Demonly Tricks

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This story is the second book in the series, unlike the first book "The Christmas Culprit" being based off true instances and events. The book Demonly Tricks is based on a personal near-death experience created and written by the author. This short story goes 100% in detail of that fateful night years ago, the night where it all happened. The experiences given in this book were completely from one persons point of view, along with what would be the perception behind the author's experiences. This book gives reference to the lost but never Forgotten Stuart Wilde This book gives reference to the advocate of Inner shadow work himself, Jordan B Petterson This book gives thanks to the reddit community at r/Ghoststories/ as it was initially a story published on the reddit forums. About the Author Mr. Day or Jamaury Day, is an author of three books created and published all in the same month. Growing up as someone that despised, reading he only found interest in books that would encourage mystical curiousity. As an R.L stine lover of the Goosebumps series, Tales from the Crypt, and Tales from the Darkside. He finds joy in mixing in mystery to his both fiction and non-fiction stories. He also really loves Halloween Horror Nights, and Oreos... a lot. Author's Note I hope you guys really enjoy this book as it was an experience I had long forgotten but never truly removed the lessons

Thriller / Scifi
Mr. Day
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