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Mabel hates still working at the hotel which was bought from her father who had some financial issues. She is not only unhappy because it was sold but because it was sold to non challant multi-billionaire Dimitri. Readers discretion advised.

Thriller / Humor
Michael T. Romans
Age Rating:

Flip Flop's The New Boss


"Hello Sir, welcome to De Hotels. Would you like to book a reservation?" The lady at the front desk responded with an appealing smile

"No, I wouldn't" I responded placing my left palm on her table.

"Then how can I help you Sir?"

"I'd like to see someone, someone with a higher authority that works here"

"Okay Sir, you'd like to see the manager?" Her smile ran away from her face.

I frowned a little.

"Er, he'll do. That's if I can't talk to the owner directly"

"Ow-kay! I'm just going to call the manager's office to see if she is free at the moment"

"Please do" I said, wondering why I wasn't asked if I had an appointment or something. After all, the other smaller hotels I went to, the front desk agents asked if I had appointments. But this one, a magnificent structure and organization didn't bother to ask.

"She said she'll see you in about 15"

"Okay, where do I sit?" I asked, raising a brow at the reception. She just pointed her finger to the left without looking at me, I gave a sigh and turned around. Sitting on the couch at the far left angle far away from the door, my eye began to roll in it's socket as my head followed it's movements. I traced every single beautiful detail of the interiors of the hotel.

The lobby's class could not be measured up with any I had seen in the last week, the ocean blue floor reflected the lights that shone from above, towards the right, silk brown sofas arranged in a L form faced a large O-led TV that hung on the wall. Creative art works hung almost everywhere on the sunset yellow walls. The front desk was made with probably bricks which was later tiled in ash with the top hinting an in between blue and green marble slab.

I let myself enjoy the fascinating view for a while. I checked my watch, it was ten minutes past the time I was told to wait. I continued waiting, tapping my fingers on my thigh as I turned to look around again. Few moments later, a young well presented lady walked in from an entrance opposite where I sat and walked to the front desk agent. They both whispered words, luckily the lady stood in a position that didn't block the view of the agent. The agent whispered something back, I'm not one who knows how to read lips but I made out something that should sound like

"Ah tont hoe" I know, I know, makes no sense but what I could make out that made sense was.

"Yes, that is him, sitting over bear" obviously she was telling the lady that it was me, sitting over here that wanted to see a higher authority.

The lady turned to face me, immediately turning to face the agent again she whispered something and the agent responded something that should sound like...

"I'm horny ma'am"

Believe me I was shocked but what confused me was the fear I saw written all over her face, but then she said it again and this time it was something that should sound like...

"I'm sorry ma'am."

The lady turned around, walking away to the direction of the entrance from which she came, I caught her steal a glance of me. I turned to face the agent who quickly looked away from me. Well, all that was not my business, I came for more important things, at least they were to me.

Thirty minutes had gone by and no one had come to tell me anything. Customers flooded in and out from time to time, all staring weirdly at me. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I was about to stand up and go ask the agent, when she pulled the Telecom and her mouth moved in an

"He's still here ma'am" pattern.

I observed a little, seeing how she was forcing herself not to look my direction. She kept quiet a little and her mouth gestured "okay ma'am".

Few minutes later, a young man, more like boy dressed in casual-cooperate clothes who looked like he was an intern at the hotel, came out from the same entrance as the lady. He walked to the agent and they both whispered to themselves after which the agent pointed to me.

He, walked to me and with not a single emotion he just said

"The manager would see you now"

I followed behind him into the entrance he came from, walked up what seemed like seven flight of milk colour tiled stairs with golden railings. Finally, we got to floor where the manager's office was. To my right I heard a ding!!!

"Hey, Robotboy." I called the boy who had come to take me.

"Yes?" He said turning around to face me.

"Why did you let me go through the stress of walking those stairs when there's an elevator?" I said pointing at the direction of the ding!!!

"I didn't think of it and the three flight escalator behind you didn't cross my mind" he responded with a straight face.

I turned around and let out "what the fuck?"

"You look quite fit, you shouldn't complain. Now can we go to the office?"

"What!!!" I blurted out

He just turned around and continued to walk. And I just followed like a disappointed dog.

Soon he opened the door to the manager's office, motioned me in and shut the door behind me. I didn't bother looking or admiring the interior of the office, I just walked to one chair and sat in it facing a lady with straight face looking at me.

"Did his mom die or something?" I asked pointing with my thumb at the door as I continued "he looks sad"

"Is there something I can help you with that you feel the front desk agent can't help you with?"

I was wowed by the way she just came straight at me, using her question to ignore mine.

"Well, you could have asked me this when you came downstairs to talk to the agent"

"I don't have all the time in the world Mr..." She said, raising one eyebrow above her reading glasses.

"Dimitri, Mr Dimitri."

"How can I help you Mr Dimitri?"

"Well, the owner of the hotel told me to wait for him in your office"

"Is this a joke Mr Dimitri, why would Mr Hale want someone like you waiting for him?" She asked with disgust as she eyeballed me from head to where the table between us stopped her eyes.

"Maybe becau-"

"Mr Dimitri, if we are done here. You can leave. I'd call the intern to show you out." She pulled up the intercom and she was going to dial when the door flung open.

"Why didn't anyone tell me Mr Dimitri was here already? I'd been waiting" an aged voice came in from the door. I turned around

"I'm so sorry Mr Dimitri, I didn't know"

"It's not a problem Mr Hale. Your manager was just telling me how busy you were" I responded, shaking hands with him.

"I was indeed" he said, placing the briefcase he was holding on the manager's table and opened it. He continued "this is all the documents, including the change of ownership of this hotel."

"Dad, what are you doing?" The manager asked Mr Hale. Oh, she's the daughter of Mr Hale. No wonder, the confidence.

"Mabel, we talked about this. Our financial situation is getting unbearable." Mr Hale responded.

"Fine, you want to sell the hotel but at least not to him. Look how he's dressed, he could be a fraud or who knows, even worse." She retorted.

Was she saying this because I was wearing a blue T-shirt, a white short and blue sandals?

"He's not a fraud Mabel-"

"What he said" I interrupted Mr Hale, directing it to Mabel.

Mr Hale laughed and continued "this is the best and right thing to do Mabel. Have faith in me"

"Okay Dad, you win"

"Dimitri" Mr Hale called, turning to me he continued "I don't see a bag of cash anywhere around you"

"Oh no, Mr Hale, I hate to go around with cash" I responded

"You see that Dad, I told you he's a filthy fraud" Mabel vexed.

I didn't say a word neither did Mr Hale. I just brought out my phone, fumble on its screen with my thumb and put it back in my pocket. There was a moment of silence, suddenly Mr Hale's phone rings. He quickly pulled it out from his suit's inside pocket and answered

"Mm, mm-mmm. Okay, yeah, alright. Thank you." That was all Mr Hale said into the phone.

He turned to face me with a long face, Mabel folded her arms over her chest like she was waiting for her dad to say arrest this motherfucker.

"Seven hundred and fifty million dollars!!!" He screamed "are you buying the freaking earth?" He continued. Mabel's hands dropped to her side as her eyes grew wide

"Not the earth sir, just your hotel and all of the workers in it. So you don't have to fire anyone and they can keep their jobs"

"That's just-thats just... Who spends that kind of money like it means nothing?" Mr Hale said in a shaky voice

"I do, actually" I responded wearing the most innocent smile.

Mabel dropped into her chair, holding her head in her palm and whispered to herself

"So flip flop's the new boss"

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