A Glitch

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The Titanic Incident

On the morning of August 4th, 1987, a massive cruise liner bearing an exact resemblance to the Titanic appeared in the canals of Venice at exactly 7:43AM. The liner carelessly drifted through the canals, seemingly unaware of the buildings surrounding it. An hour later, contact was attempted, but no messages got through to the ship.

A group of rescue workers assembled themselves onto a rowboat, rowing out to meet the colossal ship and question them as to why they were there, and where they had come from. During this time, civilians were instructed to remain indoors, and anyone in buildings near the cruise liner were instructed to evacuate.

Exactly 2 hours later, the rescue workers returned to the land, a look of dazed confusion universal among them. When questioned about what they had learned, they reported that everyone on the ship was wearing clothing straight out of the early 1900s.
At first, the team had assumed that a reenactment group had somehow managed to steer themselves into the bay, and were stuck. However, when they spoke to the captain, who refused to give any name other than Edward Smith, they learned that the ship had struck an iceberg and begun to sank. Just as the water began to fill the bottommost floor of the ship, the captain reportedly saw a blinding white light and high-pitched whistling, before arriving undamaged in the Venetian canals.

Other occupants of the ship verified Smith’s story. Rumors have begun circulating that this is an extremely elaborate prank, but so far no one on the ship has even begun to break character. Reports are surfacing of the Titanic’s great sink disappearing from text books and other forms of informative media, being replaced by information that the ship simply vanished on its maiden voyage and was never heard from again. Tests of the wood and metal on the ship reveal it to be period-accurate. Scientists and skeptics alike are baffled. Could this happening be proof of the possibility of time travel? Stay tuned for more news at 11.

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