Diaries of a Fighter

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“I want you to be rough. Not physically rough, but rough in your desire. You take me because you want me, and I have no say in this. I want you to be in charge and I want it to be pure sex. I don’t need any emotional consideration during or after it. Do you think you could do that?”

Mrs Yamamoto was leaning with both hands against a desk in a spacious room of a modern, high-end hotel. Flickering lights of the busy city center, which entered through the window, allowed us to see only our silhouettes in an otherwise dark bedroom. I was glad she couldn’t see the growing insecurity on my face.

Fooling around with the three students last night provoked certain needs in me and Mrs Yamamoto certainly looked very desirable on that desk. But while I was always confident with women, it had been a while since I had slept with someone. Let alone with somebody like Mrs Yamamoto.

I took a moment to consider her words, then, without answering, I walked over to her. I felt quite clumsy at the beginning, rushing too much. I was afraid if I slowed down, I’d make mistakes or wouldn’t meet her expectations, but in the end, I believed she was satisfied.

I collapsed forward and rested my head on her white, silk blouse. Her breathing calmed down and she indicated to me with a slight push to remove myself from her. I started to pull my pants up, while she stood up from the table and disappeared in the bathroom.

“David san, would you like tea before you leave?” Her voice melted with running water from the shower.

I didn’t want to leave. I was hoping she’d let me stay.

“Yes, please,” I shouted back. While waiting for her to finish the shower, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to test out the large double bed, so I lay down and fully stretched my body.

The next thing I knew I was awakened by bright sunlight, shining through the window on my face. I was in bed, covered with a blanket, with my t-shirt and boxers on. The watch on the bedside table showed 12:30 pm and there was no sign of Mrs Yamamoto. Stretching out my arms and legs I marvelled at how incredibly rested I felt and stayed in bed for another thirty minutes, appreciative of its large size. Then I got up and looked for my clothes. I found my jeans and the jacket folded neatly on the desk together with a note and an envelope.

‘You can stay in the room till 2 pm. I’ll come to the Mansion the day after tomorrow. Y.’

The envelope contained a thick bunch of yen bills. I smiled to myself at the memory of the last night and went to the bathroom. The constant flow of water under the shower, without having to add coins, was a pleasant change. I took my time and left the hotel room exactly at 2 pm.

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