A relationship of money

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This story belongs to today's society, not only about society but this is the story of every family......

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A relationship of money

Hlo everybody here is my new story about money realtionships so please share this story and hit a like to....

Let's start......

A middle class family used to live in a village named Anwargutta. In thier family father,mother,anil(big bro),akhil(2nd bro), Aditya (3rd bro), Agarwal (4th bro) nd simran(sister). their father used to earn 40k per month (in a call center) nd thier mother 10k per month (as a chef in hostel). Anil was studying at 10th standard and he passed his 10th class by gaining good marks nd he asked his father to admit in a best college in Hyderabad. His father took him next day to Hyderabad nd joined him in a best college. When his father was returning after leaving him in college he got an heart Stoke. Nd doctor said he need rest it was the small stoke. He will cure upto tommorow. His wife nd his children taken a deep breath. But this topic had not been informed to his elder son who was in Hyderabad. Then anil was studying brilliantly like this his father started getting calls from lectures. When he was coming to his village after completing his lst year final examination his father got another heart stroke he started his journey evening ND by morning he arrived his village he went to his house the door was locked he thought that y the door was locked. Nd called to his mom nd her mother said come to hospital we are here ND disconnected the call.

(He rushed to the hospital as fast as he can)

He sawed his father was lying in ICU before him what happened to him he asked his 2nd brother akhil took him outside the room nd told all the story. His position is very critical doctor said to take complet bed rest. Anil were unconscious by his words. Akhil u all go to house I will discharge him and we both will come in an hour. I will be with you(said akhil) no need go tommorow u have ur 10 board examination first go ND prepare for it. nd his mother took akhil, Aditya, Agarwal, simran with here to home. He went near to doctor ND asked WT is the solution for this. Just he need rest. Ok taq doctor. They also went to home by evening. His mother called him to a side nd showed wt I have to cook now thier is nothing available now. Went I will bring something from out side he went out nd he did labour work nd gained some money he took some fastfood to home nd they slept by eating it.

Next day morning he went near by his father office nd requested that his father is suffering form heart problem I have to handover my father's job please give me this job. Nd management gave the job to him by seeing his financial position.

Nd akhil had also passed his 10th with good persentage ND he also studied at the same college which was discontinued by anil. After 1st when he discontinued the collage. The management has came to his house to request him to come to the college if financial they will handle it but don't do this but he rejected for it.

After 10 years........

Akhil kept his own business. By taking his elder brother help. Agarwal nd Aditya had completed thier mbbs nd went to America they took thier mother with them. Simran was studying 1st year.nd his Father was alright now he wants to join his job again then anil gave his father's job to him ND started working in home. So,many times akhil said that to join in his business but he refused him.

So, many members after all Aditya and Agarwal used to tell that in home all we are earning great except elder brother nd he used to feel shame. But inside he is very happy because of his small brothers todays position nd jobs thinking that they will enjoy nd a have great life than me ND thanked to God for giving the better life than me to my brothers.

Suddenly akhil lost his business. He gained loss in his business Agarwal, Aditya had not cared then even not lifted thier calls too nd simran has studied his inter by her dad earning.

One day anil got an offer to write stories he used to write stories every day he had became popular in only 1 month by writing stories. Then anil has been invited for a hospital opening ceremony to America he had attend that ceremony Aditya and Agarwal were working thier as a professional doctors they felt very bad what I had thought about you sorry by bro anil nd fallen on thier legs . He smiled on them said it's ok.

Nd said money is not a world my brothers in this world human beings are living if u didn't care about them thier will no value of ur money.

Nd went to India nd celebrated thier sister marriage with grand arrangements.

The end.

We can buy everything with money but relationships nd love have no price to buy. Without that a human being is poor than a beggar


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