead you to the school pool. And this is the path to the female school dormitory. The guy’s dorm located at the other side of the school. It’s not like you need it, but the girls are forbidden to go to the guy side and vice versa.” I chuckled. She knows me well.

We both walking towards the girl’s dorm. Some were wondering why did the president lead me to the dorm. “Um, piper, he’s a guy.” Said one of the tenants. “This is a girl. She will be living here from now on.” The girls were surprised, and some even gasped. “There’s go my dream to date you.” Said one near me. I went to her side and leaned in. “Don’t worry. I like girls. I date girls, and I can make your life better than any guy would.” I whispered before she literally fainted. I catch her before her body hit the floor.

“Anyway, let’s go to your room.” I followed the president to my designated room after handing the fainted girl to her friends. “Mom said you will have your own room. She said something about a vampire ritual you have to perform?” I nodded. It’s not a ritual. It’s just something my family do for enhancing our power. I can’t tell her that part. “This is your room.” I thanked her and unlock it.

I went inside and look through my stuff that’s already inside. “Perfect,” I said as she smiles. “If you need anything, you can ask me. My room is right next to yours. Have a nice rest. We’ll meet again tonight at the banquet.” I nodded and watched her close the door. Not too shabby. I might like it better here.

I lay down on the bed and close my eyes. I need to rest before tonight’s grand banquet to welcome the students. A succubus awaits me.

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